Announcement for Members who Joined the Foundation under the Advisory & Leadership of Mrs. Harihiri.  

October 6, 2019.

Dear Valuable and Most Respectable Members,

There have been a few changes and below is the correct information:
Mrs. Nadia Harihiri has gone up to building her foundation for great humanitarian purpose, in correlation with ADN, which she currently manages. If you have come to the Marine Foundation through Mrs. Harihiri, we invite you to refer to her for the continuation of your membership on our platform or better, to support Mrs. Harihiri directly joining into her wonderful new and great initiative.

Therefore to avoid any conflict of purpose, the Marine Foundation found adequate to pause your page into a draft folder, for the time being. Your page can be retrieved, would you want to remain with the 360 Brand Ownership Group of the Marine Foundation, but this must be done under the knowledge and advise of Mrs. Harihiri, since she was originally your introduction to the Marine Foundation. We believe that Mrs. Harihiri will do great for the humanities through her own structure and we are so very happy if you can further your projects and your support through Mrs. Harihiri’s platform. 

Furthermore, in order to protect your identity, we have returned all of your personal information IDs, into a secure and protected “Dropbox” folder which has been securely addressed  to Mrs. Harihiri, where only her would have access  to it. Once the folder is secured into Mrs. Harihiri’s hand, it will be entirely delated from our data server center.

We cannot thank you enough for your kind presence with us and please know that the Marine Foundation will stand ready to support yours and Mrs. Harihiri’s efforts to the betterment of society through such fantastic platform of dedicated friends that each of you represent so well.

We will remain at your service for any questions or request sent to “”.