Week 28, 2021

Week 28, 2021

World Broadcasting Message:

Week 28 of 2021 – Marine Foundation

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On my way back to Japan and long stop in Paris, I met First Class Air France Executive Adja. She is also a member of the Marine Foundation, and yes, we had the greatest time discussing our projects together. In addition, she is a FIFA licensed member and president of our promising WFYA.



Educational Structures & Institutions


WFYA - World Football Youth Association & MIFA - Marine International Football Academy

Connecting Young Talents Globally & Sports Equipment Distribution System. Official page

The Voyage Academy - VA

Academic Heritage Traveling Club for Tourism Development. Official page

World Naval Federation - WNF

Naval Exercises for Humanitarian Services & Disciplinary Training. Official page

Ocean Universal Academy

Marine Foundation Children's Full Marine Education & Environmental School - Official Page

National Kingdom Schools - SCU

Sea Campus Universal. Fast Leaning & Children Full Accommodation Systems in the form of children educational villages. Official Pages

Global University - GU

University of Technology & Development and the Faculties of Vocational Technical School. Official Page

Clubs & Assemblies


Brand Owners Association - IBC

Marine Foundation supervisory members Part Owners of the Brand. Official Leadership page  -  Official Entrance Page

First Ladies Club - FLC

Women's Voice for Education & Women Empowerment. Presidential Spouses, Royal Families & Dignitary Ladies. Official Page

United Five Oceans - U5O

The Continental Confederation of all Nations of the Marine Foundation. Official Page

Club of Africa - COA

African Discovery Renaissance & Reunion Heritage of the Motherland. Official Page

Wealth Legendary Agency - WLA

Billionaire Legacy Academia Council for Infrastructural Restoration. Official Page

AIIDA - Arabian Islamic Initiatives for the Development of Africa

Arabian Islamic Cultural Regions of Support for Africa's Economic Growth with Infrastructural Projects and Finance. Official Page

Montebise & The Club of Kingdom Nations

The Gathering of True Monarchs for Peace and Restoration. The Peace Assembly of Kingdom Nations. Official Page

The Federation of First Sovereign Nations & Indigenous Tribes

Based on the Development World Bank of Founder Mr. Bian S. Mason. Official Website

The Council of Celebrities - COC

Education & Celebration in the Context of Celebrities' participation through the System of the Marine Foundation. Official Page

Transfer of Technologies & Medical


Health Distribution Agency - HDA

Marine Foundation's health distribution program worldwide up to the 241 nations/regions of the world. Official Page

Maritime Development Agency - MDA

Connecting Marine Technology to the World. Official Page

Children Hospital & Resort - MCHR

International Children Hospital and Resort based on the Concept of Dr. Professor Undra Semjidsuren. Official Page

Japan Africa Partnership Initiatives Agency - JAPIA

"Japan-Africa" "Public-Private" Partnership Special Initiatives For Economic & Educational Developments. Official Page

Slow Moving Water Technology - WATEROTOR

Bringing Electricity to the Entire World, Mr. Ferguson is the Founder and Proud Owner of the Marvelous Organization, which has recently become a Marine Foundation via its Co-Chairman Mr. Brian S. Mason, Founder of the First Development World Bank. Official Page

Mass Online & Offline Membership Platforms


Global Citizens Live Association - GCLA

Marine Foundation initiates the Global Citizen Live Association – GCLA – to assemble a movement for those who adhere to the practice of total respect for human life, one another, and the earth's environment. Official Page


Geographical Education & Corporate Membership. International Chamber of Commerce Online. Official Page

Marine International Communication Centers - MICC

The Global Communication Center serves as Physical Places of Social and Educational Gatherings of the GCLA membership. Official Page

International Women Club - IWC

The International Women Club is a worldwide "Women Oriented" platform with a mission to become an audience of support for the Marine Foundation concerning women empowerment and the Protection of Children worldwide. Official Page

Mass Multimedia & Diplomacy


Marine Correspondent & Media Club - MCMC

The Exact Replica of the Foreign Correspondent Club of Japan. This is the media base of the Marine Foundation throughout the world. Official page

Marine Embassy Resorts - MER

Starting with Africa, the development and settlement of the most Charismatic and Unique Diplomatic  Hotel Chain Ever Conceived, Under the Ruling of the United Five Ocean. MER is the Home of MCMC and the Headquarters of the World Naval Federation. Official Page

Financial Platforms


First Development World Bank - DWB

Conceived, Founded, Created, and Owned by Brian S. Mason, the DWB is also set to reunite all the Natives' First Sovereign Nations of the World. It is a Total Reform of "Wealth Distribution" Through the Full Fledged Development Platform of the Marine Foundation, which in the Great Part, will use the DWB's financial wisdom to the creation of the most ambitious projects on the planet. Official Page

Entertainment & Tourism


World Peace Orchestra - WPO

If you want to feel the love, listen to the music while looking at someone's eyes, but if you're going to see what it sounds like in action, engage your world to celebrate at all times. Classic Division, Jazz Division, and Modern Division. Official Page

Maritime Tourism Agency - MTA

What's Good for One is Good for A Million. Official Page

Sea of Dreams - SOD

The Initiation of Women of the Marine Foundation for all Children at Large. First Chapter at Aruba Caribbean Island. Official Page

Freddy's Magical Toy & Design Factory

Creation of ART objects and Brand Material by African Artist Freddy Mongo Wenako. Also, the cooperation with Jospin - Renown African Artist. Official Page

Corporate Responsibility & Governance, and Sponsors Groups


The Green Certificate

Corporate Certification in Leadership, Integrity, and Inspiration. The Restructuring of Corporate Governance Worldwide. Official Page

Sponsors Sisters Association

The Restructuring of Corporate Governance Throughout Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization. Official Page

Sponsors Partners Association

The Restructuring of Corporate Governance Throughout Business Industries and Organizational Management throughout the world. Official Page

Sponsors Affiliates Association

The Restructuring of Corporate Governance Throughout Business Industries and Organizational Management throughout the world. Official Page


Marine Foundation's Operational Strategic Capability

Marine Foundation is legally registered in Asia, Africa, and Europe (Soon UAE & GCC Regions) to ensure worldwide global operation. As an international organization dedicated to social, economic, and cultural advancement within world communities, Marine Foundation collaborates with an extensive range of parent-professional and academic organizations worldwide to deliver the most valuable quality services.

In effect, most of its partners for socio-economic development progress investment are listed by inter-brand as a best global brand (BGB) or best domestic brand (BDB), and the top business leaders from five continents, including some of the most prominent business tycoons in Arabian Gulf and India.

In doing so, the Marine Foundation has built up one of the most effective and efficient innovative platforms for sustainable investment operations systems with the most robust network for the fastest global reactivity around the globe. Moreover, in this fourth revolution era, Marine Foundation has secured an ingenious public relation mechanism that has the unique power to mobilize public and private funding bodies for strategic intervention in various prioritized sectors of socio-economic sectors. We mean developments with more human sensitivity towards global communities to empower the people and bring them into contribution and participation to their respective country emergence. And by then strengthen the global market of our international societies.

Progressively, the Marine Foundation believes much more in the promotion and development of human capital first and the ability of each world citizen to make their dreams realized. Humanity stands for decency and solidarity in building stable economies. Inclusive and proportionally well-balanced systems would support various ecologic challenges. We are much more robust and safer together. Go to the Agencies' page here.



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The group is organized into 5 sections defined as East South Center North and West.

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Week 13, 2021

Week 13, 2021

World Broadcasting Message:

Week 13 of 2021 – Marine Foundation

March 21, to March 27, 2021

New-Year 2021 Short Message
Detailed daily reports
New IBC Members & Directors

This week in review:
Completion of the GCC Registration through Dubai
Registration of the Marine Foundation Kingdom of Morocco
The Providence of Guinea Conakry

Completion of the GCC Registration through Dubai.

This has been a wonderful week of achievements at all levels of development. Firstly thanking Dr. Mohammed Alfehaidi for his constant relentless commitment to see the Marine Foundation appear on GCC land and beyond. All the documents were sent by DHL for the sound registration of the foundation in the UAE, Egypt, and Turkey added the advent of Morocco, inspired by Naima who keeps on coaching me to further the cause of the entire Arabic regions of the world. The documents were duly signed by the notarial representation of the Ministry of Japan Foreign Affairs and they call this an “Apostille”. I am truly grateful for that.

Registration of the Marine Foundation Kingdom of Morocco.

Morocco is also an extraordinary place, and it does represent a major milestone in the presence of the Marine Foundation in Africa. Having said all of this, it will be the second “Kingdom Nation” registered under the mast of “Montebise,” which is the assembly of Royalties included the UAE already on its way of registration. Montebise is the “The First Consortium of World Royalties,” and event organization system booked 365 days of the year to gather the 32 kingdom nations of the world. To be truthful, modern monarchies are mainly symbols of peace. Besides the few that are led by politics, just as Japan or England, many of them work in most times better than democratic or other political oriented nations. The King, the Queen, or the Princes or Princesses always are made to represent the serenity of heaven, regardless of religion or culture. Of course, I say that in the context of the modern world of today. I do not see any kingdom nations led by their own monarchs wanting to go to war. The need to bring their youngs in reunion for leadership training is not a bad idea at all, and it is often in the vicinity of education and celebration that we best know to accept and love one another, I deem. The registration of the Marine Foundation Morocco will center around Mr. Abdellah El Alami, Representative Leadership of the Maghreb Nations.

The Providence of Guinea Conakry. (Part 1)

The Marine Foundation will depart for Africa on April 25: Guinea Conakry. This note worthy initiative has been years in the making and comes after the successful registration of Marine Foundation Africa by President Koura N. Ouattara in Cote D’Ivoire in 2017. Here is the link to the great welcoming to Cote d’Ivoire. Guinea is a population of 12.5 million people and is a predominantly Islamic country, with Muslims representing 85 percent of its population. It is the world’s second-largest producer of bauxite and has rich deposits of diamonds and gold. Our delegation will be going to establish a general project of economic development, but more precisely, we come to take care of what is most urgent to the need of the people. Guinea was one of the first independent countries of Africa. This nation etched on the Western coastal line of the African Continent is terribly lacking the fundamental basics of various infrastructures to help an emerging nation take off to a promising future and equip its population with the badly needed economic tools it needs to be considered as a present-day emerging nation. Most countries of Africa are naturally endowed with so much natural wealth and unfortunately fell victim to the exploitation of their resources through various means.

The Marine Foundation Will entirely finance projected plans in specific domains namely:

Infrastructure;  Medical; Technology; IT Development Centers; Renovation etc…

Guinea will become a great nation will be able to exchange their know-how through sharing of expertise through multitude of projects. Formation Programs will expand in Businesses which will expand in franchises and then transform the country into economic power through trade and exports. The “Made in Africa” label will give birth to African technology, which will be the start of African economic superiority worldwide.

Education: the Marine Foundation has the cost-effective concept of building school villages populated with 15 000 children per campus and at zero cost of education per child until University? Furthermore, it is demonstrated that these children will learn 4 to 5 times faster than children in renowned private schools of Europe or Asia. These state-of-the-art learning facilities will be the Nations’ pride worldwide, with each child promising to be genius.

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Sunday 21, March 2021
The day starts at 4 Pm.
Communication with everyone after sending the news.
Birth of the Marine Children – MCC – Club in Tokyo with Kazue new IBC member.

Monday 22, March 2021
The day starts at 1:45 Am.
Sent message to HRH.
Paying the bills for server MARINEF.ORG
Yoko Akahane and friends are in Okinawa.
Preparing the documentation for the embassies and Notary.
New IBC Members.
Preparation Presentation for MCC.
Conversation with Swiss Team.

Tuesday 23, March 2021
The day starts at 4:00 Am.
IT works all day.
Anniversary Payment of Server Marinef.org

Wednesday 24, March 2021
The day starts at 3:00 Am.
Going to Kyoto for dental surgery.
Good news from DWB Chairman Mason.
preparation to the next day

Thursday 25, March 2021
The day starts at 6:00 Am.
Surgery successful.
Meeting the Avenge Youth Group for 4 hours Seminar.
Meeting conversation with Kadija Switzerland (from Guinea)

Friday 26, March 2021
The day starts at 8:00 Am.
Visit to the Temple of Kyoto under Sherry blossoms.
Return to Tokyo
Conversation Greetings with Mr. Diallo (Diplomate Guinea – Father of Kadija)

Saturday 27, March 2021
The day starts at 5:00 Am.
Night and Day spent with inspirational thoughts.
Kadija’s Garden and the start of a new era.

NEW ICB MEMBERS - click here

Abdellah El Alami

Tomoko Miura

Kazue Sumiyoshi

You may also see the listing of all members on the Brand Leadership page.

The group is organized into 5 sections defined as East South Center North and West.

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Children Symposium

Children Symposium

1st International Symposium for the Protection of Children – March 11th, 2021 – Initiated on the Marine Foundation’s Anniversary Date.

This dinner was also the Banquet for the INITIATION of the First Symposium for the Protection of Children (Symbolic start). The Chairman of the Symposium will be Mr. Chikara Matsunaga (photo right), the founder of Leis Technologies, and which knowledge he will use as a tool to protect children around the world. This Technology will go into the hands of all the groups who fight against human trafficking, and therefore the symposium will include inviting regional and international police agencies worldwide.

MARINE FOUNDATION originally created with “Children & Women” in mind:

Marine Foundation is the absolute Platform of development that comes with a systematic approach to engineering projects worldwide with the support of its own IT social membership platforms, some 50 designed International Events in the range of festivals, exhibits, symposiums, and sports. It has also created the United Five Oceans (U50), consisting of Five continental boards to welcome Diplomats and Business Leaders aboard one communication platform. Now it also embraces its financial Platform DWB (Development World Bank) founded by Mr. Brian S. Mason.

In the origin of its system, the Marine Foundation represents and celebrates humanity’s birth through the miracle of the Mother’s womb. That is where our physical-biological resemblance undeniably exists, and on that scientific truth, it proclaims the standard of absolute respect for life and the environment. The Marine Foundation is the fruition of inspiration produced by charismatic women starting with Ayumi Nakamura, Koura N. Ouattara, Emi Shiraishi, Sachiyo Kai, Undra Semjidsuren, HRH Sanyogita AtreySumi Kondo, Anne Claire Berg, Eiko Saito, Yoko Akahane, Yoshie Ishii, Kyomi Inoue, Beatrice LeTroadec, Yvette Viverito, Amsatou Sidibe, Fatoumatou Balde, Nobuko Kotoyori, Cordelia Masalethulini, Zanele Dlamini, Rose Vardini, Conchita Leeflang, Naima B. Mlouka, Ayesha Engelbrecht, Rokhaya Diatta, Maria Sanchez, Isabella Marziali, Aminata Keke, Marian Saif AlShamzi, Elizaveta Djumanova, Flore Bell, Awa Kone, Veronica Lazarus, Michi Nakao, Maye Sall, Celia Medley, Irka Bochenko, Hala Sarhan, Sonie Cantave, Marie Hancy, Aya Miki, Junko Tado, Saori Tado, Miyako Yusa, Evelyne Clark, Choi Suk, Chiaki Okamoto, Laurence Rakotobe, Vanina Aronica, Makiko Akimoto, Hiroko Arai, Yuka Kobayashi, Kady Kone, Jung Yun, Rashida Stemmet, Jackie Freemantle, Masako Suzuki,Tessy Ekpunobi, Junko Minekawa, Yukari Sato, Naoko Hiraiwa, Marie Antoinette Tchikaya, Elisangela Rassul, Ildiko Botlik, Mia Davis, Manyima B. Sarr, Judith Ryan, Adja Diagne, Rika Kakimoto, Lauriane Luwutuku, Yolande MBarga, Siha San, Romalia Gomes, Caroline Liu, Coura S. Fall, and many many more. All are Queens of their World, and they are magical in that way. Undeniably the makers and builders of the Marine Foundation. They are the Divas of the Orchestral Management System of the greatest organization on earth.

Women’s Movements & Voices:

Marine Foundation is the first global platform with a “First Ladies Club” that comprises the world’s highest status women om the world. Presidential Spouses, Royal Families Ladies, Executive Women Business Leaders, Diplomatic Status or Spouses, and Academic Elite Women Owners of Hospitals and Institutions, all in the same “First Ladies Club.” That added the IWC “International Women Club” that includes all women of all status on the planet. First Ladies Club

Distinguished Friends & Members

Chikara Matsunaga:

Founder and President of Lei Technologies (Patent Owner) Message from Mr, Matsunaga:
“Congratulations on the 8th anniversary of the Marina Foundation and the symposium to protect children around the world yesterday. Also, thank you for inviting me. I was happy to spend an important day together. We, members of Open-Close Trust, Shin-chan, Koto-chan, Emiko-chan, Toru-chan, Yasuhito-chan, Chi-san. We will create a mechanism to protect children around the world with technology! !! We will continue to move forward with Tomeo for world peace! I look forward to working with you.” Chikara Matsunaga

Yasuhito Sakaguchi:

Sakaguchi-san used to be in nursing robot industry of Daiwa house Senor Member of the Daiwa House of Japan.

Toru Tsuda:

Founder and President of System Company Axrossroad.  He over 100 engineers working to build systems in IT Industry and Security.

Special People

From left to right: Yasuhito Sakaguchi, Nobuko Kotoroyi, Chikara Matsunaga, Chiaki Okamoto (Translator)

On my right the Great Jazz Singer Harvey Thompson. from right Kiyomi Inoue (IBC member) and Emiko (Anime Manager for Athena Gressard)

From left to right: Ayumi Nakamura-Gressard, Toru Tsuda, Yoko Akahane (President IWC Japan)

Sumi Kondo (right) Manager Japan Marine Foundation and Ayumi Moriyama wife of Football Star Yasuyuki Moriyama (center) (right) Ayako-san (Sumi’s assistant)

(On my right) the great Professor Fukumoto, Minister of Technology and Science at the Marine Foundation.

Mr. Fukumoto’s Birthday – March 11

Sumi Kondo (right) Manager Japan Marine Foundation and Ayumi Moriyama wife of Football Star Yasuyuki Moriyama (center) (right) Ayako-san (Sumi’s assistant)

Surprise Greetings from the Chairman of the Washington Times, Tom McDevitt, to Yoko Akahane, President of IWC Japan.

A good surprise in the morning from Tom McDevitt of the Washington times was sharing some of the development ideas for the near future that could relate to incorporating the Marine Foundation’s support. At the news of the event tonight in Tokyo, Tom asked me to greet Miss Yoko with a “Warm Hug.” The IWC President had become a friend of Tom, and I decided to do a “public hug” to Miss Yoko as a mark of respect for Tom’s good wishes for the day of the Anniversary of the Marine Foundation’s special occasion.

Campai!! In Japaneses it means “Cheers” – And Today a Wish of Health and Happiness to All!

The special wish is for all those watching or reading this blog to be blessed with the fortune to inherit the wisdom needed to help children worldwide become respected by their societies regardless of culture, religion, race, or social background.

In Honor to the Humble Beginnings

March the 11th is the anniversary of the birth of the Marine Foundation in Japan. You can find extracts of the history on the “About” page. It all started simply some ten years before the registration and making it a total of 18 years into the making. The Marine Foundation is now the most extensive development concept globally, and there has never been such a system built before. We registered two years after the Fukushima Earthquake anniversary date and on the exact time at 2:45 Pm when the clerk at the government office called up our name. (find the detailed information and photos here toward the bottom of the page). Today I felt the need to express special thanks for some of the first members present: Ayumi Nakamura and Emi Shiraishi.

Humble Beginnings:

When I speak about humble beginnings, I talk about the wealth of spirits who have come on the way to making what Marine Foundation is today and will be soon. I am grateful for every single hand or thought of encouragement that came to supply our development with natural energy filled with Heaven’s blessings.

Thank you all for coming! See you at the next event!

Photographer: Hiroyuki Tsuruta

Hiroyuki is a best friend of many years and also a FIRST member of the Marine Foundation and actually much before the Marine Foundation was created. You can contact him on mobile or LINE would you need his great photography services: +81 90 8720 7821

Ambassador’s banquet Photographer:

A past Marine Foundation event where Hiroyuki was the main photographer: Click on the photo below or follow this link

High Patronage Nomination

High Patronage Nomination

Congratulations to Mrs. President of Marine Foundation Africa for her nomination to the High Patronage of Traders and Economic Operators of Cote d’Ivoire Development Plan as Vice President.

In French: “Haut Patronat des commercants et operateurs economique de Cote d’ Ivoire” – “Vice Presidente chargee du plan development” – Mrs. Koura N. Ouattara was appointment through the advisory of President Kamal El- Makhloufi in a private ceremony just a couple of days ago.

President of The High Patronage of Merchants and Economic Operators of Côte d’Ivoire

The High Patronage of Merchants and Economic Operators of Côte d’Ivoire “HPCO-CI” is a serious, innovative umbrella organization, a vector of development that will change the situation of archaic unionism and all-out demands for a modern, professional unionism aimed at revitalizing and the profitability of the profession nationally and internationally.

This website is intended as a communication and sharing tool, providing access to information relating to the activities and services offered by the HPCO-CI.  Read more

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IWC in Katsushika

IWC in Katsushika

IWC Pioneering the Heart of Tokyo.

January 18, 2021

Savoring the unique flavor of Tokyo’s old streets from Shibamata Station to a visit to the temple, following a stroll through old-world streets and historic buildings, IWC president Yoko, with Yukiko and Honey Chan, experienced traditional Japanese cultures such as food tasting, nostalgic scenes, and visits to old buildings. This place is Tora-san city, my favorite place in Tokyo.

The “Beach meeting” intended today to discover small businesses, starting the corporate membership of IWC. A learning experience for the sake of the larger vision of the IWC Platform.

Otoko wa Tsurai yo (男はつらいよ, “It’s tough being a man”) is a Japanese film series starring Kiyoshi Atsumi as Tora-san (寅さん), a kind-hearted vagabond who is always unlucky in love. The series itself is often referred to as “Tora-san” by its fans.[1] Spanning 48 installments released between 1969 and 1995,[2] all of the Otoko wa tsurai yo films except episodes 3 (Azuma Morisaki) and 4 (Shun’ichi Kobayashi) were directed by Yōji Yamada, who also wrote (or co-wrote) all the screenplays.

Each film featured a different leading lady, called a Madonna, and a different region of Japan. (There were also episodes that featured scenes in Arizona and Vienna.) Two films were usually made each year between 1969 and 1989, one for summer and one for New Year release. From 1990 to 1995 only one film was made each year, for New Year release. AnimEigo released a boxset of the first four films in the United States in 2009 under the title “Tora-san”.[3] The series holds the Guinness World Record for the longest-running movie series starring a single actor.[4]

IWC was able to connect to a store today, plenting the seed for many businesses to join into the coporate concept of the club.

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Week 1 – 2021 Message

Week 1 – 2021 Message

New Year 2021 Message (English)

Whatever project we undertake this year, the questions we ask ourselves often become the barometer of how we live our life. Whatever goals we might achieve, it has to be resulting in helping those in need – I suppose. When the Sun or the Moon recognizes an unconditional heart, the universe becomes an ally. You are in control of your “2021”, and as long as one chose to put others first, the year has already been conquered. Under Heaven’s guidance, any wishes can turn into action. It is in the “will to act” that makes dreams come true. Sometimes it takes to be on one’s own for a while, but when the universe takes over, it aligns the stars in a domino effect of blessings. A day of good results can become a path door to total freedom. And we have 365 chances to achieve that.

Message Du Nouvel An 2021 (Francais)

Quel que soit le projet que nous entreprenons cette année, les questions que nous nous posons deviennent souvent le baromètre de la façon dont nous vivons notre vie. Quels que soient les objectifs que nous pouvons atteindre, cela doit aboutir à aider ceux qui sont dans le besoin – je suppose. Lorsque le Soleil ou la Lune reconnaît un cœur inconditionnel, l’univers devient un allié. Vous maîtrisez votre «2021», et tant qu’on a choisi de mettre les autres en premier, l’année est déjà conquise. Sous la direction du Ciel, tout souhait peux se transformer en action. C’est dans la «volonté d’agir» que les rêves deviennent réalité. Parfois, il faut être seul pendant un certain temps, mais lorsque l’univers prend le dessus, il aligne les étoiles dans un effet domino de bénédictions. Une journée de bons résultats peut devenir une voie vers une liberté totale. Et nous avons 365 chances d’y parvenir.

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