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Considering the orientation and achievement of Japan cooperation relationship with Africa for the last decades, Marine Foundation is looking forward to bring in some strategic and innovative approaches so as to take this important and useful friendship partnership to another apex in a nearest future, thus in order to impact strongly and sustainably the stand of exchange between the two market while from the view of all experts, the global market is getting much more driven by the African market, and this situation will prevail for decades to come.

Marine foundation is of the view that such focus of global market on Africa require from all stakeholders and parties some innovative tools for better communication and understanding for appropriate interaction, and by so being, immediate action plan must be focused on educational and academic specific programs in Africa first of all and then the rest of the world secondly.

It is indeed in that spirit that Marine Foundation has taken the initiative to embark on a large scale establishment of Japanese language schools in Africa between the fiscal year 2019/2020 to 2024/2025, while the launching is 2018/2019.

According to our analysis an expertise study, a successful implementation of this special initiative will surely double Japanese business volume with African market and strengthen Japanese know-how while boosting the “made in Japan” around the African continent.

so, let’s welcome a new public-private partnership with both japan’s best global brands and japan’s best domestic brands for the promotion of Japan-Africa cooperation in global socio-economic development progress for respective market emergence within this four-revolution era. Socio-economic performance is driven by market dynamism.
 Let’s build today’s a better future for the next generation of world citizens.

Official Launching Planning

2018 – 2019

Western Africa

– Republic Of Ghana
– Federal Republic Of Nigeria
– Republic Of Senegal
– Republic Of Ivory Coast
– Republic Of Benin

Central Africa

– Republic Of Cameroon
– Democratic Republic Of Congo
– Republic Of Congo

Eastern Africa

– Republic Of Rwanda
– Republic Of Uganda
– Republic Of Kenya
– Republic Of Ethiopia
– Republic Of Tanzania

Southern Africa

– Republic Of South Africa
– Republic Of Zimbabwe
– Republic Of Mozambique
– Republic Of Botswana
– Republic Of Angola

Northern Africa

– The D. Republic Of Algeria
– Kingdom Of Morocco
– Republic Of Tunisia
– Arab Republic Of Egypt

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