Sunday, January 13, 2019


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Junko is the owner of a very special cafe in Mejiro Tokyo. This is whom I visited with Yoko and Takuya today. A great introduction and yes a place we could easily use to meet together members especially since a great part of our membership lives in the vicinity. There is infinity in goodness in this world and really it would be hard to include everyone into one book of great encounters if I was to write one. So here it is again, a day where maybe I should be starting writing up a brand new segment. 


A little gift from Takuya form a friend of him designer. The designer has for particularity to designing 10 cups. The message is: you are the cup on the top.

Afternoon with Junko and Her daughter Saori:

When the welcome is warm, you can’t help but want to share.

Junko’s place is right here and even if this seems a little cafe it is filled with good surprises. I really enjoy just being there and what I loved a lot was that big wooden table that took large space but making you feel like dining together with your best friends. This is what it feels like at Junko’s place. She is also a writer of blogs, media, and magazines and it is fantastic to see a passion for action through the simple act of caring for others the way she does it. At the end of the day, the cutty above is always shown through the way we respect and care for others. This is who we’d like to admire regardless of rich, poor, smart or vagabond, we all know what moves the heart of any crowd in the sequel of any good movie. It is all about kindness and respect. Nothing else. I do believe that if an individual can manage to show kindness through respect, then this all here the lesson of life in the splendor of how it should shine in every neighborhood. Kindness is the smile your face display or your hand offers, but respect has to do with honesty and sincerity in the communication to others. I feel there is a big difference between fear and respect. Respect knows no fear. Those leaders who impress on others by the status of their position might think they are respected by their employees but it usually the exact opposite. People usually react to fear of losing a job or position and that has nothing to do with respect. As soon as the boss turns his back, the finger is pointed at him. Therefore respect can’t be bought or compromised, but it gained through the simple act in bringing the passion into our daily moments. I felt that through Junko and the beautiful set up she had us all to see and to enjoy and that can’t be forgotten.

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