“Art is the Well of Wisdom that Seeds the Beauty of Our Hearts on the Soil of Education & Forward to the Celebration of Life” – Tomeo

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Well of Wisdom

Life first unveils its forms through the eyes of the child and its greatest teacher is nature and the beautiful creation of lights through the stars the sun and the moon and waters with all their mysteries. Everything forms to be a lesson in design, movement or sound. From the smallest being to the largest, all are here to model the pattern of our life.

Seed of the Heart

Artists live passion driven lives for the crave of absolute appreciation in demonstration to others. Not that they centers on themselves but rather a mission to expose their to others. A child that learns to create will make pasture towards a heart of compassion to comfort others through talent. Art should, therefore, be the seed of all education.

Soil of Education

Education is all about reasoning and good reasoning makes good leadership. The base of confidence is the ability to visualize what needs to be. The only seed that an educated mind really needs is the one that will open the doors of creativity. All the mathematics, and physics will get lost in translation, while beauty is what we permanently aspire for.

Celebration of Life

After a long working day, at the end of moments of striving, whether be a week, a month or even a year, there is always a time for celebration. This is where all human being, regardless of culture or religion, will honor something or someone where by the only possible rewards are the invaluable talents that are shared in multitudes of ways.



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The Celebrity Consul will approve its members after they have confirmed their position. The Marine Foundation is dedicated to supporting the charities of those who publicly render their talents to the betterment of the humanities.  The Superstars Drive Day in Las Vegas will connect together the entire entertainment world within a 24-hour span. The entire benefits will go into the construction each year of an Educational Institution Concept where the name of the donors will be carved into the Wall of Legacy Artist & Princes of Peace. All photos links to the Wikipedia portal.

Legacy Artist Endorsement for Peace & Environmental Protection