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Ocean Universal Academy

Marine Foundation Children’s Full Marine Education & Environmental School


A) The Marine Foundation (Marinef) offers Environmental Program to any Children institution whether it is a private or public school, an orphanage or any children organization. Sponsorship to the program includes travel, uniforms, equipment, accommodations etc… Marine program sessions are conducted at the Marine Camp-Resorts specially developed by the Foundation and located at strategic prime coastal locations of the world. The children attend a 21-day course of academic and environmental education curriculum contents including sport, ocean and land activities.

B) Registrations are only accepted through small, medium or large children group organizations (schools, institutions or organizations) with an existing database to serve presentation documentation to sponsors and donors. For a successful application to the program, Marine Foundation takes charge in preparing the budget plan and all administrative aspects that will facilitate the candidate organization the access to the program accordingly with its schedule and logistics.

C) The sponsorship commitment period over the duration of the program is longterm including a full 10 years budget planning with renewal. The planning execution will vary accordingly with the strategy each establishment will use to orchestrate the program within their system.  Marine Foundation provides total management flexibility (as far as requirements are concerned) so that the program is made available regardless of an institution’s preset conventional operating system.

D) Once an institution is registered with Marinef, the record of each child attending there is entered into the Marine Administration database system for longterm care and follow-up. For as long as a child stays a member of a group, she/he is accounted for a complete follow-up (with records kept) on educational growth that goes beyond the Marine program. For example,  children who graduate from the Ocean Universal course are eligible for a free scholarship to any universities or colleges of professional formation of their convenience.


A) Once the qualified institution or school has agreed to the Marine Foundation program (Marinef) and conditions, and once the managerial system and logistic planning for that particular organization is also completed, the Chamber of Law (Marinef’s special administration and legal group)  release an “Approval Certificate” that is publicly released to the network.

B) That data is made available and presented to the soliciting sponsoring parties or donors, which network is made up of sizable corporations and wealthy individuals. These sponsors or donors may have specific, public, personal or marketing interests in supporting marine or environmental programs and each have already qualified to receive the exclusive  “patronage” title.  Also, the honorific marine club title of  “Fleet Admiral” –  (a sponsored establishment) is symbolically a naval body maker of future leaders (captains) and therefore called a “Fleet”. Marine Foundation Naval Insignias

C) The name of a Marine program that has been established in a sponsored establishment will take the name of its sponsor or donor. For example, Apple Marine Program at St Luke Private School – by Marine Foundation or The Johnny Depp Marine Program at Bridgeport High-school – by Marine Foundation. Another vivid example: if the company “Sony” in Japan decides to sponsor an establishment like the Saint Mary High school in Tokyo, then the program will be called: “Sony Marine Program” at St Mary’s. And when people ask: “who execute the program?”, then the answer will be Marine Foundation. In the case of brand companies like Sony, they can use their logo and design their own flag so that whichever Marine camps their children attend, they will be identified as the “Sony Marine Fleet (or Group)”, with Sony’s own unique Logo Identification printed on the group’s Marine uniform.

Rights and Certification

A) Sponsors or donors who solicit sponsorship over Marine program, naturally undertake a due diligence procedure before receiving a certified approval from the MFF’s Chamber of Law. This is for the comfort, security, and reputation of the school added to the public assurance of transparency and moral representation. 10 years minimal pledge commitment is asserted with a cash deposit into the Foundation’s escrow account. The funds are retrieved annually at the end of the region’s fiscal year and are managed uniquely by Marine Foundation’s treasury department,  and exclusively for that particular school body. Budget amounts can increase or decrease accordingly to the school situation and detail information of any amendment are always reported. A sponsor or donor has full access to accounting documentation and can send delegations for due diligence to supervise the work of the Foundation. They can also make marketing or promotional use of multimedia publications retrieved from the exciting and entertaining camp’s program activities and curriculum.

B) Due to demanding parameters with detail preparation, the “patronage title” allowing sponsorship of a Marine program through the Marine Foundation is exclusive. There is a substantial amount of work and time needed to organize and optimize a database to a full active potential. Therefore,  the sponsors or donors must make a reservation prior to receiving approval and wait in line for a database to be released and made available to them.  This may take from 6 months to a year depending on availability of logistics. The applicant will be then invited to a presentation of the school and attend an official greeting reception at a preferred location. Upon a positive introduction, an accounting is put in place to conduct the operations.

C) The Prestigious Honor and Reverence to the right of sponsorship of a Marine program by Marine Foundation is by far the highest status title internally throughout the organization but also externally, in the charity network environment nothing of the kind has never been conceived. The program offers a charismatic and entertaining approach to education, nurturing and harnessing the neutral celebration spirit of the Olympics and remains by far the most beneficial system capable of serving a nation’s children, but also a regional economic growth through tourism and breakthrough in green and blue technologies with research centers wherever there is operation. The right of sponsorship offers the Honorary Title of: “Fleet Admiral”, for which a ceremonial reception is offered annually at the General Assembly meeting of the MFF World Gathering. Sponsors and Donors receive the Admiral Red Jacket with Gold Insignias and medal of Marine Foundation & Federation. Indeed their sponsorship participation to just one program can literally affect the lives of thousands of children, also guarantee them a brighter, safer and more productive future to rely on.

D) Brand association or co-branding advantage: A maximum of 2 sponsoring parties is allowed per sponsored institution. If more than 2 sponsors aim for the same establishment there will be a draw. The pairing of 2 sponsors would become convenient when these two are brand related companies who look to their charity as a marketing tool. Name association is common practice in the world of multimedia marketing. For example, 2 sponsors such as a car company and a yacht company, might pair up to associate their names with better product image. Composite or ingredient co-branding can also apply here. Those strategies are up to the advertising agencies and Marine Foundation is always willing to cooperate. 

E) Sponsor companies have the rights to the Marine Foundation trademark and logo branding exposure such as able associating their brand, logo and philanthropic claim with Marine Foundation. Their name and logo are also subject to appear throughout the Marine Foundation’s facilities and Media Network. Because of the Marine Foundation’s unique position in relations with governments, sponsors may have a first place exposition of their names to diplomatic and high-quality social networking events such as symposiums and festivals.

Contract and Pledge

A) The sponsor-donor contract agreement over one establishment is for requires at the minimum a 10 years commitment renewable. However, the payments to the programs are made on a  yearly based automated system which allows incidental retrieval from membership in situations of constraints by force majeure. The yearly payment system also permits better fiscal organization if, for example, the fund’s provenance is the residual income of a financial instrument. To secure and honor the pledge for a 10-year commitment, an escrow account can receive up to 5 years down payment for  Marine Foundation, in order to help protect a school institution in force majeure emergency situations or in case of intellectual property corruption.

B) The concept of full booking and waiting lists provides Marinef for more security in case of a donor’s sudden withdrawal from the program. Also, the institutions are reassured that the Marine program which sponsorship they receive will never be interrupted.

C) The sponsor-donor is also required to keep a public standard of a moral image consistent with the provisions of the Marine Foundation’s Constitution and Book of Laws and for the sake of the children they represent. The legacy in their act of goodness will be recorded in the Book of Lineage for generations to honor and follow the example.

D) There is no barrier agenda which limit the sponsor-donor to visit and inquire about the school their support and the Marine Resort Camps children attend. The Sponsor-donor has the right to view all accounting financial details of their involvement with Marine Foundation and also a direct contact to the network of the institution they support.