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Club of Africa

African Discovery Renaissance & the Heritage of the Motherland


“Will” precedes “creativity”. Does anyone remember their time in the mother’s womb, or could we possibly express in words the first sensation of life? Humanity debates the existence of God, but everyone agrees with having a mother and a geographical origin of birth. Hereby the universal womb, the living footprint of creation itself, walking the earth like a mother’s broken heart in search of her lost children, Africa humbly awaits in eager longings for the passing of her wealth to those who would inherit her blessings. The departure from life on earth leads us back to beginnings. Unless one marvels to riches with the heart of a child, he/she is usually up to no good. If one asked: “Mom, are you ok?” Abundant wisdom can surely seed out of a mother’s simple reply: “I want you to be happy, I know you’re smart so take good care of yourself but most of all, love and protect your brothers and sisters”.

Introducing “Club of Africa” the Reunion Heritage of the Motherland.

Japan, the Birthplace of the Club of Africa’s First Chapter

Teaching “Culture” to Children

Don’t we all, just like children, love a good storyteller? Just like the story of the “Little Prince,” not a textbook of any truth but just an image of what a pure heart could want to imagine if you personified the universe, here is a wonderful tale to tell:

If Africa, the Motherland, had carried the weight of earthly life in her bosom, she would have given birth to 4 children. The first child, a daughter by the name of Asia, where Japan would represent its form. The second child, a first son by the name of Europe. A third child, another son by the name of Americas, and the last child, a daughter by the name of Oceania. Asia being the first daughter, would surely connect to her mother’s heart. While the first son Europe would concern himself for the claim of inheritance. The second son, Americas, would be blessed with talents, and for him, the search for prosperous independence would make his mother proud. And the fourth child, the little girl Oceania would be nature all around as mystical and beautiful as her mother. At her young age, Africa became a gift to Father Sun, who found her the closest to being a perfect receptor of his light, and so black that she became the queen of all colors, from which all children, no matter their location, would emanate brightness from.

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Hidden Treasure in Izu Japan

On may 12, 2018 – I took my team to a trip to the Izu, a beautiful peninsula shaped region by the coast of Japan, 3 hours ride from Tokyo, Shizuoka prefecture where sleeps the majestuous Mt. Fuji. It was a visit to some Marine Foundation’s member’s hot spring place where we planned to spend the night. Little did we know, hidden in the outskirt hills of the city of Ito, we discovered a treasure unknown to the public, a place we would have never dreamed existed. The unveiling of the treasure came through an elder lady whose friend’s husband passed away some 5 years ago and whose family spent 2 generations collecting ancient art from Africa. The collection is in the hundreds of pieces, the property of thousands m2 carries a modern architecture of concrete and wood, needless to say, and breathless, an hidden treasure in the hills of Ito.

Ultimate PR Facilities for Diplomats & Visionaries

Concept of the Membership


  • Members of U5O – United Five Oceans
  • Embassies & Consuls (All countries)
  • First Ladies Club Membership
  • BFPR Membership
  • Member Companies of Chamber of Commerce
  • Institution Presidents
Coming soon – Details kept in confidence.

Concept of the Club’s Venue


  • The Main Venue Carries  the Name: “Club of Africa”
  • Diplomatic Representation Facility
  • Auditorium & Media Support Facility
  • Reunion Rooms and Salons
  • Restaurant & Esthetic Facility
  • Children Edutainment & Art Facility
Coming soon – Details kept in confidence.

Concept of the Activities


  • African Cultural Center (Art Kimbangu Japan)
  • The Ambassadors Yacht
  • Embassies & Membership Events
  • Seminar & Media Presentations
  • Entertainment Center
  • Home of  “WorldPeace Orchestras”
Coming soon – Details kept in confidence.


The Club of Africa serves the African Embassies in priority where the 54 counties of Africa are represented. The venue is a place of entertainment and gathering. It represents a second home to large or small embassies. It has services that are so exclusives that it make itself a real hub for diplomats and business leaders to cultivate and nurture good relations. The Club of Africa is established outside of Africa in capital cities of the world with its headquarters in Yokohama (Yamate district) Japan. All embassies of the world are welcome to join the membership. The Club of Africa is representative of the Motherland, Africa, where all should pay respects of gratitude through celebration & education. The Club of Africa is permanently booked with weekly events and daily activities. The Club of Africa is also a General Consul representing countries of Africa whom yet lack in diplomatic or PR representation. It has state-of-the-art multimedia & entertainment facilities, places for large reunion and event gatherings.

Yokohama (Yamate) Japan – 30 minutes from Tokyo Center

Reunion Facilities

Children Art Center

African Art Exhibit

VIP Travel Agency

PR Service Office

Multimedia Center

Hall & Auditorium

Hospitality Places

Check up Clinic

Club Restaurant

7000 Square Meters on a Rock, Five Minutes away from the Bay & Port

Location, Location, & Location

Historical Location: Yamate Yokohama known as the Naka ward. For most of the 250 years of the Edo Period (1603-1867), the rulers of Japan prohibited almost all interactions with foreign countries. When the period of isolation finally ended in the 1850s, Yokohama was one of only a few port towns where foreign traders, looking to profit from the newly opened country, were permitted to reside. This is now one of the most prominent ward of Japan.