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“Its the quality of our life that brings riches and happy thoughts, not the toys that we own”

We promote life and cultures, through the vision of developing education as a tool to boost economic growth and solve communications problems. A contribution can help the establishment of school’s concepts and programs. But there are so many ways to contribute to the cause of humanity. As a donor, sponsor, contributor or supporter, you will benefit from the many amenities the foundation offers through its network, hospitality spirit and project developments. We created a new agency: MFT – the Moving Fun-Raising Technicians agency. Find out more.

You Can Now Help Yourself While Helping Other People: Join MFT


MFT is a system that allows registered volunteers members to use their communication skills to earn a living each time a sponsor or donor, or investor comes into the platform. Register through the system below to benefit from the chance to support yourself while saving the world.

Fill up the MFT Application Form
Get your License number
It is a system Made-In-Heaven for those who wish to be instrumental to save lives and make a living out of their effort.

You can be transparent in your presentation to donors, sponsors or even investors. Get the documentation you need  and in your name. MFT Marine Membership.

Once a donor, sponsor or investor has made a transaction you are automatically compensated. It is not a favor, it is a simple gesture of goodness for your efforts.

If you dream of helping the world on a large scale, the one thing that you need is money. MFT supports those who love the Marine Foundation and want to act on it. Give back to society by building your own system.

If your heart is at the right place at the right time, your destiny redirects itself to a journey of blessing you never knew existed for yourself. If you commit to a goal of supporting others, your fate can turn around 360 degrees. It is a quantum leap experience. The Marine Foundation is the only platform you will ever need.

Ask yourself these questions: “What in the world am I really spending my life doing?” – “What is the purpose of living?” – “Am I suppose to help others?” – “If I had all the money in the world, what would I do?” – These are the questions I asked myself prior to discovering the Marine Foundation. Tomeo

We Help Those Who Help Others

The Spirit and Value of MFT

I know lots of good people, and they want to save the world. They have compassion, and they are courageous. Some are very educated, and some are very independently wealthy. However, regardless of status or situation, when one decides to help others on the scale of something bigger than their family or friends, one discovers that it is difficult to sustain oneself in support of others. Marine Foundation has created a platform to help those who help others. Welcome to MFT.

MFT means “Moving Fun-Raising Technicians.” It is an agency of the Marine Foundation. “Moving” talks to the heart. “Fun-Raising” expresses the joy that it is to live for the sake of others. “Technicians” describe that a flawless system must support everything we do good in life.

The MFT does connect to the word “FUNDRAISING,” but this has much greater value than just raising funds. In the context of supporting the Marine Foundation, members who want to help can also make a living on their own and create an entire business structure around the concept of charity.

The spirit of MFT wants to create an international of elite fundraisers who can come to the services of many worth causes of our planet needing to build solutions in education, health, programs of development, infrastructure projects, and everything else needed to the betterment of a nation.

MFT Membership & Compensation Benefits

Contributions General Rules of Understanding:

Marine Foundation will accept bank donation Investment transfers only through representatives registered with a Marine Foundation License. The Contribution system to the Licensed Members is based on the basis of net benefit to the Marine Foundation.

1 – 10% compensation up to 50 000 000 USD and above. (ceiling 50 million)

An Independent Introductory Operation: 10% to license Brand Owner Members ONLY.

Optional for Brand-Owners / for MFT licensed members:
If an Independent Introductory Operation.
5% to MFT License Member working independently.
5% to Escrow-Saving Account attributed exclusively for all expenses need of that Member (Salary or Special needs)
Escrow Saving account usage:
In that program an Independent Member can open up a Team Office anytime He/She chooses.
The escrow account attributed exclusively to the Independent Member will be released by 30% yearly tranches of the total amount saved in the escrow account.

Over and above the Ceiling Limit:
If an Independent member raises over the ceiling limit, the commission will still remain at the calculation of that ceiling. following the same procedure, with the escrow account. The remaining percentage calculated on the total amount that is accounted over the ceiling will be distributed to other active Licensed Members around the region and beyond.

2 – 10% compensation up to 100 million USD and above. (ceiling 100 million)

Brand Owners can receive 10% with the prerequisite to share 3% to other Brand Licensed Members

Team organization for MFT Licensed Members (Optional for Brand-Owners:
3% to the MFT Team leader (Licensed Member)
7% is distributed equally in Salaries + Bonuses per Transaction and coverage of office, accommodation, and transportation.
A team must be composed of a minimum of 5 members (including the Team Leader).

Advantage of Team Organization:
One Member’s result benefits all the other Members.
Members of the Team do not have to be Licensed members but they have to have a Team-Leader Licensed member to benefit from salary and bonuses.
A team can be up to 100 staff PR Members.


Donation-Investment for Donors, Sponsors, Investors and Benefactors


The title of “Donor-Investor” caters to high-net-worth individuals or corporations with an injection of the minimum value of USD 3 (three) million (3 000 000). There are no maximum limits on what the foundation can receive. In accord with the foundation, the Donor-Investors may have agreed to some investment to project their interest for developing their regions, countries, or establishments serving the interest of human social betterments anywhere in the world. The quota of financial benefits to the Donor-Investor is calculated based on the operation agreed upon and annexed in a Memorandum of Understanding, also fitting to the moral criteria of the Marine Foundation, of uncompromising and absolute respect for life and environment.                                      .

In addition to regional economic development and financial benefits, the Marine Foundation gracefully grants the Donor-Investor with:

Operational and Participation Rights:

  • Participation in all committee international meetings.
  • Participation in all traveling agenda a per purpose of the foundation.
  • Participation in the design and settings of project development.
  • Participation in the international event agenda designed by the foundation.
  • Participation in becoming an executive director in businesses owned or associated with the Marine Foundation. (Shareholder position)

Important Note: Academically, Socially or Professionally, a director, whether executive or honorific, has a role of support to the organization’s development in whichever aspect they feel the best achieving. Participation is a right but not an obligation.

International Committee of the Brand Ownership Rights:

  • The The Investor-Sponsor is given an opening to the limited open position in the international committee of the Brand, with a lifetime license granted the right of inheritance to the next of kin of the next generation.
  • Amidst Amidst the 360 positions of the committee, 72 spots are uniquely and exclusively reserved to Donor-Investors.

Honorary Leadership and Membership with the Admiral Club:

  • The “Red Jacket” Admiral Club is the highest membership status of the Marine Foundation, portrayed through its World Naval Federation, where honorific insignias are given to members of the elite directorship and staff of the Marine Foundation, starting with the Captain Clubs of professionals and visionaries.
  • The World Naval Federation is the naval disciplinary structure of the Marine Foundation represented by its flagship, “the Royal Clipper,” the longest sailboat in the world. The Admiral Red Jacket is an emblem of driving advisory and honorary leadership whereby the members benefit from all the best amenities the foundation’s platform offers.

MFT Application Form:

MFT License Application Form -- PDF Version

Coming soon or request by e-mail at:

[email protected]

 Go to the MFT page for more information

MFT Application Form: Click in the PDF button and fill the form online and Download the form into your computer, save it and send by e-mail in the address below. Or Download the file directly into your computer and fill the form directly from your computer. Once completed, save it and send to the e-mail provider here: [email protected]

You may request documentation directly through our office.

Donor-Investor’s Fund Transfer Procedure:

This is the procedure by which a Donor-Investor sends funds to the Marine Foundation account. It provides a sender total security and transparency and, for the banks, the safety of good governance from the Marine Foundation and its corporate environment.

You may request documentation directly through our office.

Donation-Investment Certification & Benefits

This document serves to authorize a Donor-Investor’s funds into a Marine Foundation’s account. This document is notarized and send to the Donor-Investor by DHL prior the transaction into the Marine Foundation’s account.

Official Notarized Certification of Donation-Investment -- PDF Version

A list of all major agencies in the progress of development and their links. A Donor-Sponsor has the right of choice in which agency, charity, program, or business the funds to be injected into if desired.  

Marine Foundation's Operational Capabilities -- PDF Version

You may request documentation directly through our office.

What is a trading desk? click here

What is a ‘Trading Desk’

A trading desk where transactions for buying and selling securities occur. Trading desks are found in most organizations involved in trading investment instruments, such as equitiesfixed income securities, futurescommodities, and currencies. A trading desk provides trades with access to instantaneous trade executions. Also known as a dealing desk.

Types of Trading Desks

There are many different types of trading desks depending on the security being traded. Often times, these desks are separated and may be located at certain central exchanges.

The most common trading desks include:

  • Equity trading desks handle everything from equity trading to exotic options trading.
  • Fixed income trading desks handle government bondscorporate bonds, and other bonds and bond-like instruments that pay a yield.
  • Foreign exchange trading desks trade currencies in pairs by purchasing one currency with another to capitalize on the differential.
  • Commodity trading desks are focused on agricultural, metal, and other commodities, such as crude oil, gold, and coffee.

Many brokers also offer trading desks for their clients, especially in the foreign exchange market and equity day trading market. With the ability to instantly execute trades, these brokers set themselves apart from other brokers acting as intermediaries.

The Bottom Line

Trading desks are where buying and selling of securities occur on the ground floor and provide traders with a near-instant execution of trades. There are many different types of trading desks, depending on the type of securities being traded, but most large financial institutions have their own trading desks in place to assist their internal teams and external clients in placing orders.

“Some people are so poor, so so so poor, so extremely poor, that all they have is money”

Q & A

Questions & Answers MFT

What is the purpose of an individual donation?

It is to help others as it means to help oneself. Donations are used to support the organization as a whole and not define by a specific casuse, except when it is announced by a particular regional committee.

What about large donations through wire transfer?

The donor is usually identified first and receives an agreement of support and purpose which is usually signed and endorsed by the foundation. The funds are always verified and certified to be of good sources. There is limits on total amount which someone is allow to donate.

How much can be donated?

There are no limit to the amount of one can donate through wire transfer. The procedure is simple and will require a live visit first in the case of extremely large donation. The due diligence is done to make sure the source of funds is of honest and non-criminal sources.

Will I know the outcome of my donation?

The foundation has very clear, precise and concise way of making use of its funds. In some case we can guide the donor in the direction of how he/she would like his/her donation to be used. The most important is that donors feels and see they can make a difference through their support. People are also welcome to participate in the projects for which they give.

I am not a donor but I have a donors network, can I help?

Yes you can and under our convention on confidentiality the foundation will assign you a special fundraiser position which will allow you to professionally participate in fundraising activities.

Can I participate in “for profit” activities through my donation?

Yes you can. The foundation’s main them is economic rebirth through education. This incline that many activities concerns the development of businesses for the sake of providing with financial stability with constant flow of funds.

Can I benefit my own environment with my personal donation?

Absolutely. A donor can ask the foundation to support a personal environment if the needs conveys the support in education or humanitarian purposes.

Can the foundation endorse my company ?

The foundation will endorse any company that has joined its corporate membership. To join corporate membership, any donor organization must qualify under the Marine Foundation’s convention of moral ethics with human rights and environmental protection.

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Mizuho Bank Japan

Marine Foundation’s bank account is located at Mizuho bank, branch’s headquarters In Tokyo. Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (Kabushiki-Kaisha Mizuho Ginkō) is the integrated retail and corporate banking unit of Mizuho Financial Group, one of the largest financial services companies in Japan, with total assets of approximately $1.64 trillion in 2014. Mizuho is one of the three so-called Japanese “megabanks” (along with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group). Mizuho Bank provides financial products and services to a wide range of clients, including individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, large corporations, financial institutions and public sector entities. Its headquarters office building is located in the Otemachi district of Chiyoda, Tokyo (photo on the left) where Marine Foundation resides. Mizuho Bank has over 505 branches and offices in Japan and in thirty-six other countries and regions and is the only bank to have branches in every prefecture in Japan.

Tokyo Mizuho Account

Name of the Bank:
Mizuho Bank Ltd.
Branch Name: Tokyo Chuo Branch
Branch Code: 110
Account Number: 2491986
Swift Code: MHCBJPJT
Branch Address:
1-5-5 Otemachi Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo
Branch Phone Number:
Mizuho Website Link

Tokyo Sumitomo Account

Name of the Bank:
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Branch Name: Head Office
Branch Code: 200
Account Number: 4108061
Swift Code: SMBCJPJT
Branch Address:
1-1-2 Marunouchi Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo Japan
Branch Phone Number:
Sumitomo Website Link