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The Constitution of the Marine Foundation

The Constitution of the Marine Foundation is has a ruling written to protect the members, the trademark, and the system of the organization for generations to come. It is a modern management system where we would experience an atmosphere of total respect. The system may provoke the consciousness of the human spirit to behave in its highest moral aptitude as a group organization, to help engender peaceful relations and harmonious behavior between all people.

Pledge of Commitment

  • We shall  aim to develop a multifaceted educational and cultural movement that is firmly rooted among the people and the societies in which they live so as to share the pleasure and inspiration that come from each family to provide happiness, well being and a strong educational foundation to every single child in every corner of the earth.
  • We shall  endeavor to contribute to a flourishing of education in the new age by enhancing art and cultural activities and developing marine and ecological programs designed to cultivate the artistic and creative sentiments of children, youth and young adults for the sake of productive economic development of the regions in which they live and grow to inherit leadership.
  • We shall  seek to deepen mutual understanding and friendship among all countries by promoting global free education for all children with a cultural exchange that transcends differences of nationality, race and language thus the promotion of peace centered around the alumni of friendship created by international gatherings at the state-of-the-art Ocean Universal youth resorts.

System Leadership Ruling by the update of August 2019

MARINE FOUNDATION at the inception of the start AUGUST 2019

 “The deity and beauty of God’s work are displayed in total transparency for all to see, enjoy and learn from. But only those who can passionately read between the lines can hold and possess the secret of heavenly inspired strategies where deployment, achievement, and multiplication are tools to those who come with the heart open for circular leadership of “Parent-Child” relationship. It is not by fame, wealth or charisma that one can hope to change societies but only by through the creation of systems that does magic to everyone.” – Tomeo M-Gressard

To read, to understand and to agree with, upon joining the Marine Foundation

Case 1:
Marine Foundation’s concept design started from the year 2002
, and its pioneering team of volunteers started appearing from 2005. The official first team of volunteers under NPO registration was formed in 2012. Its official registration was done on March 11, 2013. Before and after the registration until the year 2018, the entire sponsoring of first operations was entirely donated by the founder of the organization, including traveling, office rents, administration fees, and the many more. The few who have come to make donations throughout system development until the year 2018, will be officially recognized with the door open to positions if willing.

Case 2:
Before and after its first registration in Japan, until the year 2019, there has never been an official appointment of Directors except through the registration of Marine Foundation Africa in Cote D’Ivoire under the leadership of Mme Koura Niele Ouattara, which status remain to this day. The registration in Switzerland in 2015, today results in the dismissing of its establishment due to non-performance of appointed members and therefore under reconstruction under the new leadership assembly of August 2019.

Case 3:
Any publication of any appointment not pertaining into any legal body of any government anywhere in the world is therefore nullified and declared “ceased and deceased” by Marine Foundation’s official if these publication is not appearing in the administration of the official website of the Marine Foundation. Any photos in major browsers of published documents in the old letterhead of Marinef media, in any form of words or contents, must be verified and validated by the official administration office of the Marine Foundation.

Case 4:
The only content remaining true to the Marine Foundation is the one published and still present through the official website of the foundation under the domain https://marinef.org/ and that domain only. The official director’s members of the Marine Foundation are published into the official website under the same domain name. No other person claiming any directorial position to the Marine Foundation can claim position unless they are officially published in the official source website of the Marine Foundation at domain: MARINEF.ORG.

Case 5:
Those volunteers who have participated in any form of support, whether moral, intellect or physical through meetings and have received documentation on a position with the Marine Foundation are asked to contact the administration to renew or refresh their appointment from the new constitution of 2019. The foundation will renew their membership accordingly with the new and official letterhead which design has been amended to the new platform accordingly with the article of “case 13” of this document.

Case 6:
The title of “Cofounder” pertains to everyone with the heart of creation and of living for the sake of others. To make the terms more clear as to the conventional meaning of such titles, the Marine Foundation has elaborated a system of co-owner of the brand which is allowed entrance to 360 people. In that respect, there is only one Founder: Tomeo Motto Robert Dominique Gressard” (responsible for the system design and concept architecture). But this does not take away the fact that “anyone” can be the “founder” of his/her system within the platform. Reforms are discoveries and not inventions just like Thomas Edison with “Electricity”. But to equalize the right of those who come in pioneering the system through its first generation, the Marine Foundation created the 360 co-ownership of the brand “system” which constitute the formation of the International Brand Committee which committee will preside over the amendment of the system after it has been legislatively stamped through a gathering of the minds together.

Case 7:
Regardless of position of director, staff, co-brand owner, celebrity or academic, anyone who add to the system through an idea that has been approved, becomes a “founder” of the concept he/she created and their benefits to that creation is sincerely distributed accordingly with the rights of “concept” leadership to the system that has been created, even if it carries the Marine Foundation’s trademark, logo, and signature over it. (Not a perfect example here): It is like for example the IOS Apple platform, where the platform becomes a protective environment for the development and promotion of the APP that has been individually created using the code base of Apple IOS.

Case 8:
Anyone that has been accepted into a leadership or membership position with an official appointment letter from the year 2019 and on, must read the “Ruling of Leadership” of August 2019 and approve of its content (Agreeing to the rules and terms of condition) before accepting the position. This applies to those who have been appointed in 2019 and those who will be appointed from this time forward. A person who leaves that position must do so with a “written certification” only. If the leader has verbally announced his/her departure, directly or indirectly, he/she will receive a letter of confirmation, in which to reply to. If no replies are made, the position will be automatically canceled within a 30 days limit.

Case 9:
The responsibility of “co-creator” of the concepts designed by the foundation or the amendments of laws and systems will pertain to the group responsibility of an international committee of 360 members whose position are called “Co-Brand Owners” and divided into 3 separate groups. The supervision of the international committee will be led by the “Chamber of Law” which will represent the supreme court of certification of projects, protection of members, and the legal representation of both the foundation, its agencies, and the intellectual properties through the brand and trademark of the foundation.

Case 10:
A leadership position under directorial status whether geographical or content management is free of any conditional fees. The appointment of that person can be given locally by the person in charge, complying with the system of volunteerism or professional status. Someone who has come timely in the period where the group of 360 has not yet completely formed, can request for the brand Co-Ownership position which can be approved officially by the “System Architect First Generation”. A conditional fee must be sent out to a Marine Foundation as little as 50 US dollars to the total limit of 5000 US dollars which is the full required lifetime license fee to the rights of the brand of the Marine Foundation. This is without any exception. If an applicant has been approved by the committee, he/she can reserve position to either 5 or 50 US dollars. He/she can resume payment anytime chosen into the future without any limits of days, weeks, months or years. Very Important: This offering is considered a donation and not a payment. A donation cannot be refunded.

Case 11:
A person that has been accepted into a “Co-Brand Owner” position of the group of 360, has received a “lifetime” membership over this particular license. Even if by dispute or convenience that person leaves his/her leadership position, that person remains a member of the International Committee and part-owner of his license in the same previous benefit. If that person has committed a crime against humanity, he/she will be automatically removed from the committee and including the rights to the license. A person’s removal from the leadership position does not imply the removing of his/her co-brand ownership license. A person may want to join the Marine Foundation just for the co-brand ownership if the position has been presented and if he/she has received contentment. In this case, the person must resolve the entire fee of the brand license before receiving the appointment. The appointment letter will cover the same content of the leadership position letter if in case this person is interested later to take a position into a mission of the foundation.

Case 12:
The basic administrative obligation of a “co-Brand owner” is his/her attendance to the 4 times per year “International Committee” meetings scheduled in every 4 seasons of the year. The failure to attend requires the license owner to name someone to replace him/her to a particular meeting. The gathering of the International Committee will be sponsored by the brand entirely.
The International Committee ruling is a worldwide consortium to better protect the brand of the Marine Foundation and each member retain a”supervisory (non-executive) leadership” over the brand and trademark of the Marine Foundation. This including a voting power over some of the amendment to the system and with another committee the vote over the new Executive Chairman/woman of the Marine Foundation and some of its major leadership position. (Details provided in other documentation). The benefits received individually by the brand value over time is not conceived in priority by the resolve of financial gain. The great importance to the value associated with this position is a sense of responsibility which centers around the protocol of absolute respect for life, and the projection of good moralities through the brand of the Marine Foundation.

Case 13:
The procedure of becoming a leading member director or a 360 member of the Marine Foundation must be initiated through the process of sending an email to the central administration. This procedure can happen after a member has understood the concept of leadership or has been verbally approved through live
communication. This email address is not used for inquiries. The email must contain: the full name exactly as written in the passport, passport number, direct phone number, and email address, and a close phrase saying: “I have understood and agree with the system leadership of the Marine Foundation”. The email address is brandleadership@marinef.org – / Upon reception of this email, the member will be automatically registered and conceived a personal page in the Marine Foundation’s official website, with every tool he/she needs for communication. To cancel membership the member can do anytime by sending to the same email address a letter of cancellation.

Case 14:
The fusion between MARINEF and organizations (Sponsor Association at https://marinef.org/sponsors/ ) is strategically conceived for the sake of world operations centered on bringing systematic development of socioeconomic and humanitarian nature in an associative manner. The MARINEF brand remains separated as per its intellectual properties philanthropic values but it can merge together in outside activities in servicing the humanities with a greater array of possibilities. Their logos will appear in single or merged forms depending on the programs implanted by their design. MARINEF centers on the development of communication platforms and project reforms in all industries it represents, tapping into a brand licensing.

Case 15:
Level up Partnership (only applies to the start-up of the Marine Foundation) – This is a “one case” situation only. All other cases are registered through the normal “association programs” described in the sponsors page.
The partnership with an organization who have come to work directly with the Marine Foundation. The organization is financially very stable and wants to establish its own base using the network system of the Marine Foundation. This organization has similar values and morality to the Marine Foundation. This organization keeps its branding entirely to itself but is recognized by the Marine Foundation as a benefactor of the world for peace and economic development. This organization must be introduced to the leadership circle unique to the “Central Administration Leadership” represented by the World Headquarters of the Marine Foundation. This organization can select of their own choice the specific representation director of the Marine Foundation if he/she is a member of the central leadership in the spheres of development as noted on the Leadership page. The Executive Chairman of the Marine Foundation and the Representative Directors chosen by the partner organization are signatories in the MOU documents in the present and in the future. Further agreements will be drawn in time through the common ground understanding of both organizations platform of shared values in morality, ethics and the betterment of human societies through their sealed partnership association.

Case 16:
The diplomatic status which the organization MARINEF will benefit from through its registration in countries it operates is strictly an instrument for security for the sake of humanitarian purposes only. The use of the diplomatic card is strictly prohibited to any content that does not pertain to the mission purpose-oriented of MARINEF, throughout the activities it promotes in total service to others. The misuse of status or misleading conducts will result in immediate dismissal of membership with the MARINEF platform.

Section 1 - Names & Domains - Synergy between the Foundation and the Corporation
Marine Foundation is MARINEF (Acronym)

Marine, water & Foundation, base:

Saying that we all come from water at the base. Marine also relates to the fact that our core educational programs related to the environment and particularly the sea, the ocean. Our branding is not based on a humanitarian concept but rather education and events. We say that a good form of education is for people to meet and positively mingle together for understanding, acceptance and good relationships.

marinef.org – registered domain: www.marinef.org >> Main official website
marinef.net – registered domain: www.marinef.net
marinef.com – registered domain: www.marinef.com
marinef.tv – registered domain: www.marinef.tv
marinef.info – registered domain: www.marinef.info
marinef.ws – registered domain: www.marinef.ws
marinef.eu – registered domain: www.marinef.eu

affastar.com >> Artist Funds and Fans Associated Stardom (online artist membership platform)

Agencies of the Marine Foundation:

marineflegal.com >> Legal department
marinefcorp.com >> Corporation
marinefvest.com >> Investment
marinefcapital >> Asset management
marinefnews.com  >> Media department
wikinations.com >> Online educational portal
u5o.org >> United Five Oceans

The foundation and the brand:

The International Foundation named: MARINE FOUNDATION at marinef.org
The brand and trademark named: MARINEF
Marine Foundation has sub-organization called agencies and operates as normal businesses
Each establishment has its own separate corporate account in separate banking facility.
On the foundation side, the name of the accounts are always and uniquely: Marine Foundation

Synergies between the foundation and the agencies:

Because the Marine Foundation is an “operation” foundation, it has projects of educational and communication nature. Therefore it designs, promotes and engineer event organization and high tech communication platforms for the sake of an ever increasing membership. As an example, the 30 original international events designed by the foundation are engineered by the corporation in the organization of staff and sponsorship etc.. The corporations and agencies can serve in the building and management of new schools, medical institutions and other development concepts designed by the foundation. While the foundation comes to ensure a region’s well being, at the same time it promotes economic growth centered mainly on economic developments which agencies can enhance with corporate and professional attendance.

Here are a few examples of synergies:

1 – Both organizations are complementary to one another: a corporation is an investing tool which investment ’s revenues are returned to the Foundation.

2 – The Foundation serves to receive funds and donations, which in turn can be used to creating operations for both profit and non-profit.

3 – The corporation can invest on behalf of the foundation and billed the foundation for research and consulting.

4 – The corporation’s profit margin after expenses is returned to the foundation as donations and the foundation can use these funds for all expenses including salaries and utilities.

The goal of financial independence and an exemplary corporate kingdom:

The financial vision of the Marine Foundation is to build an environment under constant repetitive harvest of funds without the dependence of individual donations or government funding. The recurring international and regional events and its unique corporate membership systems is already a promise of plenty. Going further into the foundation’s philanthropic approach to providing education to all and therefore with extremely large projects of infrastructure, the planning to operating and owning banking institutions is also part of the vision.

Section 3 - Statement of Purpose, Mission & Vision

The true purpose of Marine Foundation is an alternative to humanitarian systems with establishing systems for economic growth through education and productive event organization. The core education of the Marine Foundation concept is to provide ocean leadership and training for children and young adults, to strengthen their normal education and help build international ties transcendent of cultures and races. The foundation aim in development of green technologies around ocean resources and water in alternative to inland food systems.


The creation of Non-Governmental Organization with a universal educational system that can be provided to all, children and adults alike through the means of nature and noticeably marine environments. This system would embrace people of all nations with providing systems that can help rebuild local economies through the mean of events and the establishment of academic and vocational institutions. Improve international relation through long-term alumni created through the graduating membership of marine camps and through local and international events of peace, art and academia. Support of local economies wherever Marine Foundation is implanted through fisheries, marine industries, and tourism.


To be the first world institution of where education is centralized in the circle of best academics and containing: full fledged, state-or-the-art and resort-like environment for marine education comprising inland and academic programs, research and sport facilities. To become an accredited program for all major school institutions worldwide with the set up of over 80 Chapters worldwide and eventually a Chapter in every country of the world.

Section 4 - Specific Causes
1) The cause of children:

OUA is an organization set to care for children’s education, health and protection. It works with Marine related establishments, using its Ocean and Naval Academy facilities in any countries, to welcome children from all around the world for maritime educational activities. With this unique learning facility children learn to become aware of their natural environment. Scholarship to the camp academy is at no cost to Children registered with Marinef. Each child expenses covered from sponsorship of the organization’s donors and sponsors. To maintain membership families are asked a small yearly administration fee.

2) International Research Center for Mass Distribution of Food & Centres for Alternative Energies:

The ocean is a treasure trove that guarantees humankind a bright future. That is why those who are concerned with the future of humanity must be concerned with the oceans. When we can love and inherit the oceans, we inherit the future. The true alternative energy source is the ocean. Energy from the hydrogen in the sea represents the future of humanity. Two-thirds of the earth’s surface is water. This means that two-thirds of the raw materials that humanity needs for the future are contained in the ocean. A new future for humanity cannot be accomplished without the ocean’s resources. The world has only begun to discover the resources in the ocean. The day is at hand when humanity will find itself dependent on the ocean. The oceanic era will not begin without human effort. The country that conquers the oceans will become a dominant power in the world and find the world eager to study its culture and language.

3) Solution to Poverty & Hunger:

Hunger is not an issue relegated to less-developed areas of the world. Even in the United States, which enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world, there are people who are undernourished and hungry. We gather fish that has been thrown out and research how to turn it into fish powder. Fish turned into powder could be transported and stored easily, even in hot and humid climates. Fish powder is 98-percent protein, among the very highest protein content of all food products. For this reason it can be used to save people from dying of hunger. Fish powder could also be used to make bread. We are on an ongoing search for ways to make it available to impoverished countries around the world. The oceans contain limitless food supplies, but the best method for saving humanity from the food crisis is fish farming. I foresee that there will be buildings, similar to the skyscrapers we see in our cities today, devoted to fish farming. By using water pipe systems, we can farm fish in tall buildings or even on the tops of mountains. With fish farming we can produce more than enough food to feed all the world’s people.

4) More Than Giving Bread, Teaching How to Make Bread:

To solve the problem of hunger we must have a heart that is willing to plant seeds. Seeds are planted and wait unseen under the soil until they are able to germinate and break through their outer cover. Similarly, it is better to teach a person how to plant and harvest wheat and then turn it into bread than it is to give a piece of bread to a person who is about to die. The former may be more difficult and not result in as much public recognition, but it is the only way to arrive at a fundamental and sustainable solution to world hunger. We need to begin now to study the climate, the soil, and the character of the people in areas that suffer from hunger. There is no quick fix to the problem of world hunger. People in each country have different tastes for food and different customs, and the plants and animals are different. The important point is concern for our neighbors. We first need to develop the heart that, when we are eating enough to fill our own stomachs, we think of others who are going hungry and consider how we can help them. True peace will not come as long as humanity does not solve the problem of hunger. If the person next to me is about to die of hunger, peace is a mere luxury.

Section 5 - Type of Services: Orientation & Operation
A – Types of Services by Levels of Orientation:

Charitable Orientation involves a top-down paternalistic effort with little participation by the “beneficiaries”. It includes activities directed toward meeting the needs of the poor -distribution of food, clothing or medicine; provision of housing, transport, schools etc. Marine Foundation may also undertake relief activities during a natural or man-made disaster. Service Orientation includes with activities such as the provision of health, family planning or education services in which the program are designed by Marine Foundation and people are expected to participate in its implementation and in receiving the service. Participatory Orientation characterized Marine Foundation self-help projects where local people are involved particularly in the implementation of a project by contributing cash, tools, land, materials, labor etc. In the classical community development project, participation begins with the need definition and continues into the planning and implementation stages. Creation of cooperatives to also have a participatory orientation. Empowering Orientation is where the aim of Marine Foundation is to help poor people, develop a clearer understanding of the social, political and economic factors affecting their lives, and to strengthen their awareness of their own potential power to control their lives. Sometimes, these groups develop spontaneously around a problem or an issue, at other times outside workers from Marine Foundation’s play a facilitating role in their development. In any case, there is maximum involvement of the people with the organization acting as facilitators.

B – Types of Services by Level of Operation:

Community-based Organizations (CBOs) arising out of Cofounder Director’s own initiatives and the educational structure of the Marine Academic and Sports Camps. Within Marine’s foundation structures these can include sports clubs, women’s organizations, neighborhood organizations, religious or educational organizations. There are a large variety of these, some supported by NGOs, national or international NGOs, or bilateral or international agencies, and others independent of outside help. Marine Foundation will be devoted to rising the consciousness of the urban poor or helping them to understand their rights in gaining access to needed services and will also get involved in providing such services. Citywide Organizations where Marine Foundation can exist for other purposes, and become involved in helping the poor as one of many activities, while also for some specific purpose of helping the poor. (Examples: Rotary Club, Lion’s Club, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ethnic or educational groups and associations of community organizations.) National NGOs can include supporting other organizations such as the Red Cross, YMCAs/YWCAs, professional organizations etc. Marine Foundation might have state and city branches and assist other local NGOs. International NGOs where activities could be of funding local NGOs, institutions and projects, to Marine Foundation implementing the projects. (Examples: Redda Barna and Save the Children organizations, OXFAM, CARE, Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, including the examples of Religiously motivated groups)

Section 6 - Spheres of Activity

Chart of Activities:

Marine Foundation is not a humanitarian based foundation but rather focuses on “education” and “communications”. Both sectors imply the development of projects related to concepts that can support international relations and incite the development of local economies. The chart demonstrate the amazing potential for the Marine Foundation to becoming an international “Public Relation” power whose influence can penetrate any market, any culture, and any governmental systems through sophisticated event organization, membership systems and networking technologies. Once such communication bases are established, efficient due diligence, smoother administration set up and better network support applies in project developments.

Chart of Activities Explained

A) Activities revolved around 3 forms of networks:

1 – Celebrity Network: Spokesman-ship

Key to marketing and spokesman-ship. System set up to employ celebrity networks, to attract the masses. This allows for sponsors and donors to come forward to all events the foundation promotes.

2 – Executive Network: Concept Architecture

Core operations with full time management. Activities’s management is a system divided into 5 groups forming the central content leadership to provide to all regions around the world unitary.

3 – Academic Network: Advisory and Counsel

Key to the development all projects presented internally or externally by the foundation. The academic network is divided into ministries to better filter the content and project engineering.

B) MARINEF Educational System of reforms and signature project of the Marine Foundation:

1 – OUA – Ocean Universal Academy

The first full fledged environment school system centered around the industries, sports and welfare of the sea. 16 years course parallels normal education starting at age 5.

2 – SCU – See Campus University

A complete reform in education with a system allowing campus up to 15 000 children to learn to a level 3 to 4 time faster than conventional education using high end learning technologies.

3 – WNF – World Naval Federation

A disciplinary course for graduated students, under a the naval banner where young people can volunteer their time for Sport, Research and Humanitarian Services

C) MARINEF’s Membership & Mass Media platforms:

Free Membership System and Corporate Membership (Donation Fee) makes synergy between International Event Organization and Membership Social Networking (Educational) Platform

1 – International Event Organization

The design of over 30 international events, divided into festivals, symposiums, exhibits & sports

2 – Membership Educational & Social Platform

The IT software application design to regroup 9 separate memberships platforms

3 – International Chamber of Commerce

The first international membership corporation to the support of education worldwide

4 – World Foundations Assembly & Alliance

Gathering of “world” associations to the creation of talks around international projects

Section 7 - Sister Association & Endorsement Program
Program Adoption & Association: Marine Foundation has conceived institutional systems that are going to require contents and programs of all sort. It will support, adopt and endorse contents from other outside organizations and welcome them into a “sister association” circle if these organizations promote promotes activities in the categories below:

Education, Art & Sport Environmental Protection & Green Technologies Children’s Well-fair & Protection Event Organizations in Festival, Exhibit, Symposium & Sport categories

As a return, Marine Foundation commits a percentage of its total funding and revenue income to the support of these organizations. These funds should be redistributed of for the sake of humanity, ecology and education.

A 1st Candidate: UNESCO

Marine Foundation would like to connect its program of geography and History to World Heritage documentation and services to provide the students of its academies a firm knowledge of the legacy of respect and tradition which magnificent world places owe to receive and for the conservation of our world’s precious natural heritage environment. Marine Foundation would therefore make it its mission to servicing the World Heritage Center with volunteering bodies of network to help support developments to the need of protection of these environments.

Benefits to Sister Associated Organization:

A – Form of copyright for network, content & name value Copyrights payments of the programs or events that are put to the disposition the Marine Foundation’s institutions. Distribution funds may increase gradually with the growth the Marine Foundation’s educational network environment.

B – Donations to specific sister’s project through Marine Foundation’s network and system Donations can be specifically made to one specific sister’s project and using the Donors’ network of the Marine Foundation and its consulting system. Marine Foundation will remit 70% of a total donation to the associated organization for a specific project presented to a particular donor and for the purpose to support the sister organization. On a case per case situation, Marine Foundation makes its network entirely available to the use of projects outside its management. If a Sister organization raises funds using the Marine Foundation’s set up, branding, and network directly, 30% of the donation will remain to the Marine Foundation while the 70% will be entirely kept by the Sister Association.

C – Shares of facilities, network & technologies to the disposition of Sister organizations Marine Foundation makes available properties, facilities and technologies to the use of Sister’s organizations. This is to say that Marine Foundation will benefit its partners with its entire management system. Facilities are also made available for partners to use. Sister organizations ‘s benefits from all of Marine Foundation’s programs.

Section 8 - Membership System
Marine Foundation’s activity platform depends upon group membership systems to help crystallize the organization philanthropic goals and mission. These membership platforms function as subgroups to the general system and are managed independently from the main central & core operations.

Basic Free Membership

1 – GLOBAL CITIZENS LIVE ASSOCIATION + Marine Intercultural Communication Communities

a) Free membership online and offline: This is for anyone to join at no cost. Membership is registered through the online social community site is GCLA (Global Citizens Live Association). Membership registered through the official social community is MICC (Marine Intercultural Communication Communities) with a Center for reunion and events. At the base, everyone can subscribe to the newsletter for news and information. The subscription is Free. Children under age 18 are members of the organization only through an institution that are members of the Marine Foundation and are taking responsibility by that institution.

b) The resignation of membership: Unsubscribing to online to the newsletter or calling or writing to the administration of Marine foundation or can do self-dissolution of Membership. Members who break rules of communication in the case of verbal abuse or any type of abuse, fraud or downgrading the standard of ethics will automatically be canceled their membership.

c) Responsibility: There are no specific responsibilities for free membership except volunteering or participating in a project or event organized and sponsored by Marine Foundation and/or its partner associations or sponsors.

d) Benefits: Student members are registered through their institution, organization or social establishment they belong to. Institutions, who are members and have joined for the Marine programs, have individual or corporate donors to support children’s attendance to the marine camps at Ocean Universal Academy or other our facilities. That can be the same with some other programs at the Marine Foundation.

2 – AFFASTAR – Artist Funds & Fans Associated Stardom.

This is a free conditional entrance for any artist in the world and in any discipline that desire stardom on a community, regional, national or world level, using the fan and fund system of the Marine Foundation to access to their goals. The artist will automatically build up his/her own fan base portal where the fans can become members and sponsors of the artist on a yearly donation system. This allows artist in less popular disciplines than entertainment to provide a constructive educational or entertaining activity for the community in which they live. Millions of stars shine together and make up a beautiful sky.

Corporate & Educational Membership (membership fees)


The system of WIKINATIONS allows a platform of business communication through the educational portal of 240 nations around the world. The Member is a Corporation. The portal will also be a platform for advertising large companies in transport, tourism, travel and certain products. The representation of each country is done in such a way that the portal will become a tool for commercial companies or governments who need to advertise their region and attract tourism, developers, sponsors, and investors. Each WIKINATIONS COUNTRY will have a special area of registration for a corporation who wish to communicate with other countries. Each corporation that has registered into their home country, can register for an extra fee to other WIKINATIONS COUNTRIES of their choice. WIKINATIONS is called: the online International Chamber of Commerce & Cultural Relations of the Marine Foundation.

2 – MICC (Corporate Fees for Advertising of small or large businesses)

The MICC centers or venues are the Marine Intercultural Communication Communities build under the sponsorship of the Marine Foundation for the reception of GCLA membership (Global Citizens Live Association). Basically, these venues are based on the quota of the number of the population where members are joining the Online GCLA social club. When the number of GCLA reaches 30% of the total local population, the community receives sponsorship for the building of one MICC venue. The venue will be comprised of restaurants and event celebration equipment, including a large original movie theater and other fun spaces like IT and communications, edutainment game rooms etc… Based on such structure, MICC will invite an affordable “CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP” for any businesses of that particular community to advertise their names and services through the electronic boards of the facility.

3 – INTERNATIONAL MEDIA CLUB (IMC) – Foreign Correspondent & Media Club –

The is the International Media Club of the Marine Foundation. Media corporation members must pay a yearly fee but any other corporation member for non-media companies can also adhere to the membership for some higher fees. One Club per Nations in Hosted to one of that nation’s capital premium hotel. The Club is also a Press Club for news casting of special events of that nations.

Public Social Club Membership (Membership Fees)

1 – EXS CLUB – the Executive Women’s Club for Development & Peace.

Membership with a yearly fee. The EXS Club is a community of main women (young and older) to meet under the banner of self-development and awareness of their ability as peacemakers and reformers of societies in which they live. The EXS Club Tokyo, for example, is divided into chapters. Chapters are built on the basis of 5 members who have been voted to become the board of the chapter. the EXS chapter can conduct meetings at members home in a rotation. When a chapter has reached 100 members, it will be sponsored its own facility where they can conduct all of their weekly activities and administrations. Activities can vary accordingly with members creativity that stays in the range of the ethics of the club. There can be up to 20 Chapters per city and each chapter is a maximum of 500 members each. When a large city has reached 20 chapters, the city is sponsored a special venue for large event gathering, entertainment, and larger membership.

1 – VOYAGE ACADEMY CLUB – Legacy Network – VA

The Tourist Club Academy (VA – Voyage Academy) is a platform that combines tourism and travel into a new educational & service volunteering platform, where those attending would receive pragmatic, constructive and motivational ways to enjoy their travel while visiting places of the world. The program is set to apply to any regions of the world and would present differently accordingly with climate, geography, and culture. However, it would nicely interestingly bring people together, providing a common platform for unique activities, for anyone who looks to travel and join in the event or social activities. Members must pay a yearly fee to attend to the volunteering or tourism programs that are under the umbrella of the Marine Foundation.

Mission Oriented VIP Membership (no fees, donations only)

1 – First Ladies Club

The First Ladies Club is an assembly made up of the most extraordinary group of status women from around the world. They would stand as an influential platform with a call for innovations and improvements in the realms of education and the promotion of good relations between governments, nations, and cultures. The Marine Foundation’s base philosophical theme expresses a new protocol of absolute respect for life, for the environment and throughout all levels of human interaction and development, to the fact that we are all biologically born of the same waters of the mother’s womb. The First Ladies Club is set to become a voice to incite business and social alliances, in the support of the foundation’s efforts to developing local economies via sustainable projects via the setting of large annual profitable and charitable event gatherings.
Attendance and stands above as a group to the United Five Oceans agency (U5O).
Sponsors attendance to each of First-Ladies continental events. The proceeds go to First Ladies various charities.
They are the General Committee of Approval for all educational projects of the Marine Foundation.

2 – United Five Oceans – U5O – Club of All Nations (Diplomats Club)

The U5O is organized into 5 continental departments where diplomats are members. Each diplomat represents a continent rather than just his/her nation. The pledge of the U5O has 8 main articles that are made to support the development of large project structures that positively can affect large areas on the continental regional basis. The foundation’s strategies for sustainable growth relies upon systems that envelop both the PR and communicative networking aspect of developing a region.  The understanding of interconnectivity and administrative (non-political) alliances has the potential to reform an entire educational system, inclusive of the way a nation approaches tourism and techniques to elaborately attract investments.

Mission Oriented & Brand Ownership (One-lifetime fee)

1 – Board of Cofounders (360 members)

The 360 Co-founders exist as an International Supervisory Committee. Unique to any corporate system, the committee owns the trademark and branding of the acronym and domain “MARINEF”. They play a role of supervisors in the development of projects and establishment of institutions with, at the center of the group’s philosophy are the absolute rules of respect and the maintenance of security. Every 360 members must attend the seasonal reunions springs, summer, fall and winter. If one cannot attend he/she must send a representative.

The co-founders group maintain the ownership of the brand­ing and trade­mark of the Marine Foundation and Marinef Corporation. Both foundation and corporation revolve under the same branding, logo, and trademark. In order to ensure generations of continuity, the Marinef system lives under the ruling of a constitution and the unanimous consensus and supervisory leadership of the advisory international committee represented by the Cofounders group.

The Co-founder “title” can be inherited by next of kin and is conditional to moral ethics as imposed by the constitutional rules of the Marine Foundation, which are then supervised and protected by the Chamber of Law. There is a limited spot number of 360 members in the co-ownership of the Marinef Branding, providing that each day of the year represents one member and its anniversary a celebration of that member’s position. The remaining 5 days of the years are reserved for the celebration of the Admiral Club, representing all Cofounders added the Executive and Honorary Leadership of the Marine Foundation. (Summertime international event gathering).

The financial rights of a co-founder are in line with its branding development as per the ownership appointed by the Constitution. These financial rights are not binding to any administrative, executive or operational duties. Nevertheless and under constitutional rules, each member is being requested an attendance at the international committee gathering 4 times a year or if not able, sending a representative instead.

Members qualification is based on purpose, timing, and communication.

The 360 are the Supervisory Advisory Committee.
The Committee owns the Marinef branding & trademark.
The 360 Committee meets 4 times a year.
The 360 are also members of the General Assembly.
360 Cofounders form a 360-degree circle.
Each member represents one day of the year.
Every 360 days of the year is the responsibility of ONE member.

Benefits & Corporate Lineage of the Board of Cofounders

The group oper­ates under the ruling of the con­sti­tu­tional and the super­vi­sion of the inter­nal Cham­ber of Law. The Marine Foundation’s logo and trade­mark are intel­lec­tual prop­erty pro­tected and copy­righted under the 360 club membership. This is by itself a finan­cial instru­ment that can be transmitted to next of kin, under the ruling of the Constitution and the supervision of the Chamber of Law. Every 360 days of the year are celebrated honoring one co-founding member – the left 5 days to the years are dedicated to the yearly General Assembly meeting for the annual celebration of the birth of human life through the Mother’s womb. Members qualification is based on purpose, timing, and communication.

The 360 are the voice over project conception & initiation.
The Committee owns the Marinef branding & trademark at 70%.
The 360 Committee are invited to attend all Marine Foundation’s events.
The 360 can pass on their license to next of kin.
360 Cofounders can receive salary or consulting positions.
Each member is celebrated through the Foundation’s system.
Every 360 each day of the year is honored through ONE member

Section 9 - Leadership System
The leadership of the Marine Foundation is not pyramidal but divided into 9 spheres:

1 – Sphere of Cosmic Leadership Grand Admiral Position & King of Philanthropy

How great the Love for the humanities defines the position of Grand Admiral. The very first sponsor of receives that title automatically and the 2nd & 3rd positions next to the 1st will go to sponsors who qualify into the position.

2 – Sphere of Global Leadership 1st Captain and Central Team

This sphere includes the Chamber of Law which protect the Constitution of the Marine Foundation. The 1st Captain is the Executive Chairman and works with a team of Global Assistants to help achieve all the planning and agenda of the Foundation.

3 – Sphere of Content Leadership 2nd and 3rd Captains & Content Development

Key to the development all projects presented internally or externally by the foundation. The academic network is divided into ministries to better filter the content and project engineering.

4 – Sphere of Regional Leadership 2nd and 3rd Captains & Supervision

The world of the Marine Foundation is divided into sectors starting with continents, nations and 16 coastal regions in the view of establishment of the marine camps and marinas. It serves to supervise developments and the practice of Public Relations

5 – Sphere of Project Leadership 2nd and 3rd Captains & Supervision

A complete reform in education with a system allowing campus up to 15 000 children to learn to a level 3 to 4 time faster than conventional education using high end learning technologies.

6 – Sphere of Professionals Captain Ranks & Managerial Positions

The committee of professionals is the circle of leaders with managerial responsibilities in any industries invested or associated with the businesses of the foundation and for the management of operations and projects.

7 – Sphere of Masters Captain Ranks & Academic Positions

This is the academic committee of the foundation and made up of all levels of graduates, doctors and professors to support and provide a state of extreme due diligence in project development and the composition of contents throughout the educational systems.

8 – Sphere of Principals Captain Ranks & Institutional Director Positions

Whether it be school, medical, or any other such institutions, the directors of any establishments sponsored by the Marine Foundation are gathered into a committee to improve systems and make for better management with joining into one conglomerate of companies.

9 – Sphere of Celebrities Captain Ranks & Spokesperson Potions

Celebrities pertain to the unique system which Marine Foundation uses to market and promote itself. They becomes honorary presidents per country they represent while receiving financial benefits. After a 3 years agreement, they can pass the baton to another celebrity of their choice and so creating a lineage of fame in the status of the foundation.

Section 10 - Organizational Structure Per Chapter - Symbolically Explained
1) Planetarium Management System Organized in 4 Circles: Explanation

There are only 4 MAIN MANAGEMENT CIRCLES (Systems) per chapter of the organization that are also symbolically called Planetarium Leadership Groups with each its own solar leadership system each divided up into 4 systems we call: (A, B, C, D) or (Fire, Water, Earth, Light) A Chapter in the Marine Foundation is a region where there is an institution build by the foundation. The conception of ONE circle is always made up of 4 distinct groups within. The 4 groups within one CIRCLE can be called by: head, right, left, center.

2) 4 Systems Circles & Their Own Groups:

1 – Circle of Fire: Leaders
— A > head: Administration
— B > right: Communication
— C > left: development
— D > center: Treasury

2 – Circle of Water: Directors
— A > head: Region PR Directors
— B > right: Chapter Director
— C > left: Nation Directors
— D > center: Accounting Directors

3 – Circle of Earth: Managers
— A > head: Camp Directors
— B > right: Quarter leaders
— C > left: Operation Managers
— D > center: Camp Administrators

4 – Circle of Light: Masters
— A > head: Curriculum Masters
— B > right: Marine Educators
— C > left: Academia Educators
— D > center: Security Managers

3) The Role of Each Planetarium Group within a Solar Leadership Circle

Circle of Fire:

— A > Administration

Each symbolically and administratively represents a country but not confined to one country only. They are executive of specific operation regardless of the region. They can assist the executive chairman’s office in all aspects of organizational matters and developments through the position of responsibility they assume or represents. They have chief executive officers roles accordingly with their responsibility under Chamber of Law protection and assistance for due diligence and compliance tasks.

— B > Communication

Each symbolically and administratively represents a sector of communication but is not confined to one sector only. They can associate their effort into joining into each others responsibility to the creation and innovation of new services with unlimited expansion to the system of the organization’s communication systems. They can assist the executive chairman’s office in all aspects of organizational matters and developments in the field they represent. They have chief executive officers roles accordingly with their responsibility under Chamber of Law protection and assistance for due diligence and compliance tasks.

— C > Development

Each symbolically and administratively represents a sector of development but is not confined to one sector only. They can associate their effort into joining into each others responsibility to the creation and innovation of new projects with unlimited expansion to what the organization concerns about. They can assist the executive chairman’s office in all aspects of organizational matters and developments in the field they represent. They have chief executive officers roles accordingly with their responsibility under Chamber of Law protection and assistance for due diligence and compliance tasks.

— D > Treasury

Each symbolically and administratively represents a section of treasury specific to the responsibility they help assist. As one group they are the leading body of treasury and accounting throughout the organization. Although Marine Foundation be the structure of a large organization made up of many regions, all the accounting will become centralized through one main server and office. They can assist the executive chairman’s office in all aspects of organizational matters and developments in the field they represent with the assistance of all the professional accounting staff they require. They have chief executive officers roles accordingly with their responsibility under Chamber of Law protection and assistance for due diligence and compliance tasks. The Treasury department is specific to only one main focus and a full control over the financial system of the entire organization.

Circle of Water:

— A > Regional PR Directors

The whole system of the organization is designed to support all 196 countries of the world. Therefore a potential grand total of 140 chapters that would be the establishment of 560 camps (1 chapter = 4 camps)

A Regional PR Director exist through the existence of a team of directors forming one team. They also have a status of Vice Presidents under the international Leadership team. They are the channel by which the network communicates and interact with Marine Foundation and therefore a role of Public Relations. They are the direct links to donors and sponsors providing all the support required to formulate one fundraising quarter. Region Directors have a right of supervision as far as inspection of content and management system. (More functions and explanation on fundraising and PR license coming soon)

— B > Chapter Director

One Chapter is made up of several institutions. 
A region can have as many as 10 Chapters (Ocean Universal – one chapter = 4 camps) He plays the role of a general manager and is in direct relation with the Administration of Marine Foundation. The Chapters management, content and structural systems are designed to be uniformly similar throughout the world. Chapters Directors have executive power over the institutions established in his region with a right to supervise, develop and innovate in the creation of new projects and through the assistance of the Chamber of Law for due diligence and compliance.

— C > National Directors

They represent Marine Foundation on the national level and fulfill a responsibility similar to the Regional Directors as far as Public Relation and Network communication. They communicate under PR Regional Directors administrative office support. The occupy the role of President of Operation or Honorary president. They are advisers to all aspects of organizational and development matters of Marine Foundation for the good standing of each Chapter under Chamber of Law protection and assistance for due diligence and compliance tasks.

— D > Accounting Director

They are qualified directors of accounting who can oversee the organization’s financial strategy. They are Certified Public Accountants. There could be as much as 4 accounting Directors per Region. The Division of each of the 4 sectors responsibilities per each region would be: office 1 = general accounting / office 2 = due diligence / office 3 = publication report / office 4 = transactions. These 4 sections can be regrouped into one office. At the director level, responsibilities also include verifying the integrity and accuracy of financial operations, safeguarding organizational assets and developing efficient system processes to record all transactions.

Circle of Earth

— A > Individual Institution Director

They are the principals of institutions or camps. One camp academy has one Camp Director. They are the role of Principles if it is a school institution. One chapter would have several institutions. In the case of OUA (Ocean Universal Academy) there are 4 camps per chapter.

— B > Section leader

This is specifically for OUA. Each camp is divided into 10 Quarters of 20 students each. Quarters Leaders are responsible for the well being of the students in each Quarter. Each quarter has a particular name and identity. These are living quarters where students spend time organizing conferencing or studying. The Quarter Leaders are in direct communication with the students and therefore a key to the good harmony and smooth movement of students within the camps and this for comfort and protection. Volunteering staff members up to one staff per 2 students supports each Quarter Leader. These volunteers are retired teachers and professors who have roles of tutors, guides and interpreters to students who’s English is not the mother tongue (for example).

— C > Operation Managers

Operation managers are responsible for the movements and the system operation of each institution. This is the flow of activities in coordination with the staff in each department such as cooking, clothing, maintenance, security, transportation, and equipment. Operation Managers are in charge of all activities that associated with the curriculum of the camp. All outing programs, camp movements, excursions, traveling, including camp event organization will be under the tight control of the operation managers. The number of Operation Managers in one camp is defined by the number of activities gradually added to the list of programs per camp. (Specifically to OUS, SCU and WNF)

— D > Institution Administrator

Institution Administrators represent the administrative data registration of staff and membership. This includes communication procedures with parents and sponsors and donors. There are 3 Administrators per institution followed by the office staff.

Circle of Light

— A > Curriculum Masters

They are the makers of curriculum and programs of any institution. They organize the flow of each course accordingly with the age of the students into a grading system specific to Ocean Universal Academy. Curriculum masters are indeed professors, PhD graduate and talented educators in the field of their specialization.

— B > Marine Educators

They are the educators specific to ocean sport, technologies and industries, and will include all outdoor programs as well such as equitation, archery etc.

— C > Academia Educators

They are teachers and educators specific to the Academia indoor courses, which relate to similar programs found in normal school institutions. However at Ocean Universal, these programs are made to concentrating on specifics regarding the time and length of the camps. They are also programs that are not found in usual school program institutions such as Interactive Media Courses for children or Weather Technologies etc.

— D > Security Managers

Security Managers are in charge of the entire safety of the children 24/7 while at camp. Security Managers are also supported by volunteering qualified members of the senior societies of countries around the world to help supervise the moral health of children with providing them support and counseling and within all sections of the camps. Security Managers also include the administration of health, clinics, and insurance.
Children receive full medical assistance during their stay with a total health checkup for the parent’s comfort and peace of mind. Security Managers will work closely with Fire departments, coast guards and military security of each region Ocean Universal Academy is implanted.

Section 11 - General Assembly & Chamber of Law
1/ General Assembly

A) Definition of Marine Foundation General Assembly

At Marine Foundation the General Assembly has no Legislative power.
The purpose of the General Assembly is an official meeting of committee Circles in order to do discuss the affairs of the whole organization through symposium and sharing of point of views via of an annual 5 days event called the “Annual Marine Banquet”.

Legislative decisions will be made upon the analyzing of reports that will be gathered and presented by the General Assembly members during that event.

The main role of the General Assembly is to come as a tool of unity for the whole organization and a platform for discussion to tackle all challenges of developments throughout the organization.

B) Members of the General Assembly

Members of the General Assembly are the director members included in the 9 spheres of Leadership.
(See section 9)

2/ Decision Making Procedures

A) Decisions over Organization and Managements

The whole management system revolves around the Marine Book of Law, which is a ruling of the management system of Marine Foundation as an organization under its specific standards in relationship between members in all levels of management.
The Circle of Cofounders is the Legislative Assembly whereas decisions may be taken under the supervision and certification of the Chamber of Law.
Human Resources Decisions are carried out uniquely through the Chamber of Law and Leadership staff of the Central Management.

B) General Agreement Procedures (This is be re-written in details)

There are specific procedures in decision-making for 4 main areas:

1 – Over public funds
2 – Over project proposals
3 – Over organizational convention
4 – Over the legislation

Phase 1 >

Each individual leader Cofounder – Director must receive the unanimous support of the other 7 members of his or her group to pass proposal to an hearing level.

Phase 2 >

The next level is when the proposal becomes a “General Agreement” through the support of the 3 other spheres of leadership and which then to reach the Committee level

Phase 3 >

The next level is the confirmation of the “General Agreement”. This confirmation is done verbally through a live meeting between all groups of leadership and the Founder and the Chief Advisory Group.

Phase 4 >

The final stage is the certification of “General Agreement” by the Chamber of Law who then delivers a written certification document signed by the all members of the chamber of law.

Certification document by the 12 members of the chamber: 
Before giving certification, the Chamber of Law proceeds with due diligence and arrangement preparation as to make sure of no conflicts.

3/ Supporting Committees

A) Executive Committee

Made up of the Founder, 21 Members “Cofounders” of the organization (rotation) and 12 Members of the Chamber of Law (legislative & Constitution)

The role of the Executive committee is to dissect proposals before presentation to the General Board for decision-making after General Agreements have been made in each circle of leadership.

B) Communication & Scheduling Committee

In charge of reports, scheduling the annual or monthly meeting.

This committee is an envoy of all circles of leadership to gather information upon board’s requests or anything regarding organization matters.

4/ The Chamber of Law

The Chamber of Law is the holder of the constitution and the certification of all major decisions in the organization.
There is no dismissal of staff membership from the organization unless the Chamber of law’s approval.
The Chamber of Law must approve decisions over legislation, finance and developments.
The Chamber of Law is the writer of the “Marine Book of Law” under the supervision of the Original Founder Executive Chairman of Marine Foundation and the counsel of the “Cofounders”

Section 12 - Board of Directors
A – Term of Office & Resignation

The system offers a lifetime membership with an inheritance of position granted to a director ‘s personal choice. Circle of Fire Leadership Coalition and Chamber of Law must approve the inheritance. Therefore there are 2 types of resignation if there are resignations.

1) Executive Retirement >

Where the director does keep his or her lifetime membership with Marine Foundation > this is similar to retirement from executive duties but still present as advisory counsel. His or her executive position is inherited.

2) Force Major Resignation >

Where the director does not want to keep membership or cannot keep membership with Marine Foundation and therefore all administrative information erased from the system > in such case there is no inheritance but simply a replacement of position.

B – Roles & Responsibilities of the International Board of Cofounders

1) – Planning and policy development

This includes determining the mission and vision that charts the future direction of the organization. This is usually accomplished through the board’s leadership and participation in strategic planning. The first area covers policy development in response to major issues that are or will in the future have significant impact on the organization and the constituencies it serves. Also included is monitoring the performance of programs, products and services.

2) – Community and organizational development

This means broadening the organization’s base of support in the community; interacting with the community to bring new issues, opportunities and community needs to the attention of organization; maintaining accountability to the public, funders, members, and clients. It also includes training and developing current and new leaders within the board and committees, and assuring that the same development is occurring within the professional staff through the leadership of the Executive Directors.

3) – Fundraising management and support development

This includes giving personal time and money; developing donors, members, and supporters; leading and supporting fundraising campaigns and events as well as maintaining accountability to donors and sponsors.

C – Concept of Inheritance over Replacement

Ideally, there is never a replacement in each of the position existing from the highest to the lowest position. In fact there is no high and low position as each positions are valued by level of responsibility and therefore position is not a determinant of value and status.

Each position is therefore inherited and the legacy of the inheritance in written onto a book of lineage which is kept as the corporate history, a legacy of each member that has served under the organization into a specific position.

It is to say that ideally, new members of each position will be able to trace back 10 generation back on the history of their responsibility and also motivated to honor the legacy left by their corporate ancestors.

This system is to bring life to the organization as being an extension of the family on the national or world level where each members can partake into being a part of making history of their passage into the organization.

D – General Rules of Attendance to Board’s Position

1) – Avoiding Micro-Management & General Scheduling

Avoiding neglecting major agenda items deserving careful deliberation, it is critical that the board focuses its attention on items of critical importance to the organization. In order to do this, the board must avoid the temptation to micro-manage or meddle in lesser matters or in areas that are more appropriately handled by the professional staff. The average board, meeting monthly for two hours, has approximately 24 hours of meeting time per year to make all of the major decisions as well as address critical issues that come before it unannounced.

2) – Nominating Committee

The Board nominating committee is the Chamber of Law and members of the leadership in headquarter international division. There are no recruitments but instead the presentation of members through references only. Members of the Board and any Board (international or regional) cannot be dismissed but only through the official decree of the Chamber of Law.

3) – Rotation through Inheritance or Representation

The inheritance of successor board members is a way for new blood and new ideas to come into the board. The duration of office is of 5 years which term completed a board member can have his or her position inherited by an apprentice or any member of good and personal choosing. In a time of rapid change, the presence of new people who bring a new perspective will promote creativity and innovation in board decision-making. A member that has inherited a position has one year of education, which terms he, or she receives education as to the position. During that one first year any new member is subject to be removed by his or her own predecessor.

4) – Productivity, Training & Attendance

New members successors of any board position are subject to one-year formation during which time their predecessor have the power to remove from position through certification of the Chamber of Low. For and to all board members, young and old are subject to following a minimal standard of attendance to remain in position. (Marine Book of Law).

E – Eligibility

Eligibility to Board of Cofounders (coming soon)

Eligibility to Executive Boards of Leadership (coming soon)

Eligibility to Honorary Boards of Leadership (coming soon)

Eligibility to Staff Membership & Leadership (coming soon)

Section 13 - By-Laws / Rules of Ethics
By-Laws / Rules of Ethics to all Directors & Members of Marine Foundation

1) – Cofounders (executive and non-executive) are direct assistance to the founder with each a planetarium position in function to the essence of responsibility with each standing equaly of same value in the leadership position.

2) – A Cofounder is also a Director or/and receives a base salary with the addition of a consultant fee accordingly with the system of payment compensation attached uniquely to Marine Foundation.

3) – The government of public funds, project creation and legislation is the set of procedures as written in the Marine Book of law and accordingly to the supervision of the Chamber of Law.

4) – All directors are subject to receiving updates and must proceed with confirmation of reception of all documentation sent from headquarters, whether through their staff or verbally or just by simple reply of email sent. This is call “stamping” and at the base, it is to make sure everyone is ok and everyone is aware of the progress of development.

5) – There is no discrimination of any kind and concerning religion, race, and cultural-educational-financial background of any director or staff of the organization.

6) – All religious, social or political organizations directors and staff belong outside Marine Foundation must be organizations that do not violate human rights and of non-violent origin.

7) – Any violence or vile language within the organization will be subject to presentation to the Chamber of Law for further action.

8) – The system of Marine Foundation as an organization provides social, financial and educational support to everyone of its staff members.

9) – The values of a position is never define by the rank of position. At Marine Foundation, all members are considered Masters of their responsibilities and position and therefore all abuse of power or any form of harassment will be reported to the Chamber of Law.

10) – Although each department or region can do any form of hiring, no director or manager is allow dismissing a person that has been accepted and recognized as member of staff. Only a decision of the Chamber of Law can allow the dismissal or change of position.

11) – The “Marine Book of law” is the full legislation and constitution of Marine Foundation, throughout all the departments, section, and organizations; Marine Foundation will comprise, create and develop.

12) – Fraudulent activities will be case for immediate dismissal under the supervision of the Chamber of Law and the Circle of Cofounders.

13) – The moral ethics of Marine Foundation centered around family principles of good relationships and the education of children in the highest forms of aptitude and system to protect them morally, spiritually and physically against anything that would present a danger to their education, health or morality.

14) – Anyone person who presents a threat to children in any form of ways will be removed and dismissed immediately with the help of local authorities. Marine Foundation is also the ground for an extremely high protection network from an inside police organization to supervise the health and well being of all member children within and outside the organization properties.

15) – the Marine Book of Law contains an entire section dedicated to the care and protection of children which all member staff will have to understand and master before taking office. These will also include

16) – Any person belonging to any religions and always in regards to peace and harmony and the well being of children, has the right to inform others or share his or her faith and believes as long as they not violate the moral standard of the organization which stands for parental unconditional love for children and the protection of ecology.

Section 14 - 5 Universal Communication Rules

5 Universal Absolute Rules of Communication




Rule 1: Respectful: Grand Harmony

Total respect for all these backgrounds: Religious; Social; Financial; Position; Status; Social. There are no discrimination of any kind with total respect to one’s religion, belief or philosophical, financial or social background. Marine Foundation believes in respect for one another both verbally and physically. There cannot be any instance of disrespect for another member whether direct or indirectly, verbal or physical.

Rule 2: Diligence: Total Transparency

Every operation is filtered through the central office as a base (headquarter) for verification of records and documentation. All records and documentation are certified and validated through the headquarter. The center is comprised of the Chamber of Law which stands as ultimate certification and decisive power over matter of constitution and decisions made by the Executive Committee (Board of Cofounders). All Cofounder members refer to headquarter’s environment for due diligence, verification and the protection of their personal network.

Rule 3: Honesty: Sincerity

All funds must go through the Treasury of Marine Foundation before redistribution to each branch, region, chapter or salary. The accounting refers to central accounting then regional accounting per the 3 sectors of Marine Foundation: Sector 1: Academic / Sector 2: Public Relations / Sector 3 Humanitarian. All Salaries are paid through each their regional accounting offices which relies on the Headquarter treasury for fundings. Each methods of payments varies with each sectors policies and administration.

Rue 4: Momentum: Reporting

The rules of “reports” at Marine Foundation are not a measurement of successes or failures for comparison or competition. Reporting with Marine Foundation is equal to “claiming one’s own time”. One who reports the path of his/her mission can claim duties as accounted for value, whether success or no success. A reported journey is always considered successful. The legacy of reporting is to help rise commitment level when budgeted projects. The technics of reporting at Marine Foundation, can promotes momentum and encourage sincerity, support and trust.

Rule 5: Morality: Complete Safety

Anything that breaks the rules of natures, rules of respects, rules of human rights can rank in the same circle of betrayal, cheat, deception and degradation, including vandalism, therefore immoral by virtue of the standard by which Marine Foundation stands upon. Marine Foundation promotes familial relationship in the heart of its corporates structures and lined up with the core education of heart and conscience in the law transcribes by religions and philosophies of peace, love and understanding. So that we all, through the common sense of our natural habitat behave in the ways that will make our children and the next generations proud.

Section 15 - The Book of Cofounders (View also section 8 membership)
Characteristics – Board of Cofounders:

Part-copyright owner of Marine-Foundation’s branding and logo.
Part Leader of Marine Foundation under the guidance of the constitution.
Equal Leadership rights and status – equally stands in the Cofounder status.
Given managerial titles: president, director, chief of mission, manager, staff, educator.
All managerial & staff positions are remunerated through salary system.

Understanding the Language of Marine Foundation Leadership Titles:

A Cofounder:

Belongs to the ownership team. Ownership of rights of the branding. This team helps the protection of the constitution and system, thought a set of laws that enable the organization to maintain its status and spirit without a power struggle. A Cofounder title owner is not part of any chain of command except the duty to reports directly to the Executive Chairman or where he/she maintain an active “Director” position with the foundation. A Cofounder, therefore, answers to a group of Cofounders. Whoever a Cofounder introduced to the organization and that person become a Cofounder, that person now stands in equal status as the person who introduced him/her.

A Director:

Could be anyone with a representative position over a geographical region where Marine Foundation is established. This especially applies to National Presidents and Chapter Presidents.

A Manager:

Anyone with a managerial position over content such as “operation”, “accounting” etc… They are chief officers or general managers. They can have local management responsibility or international position managing contents over regions or nations.

A Master:

Anyone in charge of curriculum or teaching position. Also professional across the system of Marine Foundation such as nurses, cooks, maintenance, and security etc…

A Member:

Anyone who is part of Marine Foundation is a member of Marine Foundation and the Naval club level (free membership). The Admiral and Media clubs are reserved for donors and sponsors.

A Founder:

Executive Chairman EC is the CEO, Chief of concept architecture, and the entire organization. He/she stands as the officiator in almost all directions of operation accordingly with the advice of the board of Cofounders and approval of the chamber of law.

The Orchestral Corporate Leadership Concept

An orchestra is about harmony and timing where musicians come together in rhythm and energy throughout a musical piece. They are One group of individuals standing on One platform for the fulfillment of joyful, constructive and timely purposes. In their task, they uniformly abide in a constitution of ethics defining a team where they naturally depend on one another to perfectly achieve.




General Articles on the Rules of Decision Making in the Cofounder Leadership Structure:

Article 1 – Orchestral Hierarchy

In the Cofounder structure, there is no hierarchy except the one described in the orchestra structure where the platform of Cofounder is led by one conductor whose position take the conventional title of Executive Chairman and the honorific title of 1st captain of Marine Foundation.

Article 2 – Open Communication

Each Cofounder can address directly to the executive chairman or to each other and without prior conforming to any hierarchic obligations or order. This is unique to the marine foundation system in order to avoid the pyramidal structures of brokerage and consulting firms. It also means that the leadership dynamic calls the “Cofounders group” to unite under the constitutional consensus where decisions are made guided by the ethics of the Marine Book of Laws and also permits a harmonious sharing of benefits.

Article 3 – Sharing of Opinions

The EC makes decisions in unison to approval from the chamber of law and the executive central committee. Since there is only but one party within the assembly of Cofounders, differences of opinion are debated through the sharing of ideas, not by emotional argumentation but rather through organized presentations. Successful ideas are defined upon the representation of the well being and prosperity of the members of Marine Foundation accordingly with the original purpose and principles the organization is made to exist upon (Unconditionally for the sake of the greater, while the prosperity of all).

Article 4 – Constitutional Amendment and Public Funds

A). When a Cofounder has the inspirational desire in making a positive amendment to the system and constitution of rules he/she must receive the approval support of agreement from at least 12 or more other Cofounders before presentation be deposited to the chamber of law.

B). If the Cofounder does not have the reach of twelve other Cofounders to a proposal regarding public funds or constitutional amendment he/she can appeal directly to the executive chairman who can help in convincing additional support. After review and due diligence, the chamber of law will make ways for a general vote at a time of gathering of the general assembly which makes up the total of the 100 Cofounders. If the matter is urgent, central leadership can call for “force major” gathering, without waiting for the biyearly meetings.

Article 5 – Voting Process

A). Regarding project proposal, If in regard to the concerns of health, ecology and the well being of children, the chamber of law made up of 14 members may cast their additional vote. If the proposal regards a development project that has economic, tourism or infrastructure concerns, the chamber of law must consult the EC and 12 other Cofounders of the central committee for an authorization to cast their votes.

B). The majority wins the vote. The executive chairman will cast his/her vote in the case of a tie result of 50/50.

C). All and any project must receive the consenting advisory from any of the 5 ministries to which they pertain in content.

All projects content are filtered through the ministries. All project purposes are filtered through central committee.

D).All and any project must receive the consenting approval of a minimum 21 cofounder for presentation to the chamber of law and EC ‘s approval.

E). All and any project must receive the written and verbal certification of the chamber of law for execution and the release of public funds.

Article 6 – Personal Project

A) A Cofounder who has own personal project can involve Marine Foundation’s branding appeal to benefit their purpose while promoting awareness of Marine Foundation whose presence can be a source of support to anyone who takes local initiatives to help their community and network.

B) A Cofounder can adopt non-members’ projects under his/her umbrella if the project is tied to the philosophical purpose of which Marine Foundation stands upon, regarding respect of human rights and the protection of the natural environment

Article 7 – Ownership and Inheritance Status

A) The Cofounder status is one of “ownership” of the Marine Foundation ‘s concept, logos copyrights, branding copyrights and all businesses acquisition outside of the “not-for-profit” organization with part group ownership of all the real estates attached to business operations sprang from the Marine Foundation concept. The for-profit operations are 49% share equally divided among all Cofounders and 51% to The Foundation’s ownership in a majority.

B) A Cofounder stays in the full ownership status while possessing the title and the title not inherited. When his/her title is inherited to a new generation, the Cofounder of the previous generation keeps his/her copyright ownership but not the physical ownership of the Foundation’s businesses. The Cofounder, however, can leave his/her financial saving and personal properties to any cause or people of his/her choosing. However, the copyright ownership belongs to the person who inherits the title Cofounder title in the next generation.


Cofounders Benefits

A Cofounder can assume 3 types of Director’s position with the Foundation:

Managerial Title:

(Salary) – The Cofounder is assigned to a managerial or leadership position within the organization that pertains to his/her professional background or ability and is therefore allowed a salary.

Chief of Mission:

(Budget funding) – The Cofounder posses his/her project brought into the foundation or is the developer of a Marine Foundation project. This could also be a stand-alone project accepted and endorsed by the Marine Foundation.

Staff Position:

A Cofounder who is an academic, can serve as instructor or professional and assume responsibility in his/her field of performance or interest in the service of Marine Foundation and therefore receive appropriate wages for his/her services.

Copyright Ownership Pool

Pertaining to the MARINEF Trademark & Logo registered with the Corporation MARINEF.

A (%) percentage pool recipient is taken from the copyrights of the trademark are equally shared among all Cofounders as residual income from Marine Foundation ‘s worldwide activities with project development, noticeably with the event organization and production company. This right is given regardless of merit and achievement with as a director member of the foundation. This is the Birthright of every Cofounder that have been officially registered with Marine Foundation at the time of its inception and pioneering set up days. (Article 7 – Ownership and Inheritance Status)


Individual & Group financial support based on percentage incentive taken from regional income in donation or businesses. (More detailed information coming soon)

Section 16 - Status & Rights of Cofounding Leadership
A Cofounder title owner is not part of any chain of command except the duty to reports directly to the Executive Chairman when on a mission specific to a Marine Foundation’s duty. A Cofounder, therefore, answers to a group of Cofounders or to the Central Management directly. Whoever a Cofounder introduced to the organization and that person became a Cofounder, that person now stands in equal status as the person who introduced him/her.


  1. All Cofounders are equal in status and position.
  2. The Cofounder title is inherited and given as a birthright. A Cofounder can inherit his/her title to next of kin.
  3. The Cofounder title is a lifetime possession while a managerial respectful to members ‘ choice in serving.
  4. A Cofounder reports directly to the founder, the founder’s team or the board of Cofounders.
  5. A Cofounder title owner has no chain of command and represents the leadership of Marine Foundation as a group.
  6. A Cofounder enters a “chain of command” circle when he receives or chooses a leadership management position.
  7. Management position title are available in: Institutions, Businesses, Research groups and projects.
  8. All Cofounders have a PR Director Status with the PR license ( % remuneration right on donations).
  9. All Cofounders are part owner of the branding of Marine Foundation with % remuneration rights on copyrights
  10. All Cofounders address to one another as peers and partners.
  11. There is no authority over a Cofounder except through the chamber of law, the board of Cofounders or EC.
  1. A Cofounder who joins into a managerial position becomes a managerial leader to that particular position only.
  2. A Cofounder who is a manager is either part of a chain of command or the head leader of a particular project.
  3. The performance of a Cofounder manager does not affect his/her status in the Cofounder title ownership.
  4. If a Cofounder is revoked from a managerial position, his/her title and copyrights ownership is not affected.
  5. All Cofounders may use the PR license within or outside a managerial position.
  6. A Cofounder may use PR license within a “staff” position if the Cofounder has opted to become a staff.
  7. Remunerated “staff” position for Cofounders have the same condition as in the “manager” position.
  8. Cofounders in the staff position follow the ruling and chain of command of their position.
  9. Cofounders in the staff position if they are educators enter the “masters” leadership group.
  10. Co-founders who are Leaders of institutions or other systems are also part of the “managers” group.
  11. All Cofounders are leaders, in essence, meaning “supervisory leaders” over the entire organization.
  12. Leaders who are not Cofounders are called “directors” “managers” “masters” and have their particular groups.
  13. A Cofounder can attend to any of the leadership groups in the acceptance of each their rules or order.
  14. The “directors” group his divided into 2 sections: executive directors and honorary directors.
  15. In leadership, the Cofounders have a supervisory leadership over the director’s group.
  16. Case by case “executive directors” or “honorary directors” who are not Cofounders are given PR license.
  1. Directors are responsible members of large geographical sectors of the Marine Foundation establishment.
  2. Managers are actual leaders of contents within an area of the establishment.
  3. Masters are actual teachers of content to students in the academic fields and professionals of Marine Foundation.
  4. Members are anybody part of Marine Foundation in the 3 clubs. Naval, Admiral and Media clubs.
  5. A Cofounder is automatically a member of the Admiral Club with an honorific “Captain” title.
  6. The Admiral Club is the corporate donors’ membership of Marine Foundation.
  1. The Media Club is the sponsorship members of Marine Foundation.
  2. The Naval Club is the entire free membership of Marine Foundation where everybody starts a member.
  1. A Cofounder has the right to establish a team for a particular project under the approval of the boards of Cofounders.
  2. The Cofounder ‘s group is divided into 3 sectors of leadership: Academic, PR Regional, Humanitarian
  3. Academic sector is the headquarters of Marine Foundation worldwide.
  4. PR Regional sector is located worldwide with either managerial or directorial status.
  5. Humanitarian is the supreme advisory of Marine Foundation with individual project connected to their ministry.
  6. Humanitarian sectors are composed of 5 ministries led by 5 ministers.
  7. All projects initiated outside of the Academic sectors must be approved by either one of the ministries.
  8. The chamber of law exist for the protection of the constitution of Marine Foundation
  9. The chamber of law is made up of female members only.
  10. The chamber has supervisory power over Cofounder status for the sake of the basic rules of respect in section 2.
  11. The chamber has supervisory power over executive chairman if the EC would break the basic rules of respect in section 2.
  12. The chamber and executive chairman have final decision if and when a board of Cofounders dispute is not resolved.
  13. Only the chamber of law possesses the right to revoke members or a staff employee from its position or status.
  14. Cofounders in the managerial or directorial position can hire staff but do not have the right to fire any staff.
  15. Non-Cofounder managers or directors or masters can hire staff but do not have the right to fire any staff.
  16. The chamber of law only possesses the right to dismiss anyone from staff, managerial or directorial position.
  17. The chamber of law must get EC approval in all the certification it gives to all legal entity of Marine Foundation.
  18. The chamber of law represents the due diligence team of Marine Foundation and is to protect members and constitution.
  1. The founder is the executive chairman (EC), chief executive officer and chief concept architect over the whole organization.
  2. The founder possesses the same equal copyright ownership rights with the Cofounders group.
  3. The founder possesses the same PR license % remuneration rights with the Cofounders group.
  4. The founder possesses the same managerial salary rights with the Cofounders group.
  5. The founder is the leadership of the board of Cofounders and the entire organization.
  6. The founder has a team of 5 Cofounders called “captains in-second” (naval honorary title vertical leadership).
  7. The executive chief secretary is the direct replacement of the founder EC in case of sudden emergency.
  8. The inheritance of the founder’s position is under the supervision of the chamber of law.
  9. The inheritance of a Cofounder ‘s position is under the supervision of the chamber of law.
  10. The founder is also a Cofounder and a member of the board of Cofounders.
  11. The inheritance choice of Cofounder position and founder’s position is unconditional.
  12. The appointment of position to 2nd generation Cofounder is conditionally guided by the chamber of law’s
  13. The inheritance of Cofounder title is a transfer of copyrights to a 2nd generation and is unconditional.
  14. The inheritance of Cofounder managerial position is conditional to age and training requirements for that position.
  15. The chief executive secretary and the chamber of law together have the same voice as the executive chairman.
  16. 21 Cofounders in the academic sector and the chamber of law have the same voice as the executive chairman.
  17. For the amendment of the constitution there need to be a total of 40 Cofounders agreed to the changes.
  18. For the execution and the passing of new laws there need to be the chamber of law’s certification.
  19. Executive chairman and the composite of 21 Cofounder can veto the passing of a new law.
  20. Executive chairman in agreement with chamber of law can veto the passing of a new law.
  21. The executive chairman relies on academic sector boards of 21 members for all innovation and development decisions.
  22. The executive chairman relies on the ministries supervision for the general execution of projects.
  23. The leadership of the 5 ministries of Marine Foundation can supervise projects across the entire organization.
  1. There are 2 main form of leadership hierarchy in the Marine Foundation system: “horizontal” and “vertical”.
  2. The horizontal leadership is based on the 5 groups: Cofounders, directors, managers, masters, members.
  3. The vertical leadership is honorary based on the Marine Foundation naval organization system of navy grades.
  4. All Cofounders in the 1st generation receive a “captain title”.
  5. There are 3 groups of captains: 1st captain, Captain in 2nd and 3rd Captain. The 1st Captain position belongs to EC.
  6. The highest navy grade is the Admiral grade who goes to any senior officer of Marine Foundation over 67 years of age.
  7. The Admiral title grade is also given to major donors and celebrities in the honorific representation of Marine Foundation.
  8. The vertical leadership is the official Marine Foundation signature look for ceremonial times. (Brand Navy Uniform).
  9. The vertical leadership system serves as graduating tool at the Marine Foundation naval leadership schools.
  10. The vertical leadership disciplinary standards helps control and protect students in all oceans environmental schools.
  11. The naval honorary grade system is applied throughout the whole 5 groups of Marine Foundation.
  1. The academic sector is also called “central leadership”.
  2. The central leadership is where the headquarter member Cofounders are located physically or in status.
  3. Cofounder members standing outside the headquarters regional location can also be part of central leadership.
  4. All members Cofounders have the right to appear in the central leadership sector provided a managerial title.
  5. The EC is directly surrounded by 1 executive assistant, 5 sub assistant, 21 general assistant, 50 world assistants.
  6. All Cofounders are assistants to the executive chairman but placed in different circles on different responsibilities.
  7. Each Cofounders has the right to up to 5 staff assistants in the position they occupy.
  1. The regions where Marine Foundation are established as PR regions are shared regions.
  2. The regions of established institutions of ocean schools are definite regions with central institutional leadership.
  3. The work of PR regional leadership is divided between 3 networks: celebrities, diplomats and business leaders.
  4. There is no conflicts between PR regional leaders over their networks because all is reported through headquarters.
  5. PR regional leaders have a representation and supervisory leadership over their region.
  6. PR regional leaders have no executive leadership over institutions unless a managerial position in these institutions.
  7. PR regional leaders have full leadership over their networks and can make any synergy team with other PR leaders.
  1. The ministries rule over the advisory leadership of Marine Foundation.
  2. The 5 chosen ministers must always have a Cofounder title as a base.
  3. The minister title is a vote from Marine Foundation’s board of Cofounders certified by the Chamber of law.
  4. While a minister can inherit his/her title of Cofounder, the ministry title is not inherited.
  5. The minister position’s succession depends on the board of Cofounders and chamber of law.
  1. Cofounders are all owners of the branding of Marine Foundation and therefore copyright owners.
  2. Copyright owners receive a form of financial dividend taken from the fees received through sponsorship.
  3. All Cofounders are also holders of a PR license which license represents a % fees on commissions.
  4. The % fee on commission is applied as group or individual depending on the set up of PR per region.
  5. The general amount of the fee is a maximum of 30% return on donations from that PR regions.
  6. The Cofounder can set up his/her fundraising office with a minimum of 5 official staff to help manage network.
  7. After donations reaching central office, 10% of amounts is kept in support of regions of limited income.
  8. The salary status for any members is given based on a staff, manager or director position.
  9. The copyright ownership and PR license is the unconditional right of any Cofounder in any position.
  10. The salary is conditional to the position, region and managerial leadership system of each region.
  11. The treasury of Marine Foundation is located both at headquarters Japan and Swiss headquarters.
  12. The treasury is supervised by the chamber of law and its teams of accountants and legal assistants.
  13. The signatory of the treasury are the EC , assistant, sub-assistant team, and the treasury group.
  14. Financial reports are made available through secure logins and the site financial report section.
  15. A Cofounder who has not reported to a maximum of 3 years, looses his/her ownership rights.
  16. A Cofounder who has verbally publicly abused another member of Marine Foundation must pay a fine.
  17. A Cofounder who has physically abused another member of Marine Foundation is disowned of status.
  18. A disowned Cofounder is replaced by a succession chosen by board of directors and approved by the chamber.
  19. The professional performance of a Cofounder does not affect his/her status of ownership.
  20. Any fraud related acts are causes for dismissal of position as Cofounder of Marine Foundation.
  21. A Cofounders who has committed crime against Marine Foundation is not recorded in historic lineage.
  22. A Cofounder who has taken position for replacement reason inherits the generation of the previous Cofounder.
  23. All natural succession, including force major situation are given by inheritance of the position.
  24. All Cofounder members are members of the executive board of Cofounders.
  25. Board of Cofounders’ reunion is an annual gathering sponsored by Marine Foundation.
Section 17 - Marinef Insignias & World Naval Federation
WORLD NAVAL FEDERATION Marine Foundation wants to be the creator of a SYMBOLIC NEW-WORLD NAVY for Peace, Sports, Research, Education, and Ecology.  This is also made to inspire a confident look at a new ocean corporate culture and the display the benefits of Honorary navy titles to the entire membership of the Marine Foundation.

The corporate status of the marine foundation is symbolically set up around a naval ranking structural system providing an organized and disciplinary protective atmosphere for young people’s education, ocean training and the maintenance of security throughout the use of state-of-the-art naval equipment,  instruments & environment.

New Age Navy of Peace, Sport, Education & the Protection of Ecology:


Marine-Corporation is purposely designed to support humanities with projects that do good to human societies from the level of the individual, family, village, nation, region, continent to our planet earth. We believe that our growth will be rapid and to maintain integrity and order we have designed a naval honorific & disciplinary system set up to keep high morality of respect and for the protection of young people in our environmental centers such as the marine camps or the sea campus universities.

Marine-Corporation prepares for PEACE and Harmonious cultural exchanges wherein within a corporate, organized structure, rules of harmony and respect must be observed to keep the large corporate engine of educational activities running smooth.