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“ Those who are confident to receive in abundance are often blessed by their own conscience. They drill a path to their future through patience, will, and sacrifice, knowing pertinently that the many risks they take are the difference they make.” – Tomeo M-Gressard

The Pacific Era For Ocean Civilizations



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Marine Foundation in a nutshell

The Marine Foundation in the mathematics of heaven and earth

The Marine Foundation is the World´s first and only organization, specifically created to transform Humanity into Self-Sustaining Societies wherein, through a multitude of dynamic systems, everyone may evolve to become self-accountable, responsible to all, and fully respectable.

The Marine Foundation simultaneously promotes graciousness and inclusivity, through a unifying prolific communication platform, that centers on education, enlightenment, and the celebration of life.

The Marine Foundation naturally encourages virtue and accordingly disintegrates corruption. With an abundance of shared benefits, that we instill and reveal to all peoples and societies this will cause Twitter, Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, and all the other major social media offerings, to appear as kindergarten and prehistoric age levels of mass communication. We are the only organization on earth that promotes Equality and Inclusively, for All of Humanity, and a true sense of belonging and being; producing human galaxies wherein every individual born of a woman becomes the center of the universe.

If any top leaders, or influencers of society, took the time to sit down and attempt to understand the simple mathematics imputed by the definition of our content, those individuals would walk hand-in-hand with Our Creator; and acquire the power to instantly transform their respective audiences and, in fact, the entire 8 billion of us that populate our wonderful blue planet.

The Marine Foundation is an enterprise overflowing with common sense, that propels forward anyone on- board, with the courage and grace to reach places in the heart, never attained before; propagating a cohesive Unified Humankind.

The United 5 Oceans – The Club of All Nations

The Continental-Confederation of Nations under the Marine Foundation’s Protocol of Development

When all nations have agreed to the  common quest of economic and educational development through the standards presented by the Marine Foundation, the world will change forever.

The Marine Foundation´s  strategies for sustainable growth rely upon specific systems that envelope both the PR and Communicative Networking aspects of developing  any global region. The formulation of inter-connectivity and administrative (non-political) alliances, has the potential to reform entire educational systems, inclusive of the way any nation approaches tourism, and with techniques  to elaboratively attract significant investments.

The Marine Foundation is a sophisticated iteration of five ministries of diligent conscientious development, comprising every element required  to support the fast-rising of any nation’s economy, and thus acquire international attention, through optimal  trade & finance. United 5 Nations

Our official diplomatic office, dedicated to Development initiatives, is strategically located in Côte d’Ivoire, Africa, a hub of dynamic growth and potential. This Diplomatic Seat was formally inaugurated on November 4, 2022, within the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abidjan. The inauguration ceremony was graced and introduced by Ambassador Daouda, symbolizing our commitment and partnership.

Official Diplomatic Flag of the Marine Foundation

Philippe Cousteau Foundation:

The Union of Oceans

The Philippe Cousteau Foundation “Union of the Oceans” was born on June 18, 1999, as a non-profit entity, attached to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Spanish State, by express wish and mandate of his father, Commander Jacques Cousteau. In its Board of Trustees, it has illustrious personalities, among which we can mention the President of Spain Mr. Pedro Sánchez, the President of the Xunta de Galicia Mr. Alberto Núñez Feijoó, the President of the Principality of Asturias Mr. Adrian Barbón Rodríguez, etc. The Foundation also has a presence in more than 20 countries. The Board of Trustees and the technical team of the Foundation work to promote the culture of the sea, peace among peoples, international cooperation, sustainable development, and the defense of the environment through the promotion of the economy, research, volunteering, and cultural, civic and educational cooperation and development programs related to the natural environment, the sea, its waters and its people in the broadest sense. Marine Foundation Sister Association with the Philippe Couteau Foundation.

The Voices of Mother Earth

Where the First Ladies meet for educational reforms The Women Leadership of the Marine Foundation

Club of All Nations - U5O

The Ultimate Club of Diplomats Through Continental Membership

Welcome to the Marine Foundation. Our organization presents new ways and strategies for empowering societies to grow their economy and create peaceful relations. A system for rapid developments divides into 3 organizations merging together for an unstoppable “Rotating Domino Effect” – A Project Organization, an Event Organization, and a Network Organization. When it comes to helping others by the masses rarely do we meet the perfect platform. Our operation strategies put into action will literally transform the world. Tomeo M-Gressard – Founder & Concept Architect.— SITEMAP

“Education is What Remains After One Has Forgotten What One Has Learned in School”

The Marine Foundation is Structured into three Synergetic Organizations:

Annual International Events with Festivals, Symposiums, Exhibits & Challenges

Educational Based Project Development for Economic Rebirth & Cultural Relations

Mass Media – Online & Offline Membership Club Systems & Communication Platforms

 “United Nations” Fully Compliant

Fully compliant with the United Nations SDG goals (Sustainable Development Goals) - Download PDF here:
Full General Photo Introduction immediate operation as per the launch of all programs - Download PDF Here:
マリンファンデーションの日本語プレゼンテーション Download PDF Here:

The Marine Foundation is a platform that tends to Economic Rebirth anywhere in the world. A genuine Development Platform with exceptional strategic promotional & marketing systems.

Marine Foundation Short One Page Introduction - PDF - click here

Women Are The Future

The Mother’s Womb is our First Common Nation

THE FIRST LADIES CLUB is a women assembly of the most extraordinary and influential Ladies of the world in their environment of social and leadership status amidst the societies in which they live. They stand as a charismatic platform which calls for innovations and improvements at all levels of education, and the maintenance of good relations between all people through the realization of substantial projects and agencies to help protect women and children anywhere in the world.
Read More click on the logo

The International Women Club is a worldwide “Women Oriented” platform with a mission to become an audience of support for the Marine Foundation… Read More

Education for Economic Development

Core Educational Development of the Marine Foundation

The Future of Social Communications

Marine Foundation founded the Global Citizen Live Association – GCLA – to assemble those who adhere to respecting one another, human life, and the earth’s environment. This International, intercultural and Inter-religious platform, under the protocol of “Absolute Respect”, will make way for conscientious peace and safety through the channels of education and celebration. We introduce the concepts of large international events to support local economies and are designed specifically to promote all life, all cultures, and all faiths. The Marine Foundation’s whole philanthropic endeavor was founded upon 15 years of research but its brand and logo were inspired by the innocent vision of a five years old child. The era comes when societies can sail to new shores of peace through respectful and beautiful relations.

Good energy is like the blood in your own veins – When it connects to the heart – It flows endlesslyTomeo.

The Marine Foundation introduces a new corporate communication to the world. It is based on the universal natural communication rules of physics of our solar & corporal systems.  Peace exist as a system that starts right from within a heart that has adapted to the rules of absolute respect. That’s what true relationships are based upon.

Operations & Systems Design

Reformed Educational Systems

Department of Education

The core design of the Marine Foundation’s educational concpets

Sustainable Signature Projects

Department of Project Development

The “Ocean Face” program and the solution to hunger

Project Organization

Centered Around 5 Academic Mininistries of Development

The Marine Foundation’s versatile project development and its operational platform are designed to feed our daily aspiration for gain, prosperity, and peace, from the perspective of economic growth right from the heart of any society anywhere. For the betterment of humanities, we seek to be the greatest project concept architect structure on earth today. The Marine Foundation is an organization with an international proactive membership communication platform that promotes every aspect of an individual’s life potential through serving societies. The invaluable bridges of education and celebration can help guide social and business developments toward sustainable corporate, cultural, and diplomatic relations. We think that peace can flourish under a leadership system where respect for human life and environment is made an uncompromising protocol.

Education & Celebration

Fundamental Motivational Drive to a Purposeful, Meaningful & Fulfilling Life

Our natural craving for knowledge and purpose drives us to the daily desire for learning, searching, or being entertain, while we constantly search for answers. Celebrating is the joy of sharing time together, and that, we can’t live without it. To any great achievement, there is always a steep technical or academic educational process, and with the joy of success comes celebration. Education and celebration are these two principal life motivators,  both pertaining to the Marine Foundation’s core engineering concept in developing a region’s economy. They are the perfect tools for promoting peace and respectful genuine relations. Marine Foundation’s Event Organization

Chart of activities in the Context of Education & Celebration - PDF

[tnc-pdf-viewer-iframe file=”https://marinef.wpenginepowered.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Organization-Chart-Marinef.pdf” width=”100%” height=”1000″ download=”true” print=”true” fullscreen=”true” share=”true” zoom=”true” open=”true” pagenav=”true” logo=”true” find=”true” current_view=”true” rotate=”true” handtool=”true” doc_prop=”true” toggle_menu=”true” toggle_left=”true” scroll=”true” spread=”true” language=”en-US” page=”” default_zoom=”” pagemode=”” iframe_title=””]

Event & Network Organization

The Foundation Benefits from its Own International Branded Communication System


Happy gathering occasions with international and regional capacity, focusing on cultural celebration.


Serious gathering occasions with the focus on new technologies, human rights, and infrastructure developments.


Business-oriented gathering occasions focusing on communication technologies, hospitality, and finance.

Sport Challenges

Exciting gathering occasion with the focus on sports and challenges, in the spirit of competition.


Visit our calendar to be in touch with all of our events and activities.


An international Chamber of Commerce for business development and tourism comprising 240 nations

Global Citizenship

The Global Citizen Live Association, a networking platform joined with international marine community centers

Frist Ladies Club

Powerful assembly of women with presidential spouses, business leadership women and royal family members

Stardom Menbership

A club systems with specific membership in the realm of art, retired professionals, and business VIP network

Sponsors Club

Platform for endorsement, sponsoring, corporate membership and association affiliation systems

World Naval Federation – WNF

Naval Exercises for Humanitarian Services & Disciplinary Training
Naval honorific titles across our corporate environment to promote respect. World Naval Federation

Discover the Naval Corporate Honorary Status Insignia - click here:

Five Continental Administrations

Contact information across 5 continental regions of operation

The Royal Clipper

The Royal Clipper is the largest built “tall Ship” in the world. It is appointed to become the flagship of the Marine Foundation’s Maritime Education.

Sponsorship System of the Marine Foundation

Green Certificate Program and the Sponsorship Labels according to the Types of Organizations

Gold Label Sponsorship

Sister Association

For school, institution, hospital, non-profit, project agency, or humanitarian group. Pragmatic and sustainable ways, to offer support to any organization which purpose are not principally focused on business.

Institutional & Non-Profit Organizations

Red Label Sponsorship

Affiliate Association

For businesses who wish to access the networks & markets of the Marine Foundation through its event, membership or multimedia platforms. Fees are received per project or event accordingly with their marketing plans.

Event Sponsors, Advertisers or donors

Blue Label Sponsorship

Partner Association

For corporations specifically involved with developments in the sectors of tourism, construction, technology, transportation, energy, and in their support of economic development. This can be longterm membership.

Corporations for Development Purposes