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The Marine Foundation’s Core Educational Concepts

Ocean Universal Academy

Maritime Education & Environment School, 12 years Program

National Kingdom Schools

Full Primary & Secondary Education & Children Housing Concept

Global University of Technology

Franchise University Complex with Stock Exchange Platform

World Naval Federation

Disciplinary Naval Stations for Research, Sports & Humanitarian Support


1 Chapter = 4 Camps / 200 students per camp / 3 Sessions per season (4 Seasons) / Average = 10 000 Students per year per chapter.

The Marine Foundation plans on establishing 5 chapters per continental region / Total: 25 chapters.

OUA is a set of 4 camps per chapter:
Camp 1:  Banana Beach. Basics ocean geography, rock formation, weather technologies etc..
Camp 2: Dolphin Quarters. Sea mammals & diving technologies etc…
Camp 3: Tuna Monsters. Fishing technologies, ocean mapping, food technologies etc…
Camp 4: Moonlight Pirates. Sea sports technologies, sailing, boat building etc…

Program duration: from age 7 to age 21 – full program of 3 levels per 1 camp. Each student has the opportunity to attend 1 session of 21 days per year, until graduation at age 21.

Marketing strategy: Clients are regional schools. 1 sponsor (up to 3) can sponsor the OUA marine program into 1 school. The name of the program will carry the name of the sponsor (ex: Toyota Marine Program at Saint Luke School in Hokkaido Japan). The children will carry a marine uniform with the name brand or logo of the sponsor. The sponsor can use the exposure for marketing promotion through multimedia etc…  Each chapter can welcome as many as 50 schools. Schools book the students to OUA up to 1 year in advance.

Local Tourism:  OUA will become an incentive for local economic developments as it will trigger tourism concepts like hotels, restaurants and event venues.


The Sea Campus offers Elementary & Secondary education (National Kingdom School). Large schools with campus – children village quarters – 15 000 children per campus organized in housings of 10 children per quarter, assisted by 4 volunteer couple (Parent Volunteer Association). Middle of the compound: school facilities, classes, sport, art music etc…

Classes are theaters of 4 large screens facing east, west, north, and south. 200 children per class divided into 4 groups of 50 facing one giant screen. Children are assisted by “animators” to coach them and keep general order. 30 minutes lessons are delivered simultaneously through the 4 screens. 20 minutes break time between lessons and the classes stop at 12:30 pm. The entire afternoon is dedicated to arts, sports, music, and dance.

The entire educational content will be centralized through one giant server, updating and simultaneously translating the content to any languages of the regions where SCU is established. Updates are instantaneous and will automatically be delivered through all schools. Children will review their lessons (homework) directly connected to the housing computer screens for easy review. The lessons come delivered with their homework separate content for easy review and coaching from “Volunteers Parents”, living together with the children.

The village will become a venue for local events and a place to entertain the local population. There will be creation of jobs and volunteer opportunities to trigger hospitality developments. Each campus will be equipped with clinic, transportation and security facility.

The educational system will result in children learning 4 to 5 times faster than the best schools in Europe or America. It will trigger tourism incentive unleashing the economic and social development of the region without compromising their local cultures and heritage.


The largest university concept in the world to be established into 5 continents.

The GU concept comprises building campuses on each of the 5 continents of the world. The University would be divided into 5 continental headquarters with each its own 3 campuses per each welcoming nations. The sponsorship and funding would evolve around a very sophisticated corporate membership system established through the network of the Foundation.

One of the charismatic University’s incentive is a program for students to conceive projects to support the development of their hometown. The University will then provide sponsorship support to projects that have reached the qualification standards set forth by the advisory business development counsel of the University. This is naturally ground for local economic developments.

GU AfricaGU OceaniaGU EuropeGU AsiaGU Americas


New Disciplinary Concept

It is the dream of every young adolescent in the world to be presented a chance to serve the greatest purpose and to fit in a space of a good looking environment at the same time. It is also obvious that millions of these young people in our era are left unattended, unsupported at the completion of their childhood education as contemplating their transition into the challenging world of responsibilities.

The Marine Foundation proposes a new era in discipline where education expands to a new concept that offers every young person who has completed school, whether transiting into higher education or after graduating from college the opportunity to volunteer in the wholesome naval program of further learning, training, sports challenge, and further their humanitarian good-will aptitude to serving the world.

The World Naval Federation is such a place, presenting itself with 32 naval marina stations and camps around the world, where young people (or older) would have that chance to gather for periods of time at choice ranging between 6 months and 2 years, and under the banner of discipline, practicing respect for one another and respect for the environment.

The flagship branding of this organization would be tall ships in the image of the Royal Clipper, making an entire fleet of some of the most beautiful naval disposal ever presented in our modern age. No matter how great technology goes, nothing beats the beauty of sails over the ocean and nothing matches the beautiful challenge education it presents both, to the human spirit and the body.



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