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Committees Of Leadership

When the system shines and expands, decision-making becomes a matter of the heart. However, it takes faith to build courage and courage to transform thoughts into concrete actions.

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Organigram of Leadership Per Sectors of Activities

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Celebrities Council

The Honorary Leadership of the Marine Foundation. This is Spokespeople of the organization. They represent ART Education and the concept of Celebration.

Honorary Position

This Leadership is reserved for people of social status, in any types of industries but specifically in the real of entertainment, sports, art, and culture. They project a feeling of peace and celebration.

Africa Celebrities

The Council of Celebrities for Africa. There are 5 main Chairpersons and Subsequently 3 Celebrities per Nation.

Asia Celebrities

The Council of Celebrities for Asia. There are 5 main Chairpersons and Subsequently 3 Celebrities per Nation.

Europe Celebrities

The Council of Celebrities for Europe. There are 5 main Chairpersons and Subsequently 3 Celebrities per Nation.

Oceania Celebrities

The Council of Celebrities for Oceania. There are 5 main Chairpersons and Subsequently 3 Celebrities per Nation.

The Americas Celebrities

The Council of Celebrities for The Americas. There are 5 main Chairpersons and Subsequently 3 Celebrities per Nation.

Ministry Leadership

The Advisory Leadership of the Marine Foundation. This is the Academic Sector. They Represent the Entire Project Development Teams of Feasibility Studies of the Core MARINEF Projects.

Academic Position

This Leadership is reserved for people of academic status, in any types of industries described below in the form of Ministries of Development. They project a feeling of peace and education.

Education & Sports

We are establishing modern educational systems with the Creation of recreational marine camps (OUA), large primary & secondary schools (SCU), and a university concept (GU) set each to trigger economic growth (quality) tourism.

Medical & Health

Through our Health Ministry, we will be setting into place resort-hospitals for children. The ministry focuses on supporting medical research for immediate needs as well as a system designed to provide medical care for any children in any part of the world.

Science & Technology

We are promoting new technologies specifically those beneficial to environmental causes such as renewable energies and technologies to help a region’s food and water supplies.

Economic Developments

We focus on providing platforms to support entrepreneurship and trade relations (especially with less developed countries) in every region of the world to ultimately advance economic and social development globally.

Estate & Infrastructure

We focus on the management of estates of the establishments used by the Foundation.but also on architectural developments, with construction and infrastructure projects.

The Constitution & Chamber of Law

The Constitution of the Marine Foundation is has a ruling written to protect the members, the trademark, and the system of the organization for generations to come. It is a modern management system where we would experience an atmosphere of total respect.

Project Organization

The system of the Marine Foundation’s organizing principle is impregnated with 2 motivators. Education and Celebration. Education and celebration might not ring well as conventional social and corporate habits, but what else in the world would otherwise be more enjoyable than learning something new and spending valuable time with friends. Our mind works through constant questioning... Read more: Go to the segment section (2018)...

Global & Central Team

The Global & Central Team of the Marine Foundation is a Group divided into Several Teams. Team of Assistants and Team of Development.

Our Philosophy on Project Development

Our versatile project development and the operational platform is designed to feed our daily aspiration for gain, prosperity, and peace, from the perspective of economic growth right from the heart of any society anywhere. With this approach to development, we think an individual will serve a family, a family its society and good society will make for a stable nation. Therefore, because we all aspire to education, comfort, and health, our philosophy in project inception relates directly to that of being bright, good and clean. In the effort of crystallizing these 3 words in the light of common sense and pragmatism, we could seek the incorruptible pattern in venturing the development of societies.

Sponsorship Systems

Sponsors are organized into 3 label membership categories: RED, BLUE, and GOLD. This system helps filter the membership in the content and purpose of how a company plans to use the Marine Foundation’s event and network platforms and, regardless of the size of the business or corporation. Respect for life and environment is the standard by which we portray high moral of good ethical conduct. Therefore, prior to any membership adhesion, a company must receive the “Green Certificate” as a mark receiving a free endorsement benefit from the Marine Foundation. The Green Certificate is the endorsement recognizing “Leadership, Integrity & Inspiration” and allows a company to market itself with a presence with the Marine Foundation. Generally, this means an affiliation with the Marine Foundation is its commitment to peace, education and the well being of children and societies throughout the world.

Concept Architecture & The Role of the Committees

The Constitution of the Marine Foundation has a ruling written to protect the members, the trademark, and the organization’s system for generations to come. It is an atmosphere of total respect. The system helps the human spirit’s consciousness behave in its highest moral aptitude for peaceful relations and cooperative behavior—the Five Committees of Authority throughout the System and Corporate Governance of the Organization make up for a circular planetarium leadership system. The Concept Architect leadership is to ensure morality & integrity throughout the entire system and its leadership members.

1st Committee:

Central Leadership Team Of Development

The 72 Central Team Members of the “360” Co-Founders & Co-Owners of the Brand

Departmental Leadership of Prime Sectors of Operations







Social Networks

IT Infrastructure



Artist Relation










2nd Committee: Marine’s Brand Ownership

International Committee of Cofounders (Co-Brand Owners)

Lifetime Members of the “Cofounders Group” of 360

Important Note: Members of the International Committee below belong together without hierarchy, divided into 5 geographical names of 72 people per group for the sake of web organization (Total of 360). Under the rules of the constitution of absolute respect for one another, they belong together into ONE platform. They are equally the “Brand Owners” of the Marine Foundation’s logo and brand and are not obligatory into a directorial leadership position unless they choose to. National Administration President of Regions and Countries are appointed only upon the administrative physical registration of the Marine Foundation in locations. Go to the Cofounders Page

Go to the 360 Cofounders Page here

3rd Committee: Absolute Women’s Voice


Women’s Voice for Education & Women’s Empowerment

Presidential Spouses, Royal Families & Dignitary Ladies

The First Ladies Club is a women assembly of the most extraordinary and influential Ladies of the world in their environment of social and leadership status amidst the societies in which they live. They stand as a charismatic platform which calls for innovations and improvements at all levels of education, and the maintenance of good relations between all people through the realization of substantial projects and agencies to help protect women and children anywhere in the world. Read more…

First Ladies Organizational Leadership


Presidential Spouses


Royal Families


Projects Owners




Business Owners

4th Committee: Influencers for Peace & Beauty


The Honorary Leadership of the Marine Foundation

While famous artists are the channels of love and beauty for true peace to come, a society, nation, and world need systems & reforms to give a substance to the art of those “God chosen people” whose talents can be felt by millions. Introducing “Celebrities for True Peace” (CTP) a platform which legacy will transport those who dare to dream, into a reality of bounty for all, through generations to come. – The Marine Foundation –

Council Chairwoman

5th Committee: The Children & the Future of the Planet

Marine Children Club Committee

MCC represents all the children at Marine Foundation, whichever agencies or programs or schools they belong. They embody all the children of the world. Their mission is to spray the joy of education and constructive activities to celebrate their birth in the mother’s womb. They proclaim that based on that biological truth, all children belong together as brothers and sisters. Truthfully,  they genuinely personify the spirit of the Marine Foundation. Go to the Children’s Page

Go to the MCC Page

The Making of Leadership

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