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World Academic Recognition
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World Academic Recognition

In pursuing its effort to foster global cooperation as one of the key instrument that can help in solving both National and International issues such as keeping stability, building security, strengthening economy, empowering social and cultural values, consolidating humanitarian solidarity and promoting political rights, Marine foundation initiated a global recognition academic award in collaboration with worldwide most prestigious worldwide universities and institutions, dedicated to sanction and celebrate Women and Men which had individually or collectively contributed to the betterment of humanity kind in restoring a complete feel of self-worth to world citizen.

In effect, Marine Foundation is of the view that humanity is the qualities that reside makes us humans; Radiating kindness, generosity, compassion, Love, and care for all lives on this planet, and even for the planet in which we live. Then, as soon as we understand the importance of humanity in the day to day life, the purpose for which we are on earth is automatically fulfilled, and only then we can say we belong to humanity, all that makes us enough fit to appreciate deeply each other and the others achievements.

At this point, humanity blessed us with gratitude. Progressively, Marine Foundation Global Academic Degree covers Political, Social, Cultural, Economic and Humanitarian Sectors. Among the many benefits for stakeholders, the World Academic Recognition initiative will achieve the following Immediate Targets:

A. Implementation of Language School and Institute
B. Implementation of Vocation Training Center
C. Offering of Free Scholarship.
D. Offering of working Internship with World Class Companies in Japan
E. Exchange of Universities Academic Programs
F. Launching of International Exchange and Teaching Programs
G. Launching of Technology Transfer Scheme
H. Lunching of Local Assembly and Council Special Alliance in Sustainability; a Municipal Partnership for Social, Environmental and Economic growth.

University of Tokyo

Established in 1877 as the first imperial university, it is one of Japan’s most prestigious universities. The university has 10 faculties and enrolls about 30,000 students, 2,100 of whom are international students.

Sophia University Tokyo

Established in 1913, It is ranked as one of the top private universities in Japan. It takes its name from the Greek Sophia meaning “wisdom”. The Japanese name, Jōchi Daigaku,  means “University of Higher Wisdom”.

Chiba University

Established in 1949, It offers Doctoral degrees in education as part of a coalition with Tokyo Gakugei University, Saitama University, and Yokohama National University. It has been ranked Top 100 on the Asia University Rankings.