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The Age of Corporate Responsibility

Introduction to Marine Foundation’s sponsorship system

Sponsors are organized into 3 label membership categories: RED, BLUE, and GOLD. This system helps filter the membership in the content and purpose of how a company plans to use the Marine Foundation’s event and network platforms and, regardless of the size of the business or corporation. Respect for life and environment is the standard by which we portray high moral of good ethical conduct. Therefore, prior to any membership adhesion, a company must receive the “Green Certificate” as a mark receiving a free endorsement benefit from the Marine Foundation. The Green Certificate is the endorsement recognizing “Leadership, Integrity & Inspiration” and allows a company to market itself with a presence with the Marine Foundation. Generally, this means an affiliation with the Marine Foundation is its commitment to peace, education and the well being of children and societies throughout the world.

Gold Label

Sister Association

Red Label

Affiliate Association

Blue Label

Partner Association

Institutional & Non-Profit Organizations

Event Sponsors, Advertisers or donors

Corporations for Development Purposes

For school, institution, hospital, non-profit, project agency, or humanitarian group. Pragmatic and sustainable ways, to offer support to any organization which purpose are not principally focused on business development.

For businesses who wish to access the networks & markets of the Marine Foundation through its events and networks or multimedia. Fees are received per project or event accordingly with their marketing plans.

For corporations specifically involved with developments in the sectors of tourism, construction, technology, transportation, energy, and in their support of economic development. This can be longterm membership.