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Global University

Technology & Development and the Faculty of Vocational Technical School

The largest World University Concept to be Established into 5 Continents

 The GU concept comprises building campuses on each of the 5 continents of the world. The University would be divided into 5 continental headquarters with each its own 3 campuses per each welcoming nations. The sponsorship and funding would revolve around a very sophisticated corporate membership system established through the network of the Foundation.

One of the charismatic University’s incentive is a program for students to conceive projects to support the development of their hometown. The University will then provide sponsorship support to projects that have reached the qualification standards set forth by the advisory business development counsel of the University. This is naturally ground for local economic developments.

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When you entire life is connected with the realm of education, it can stimulate everybody. The strengthening of education in our own life is the beginning of the social development and the source of new hope for the world.

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