The Passionate and Professional Builders of the Marine Foundation. They are Those Who Dreams of Leading the World to Better Shores, Captains of Industries Whose Integrity Stands uncompromisingly Absolute.

The Club of Captains

Highest Professional Naval Honorary Title Status Membership of the Marine Foundation – The Blue Jacket Award Membership

CAPTAINS positions according to spheres (Planetarium Management System)
Marine Foundation has 9 spheres of leadership

Chart of Activities based on Spheres Leadership system

Chart of operation within the core activities of the foundation

Three “Captain of Industry” Rankings

The Racking System Across all Spheres of Leadership Throughout the Marine Foundation’s Captain Membership

First Captain

Supervisory & Leadership Staff of the Marine Foundation.

This applies to all members with a directorial position across the entire organization, anywhere in the world. This also applies to the 360 Supervisory Volunteer Group, protectors of the brand of the organization. 

Captain In Second

Staff Membership and Supporter.

This applies to all members with a staff leadership position across the entire organization, anywhere in the world. This also applies professional people of any outside companies of any industries, who join hand as advisers or consultants, supporting any development.

Captain in Third

Professional Associate Membership.

This applies to specific member leaders part of outside organizations or companies which are in partnership or association with the Marine Foundation. This could also apply to any sponsor’s categories as part of the system of the Marine Foundation.

The database and listing of the Captains will be made available soon ion this page

Midshipman Youth Leadership Club 



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