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Operational Strategic Capability

Marine Foundation is legally registered in Switzerland, Japan, and Ivory Coast in order to ensure its global operation around the globe. As an international organization dedicated to social, economic and cultural advancement within world communities, Marine Foundation collaborates with a large range of parent-professional and academic organizations around the globe so as to deliver most valuable quality services.

In effect, most of its partners for socio-economic development progress investment are listed by inter-brand as a best global brand (BGB) or best domestic brand (BDB) and the top 100 CEO’s from Japan, South Korea and Switzerland including some most prominent business tycoons in Arabian Gulf and India.

In doing so, the Marine Foundation has built up one of the most effective and efficient innovative platform for sustainable investment operations system with the strongest network for the fastest global reactivity around the globe. In this fourth revolution era, Marine Foundation has secured an ingenious public relation mechanism that have the unique power so far to mobilize public and private funding bodies for strategic intervention in various prioritized sectors of socio-economic development with more human sensitivity towards global communities so as to empower them at their based and bring out of them the best contribution and participation to their respective country emergence, and by then strengthen global market of our global societies.

Progressively, the Marine Foundation believe much more in the promotion and development of human capital first and the ability of each world citizen to make its dream through while humanity stand for decency and solidarity in building a strong economy for more healthy communities around the world thus in an inclusive manner proportionally to various climate challenges in different parts of the globe. Together we are much stronger and safer.

Introduction Services

The Marine Foundation’s delegation to Africa will carry along the following socio-economic development partners:


IT Communications / Infrastructure & Construction (Road – Airport – Housing) / Telecommunications / Banking / Energy / Education / Marine Technologies / Food Technologies / Waste Management etc…

Official Encounters:

VIP Encounters
Ministerial working sessions
Grand visits

Project transmission through respective countries diplomatic representation in Tokyo Japan.


Flagship Mega Projects List
Presented by the Marine Foundation

01 - First Ladies Foundation Headquarters Building Construction.


02 - Heavy Flooding, Landslides and Waste Control and Management


03 - African Women Leadership Advancement Summit 2019 in japan.


04 - Women Banking and Financial Services Group Launching.


05 - First Ladies Foundation Sustainability Summit 2019 in Qatar.


06 - Schools Construction and Rehabilitation.


07 - Reading and Learning Centers Construction.


08 - African Books Translation Launching.


09 - Vocational Technical Training Institute.


10 - New Conventional and Non-convention Banking & Insurance Entities.


11 - IT Technology Centers Launching.


12 - African Culture Promotional Executive Events in Japan.


13 - Japanese “Know-How” (Made in Japan) Promotional Events in Africa.


14 - Railway to link Gambia Guinee Bissau Guinee Senegal Gambia.


15 - Smart Cities Development.


16 - International Modern Border Market.


17 - Sport Infrastructure Facility Development.


18 - Construction of Sustainable Energy Production Plants.


19 - Affordable Innovative Housing Unit Construction.


20 - Air and See Modular transportation Systems.



The Marine Foundation’s delegation to Africa – will also record the participation of some prominent Japanese and South Korean Universities, whose representatives will perform the distinction ceremonies for “Honoris Causa Doctorate Degree”.



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