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About The Marine Foundation


Large-scale educational developments. Platforms for Project Development, Event Organization, and Global Membership.


Individuals, family, society and nations. Our systems helps empower a region’s people ownership over any project we establish.


Concept design based on the inspiration of a 5 years old boy whose hope was to feed humanities through a ship made a traveling bakery.


A leadership team “made-in-heaven”, pioneers to the betterment of societies through years in the field and proven track records.

General Concept Introduction

Original Core Vision

In its original form, Marine Foun­da­tion is an executive association of business and academic elites who gather under a supra­na­tional admin­is­tra­tive sys­tem and platform, to help provide every community on earth, the access to modern tools of developments. at the base, we have conceived new models in edu­ca­tional systems integrating sophis­ti­cated marine environmental programs made accessible to any school in any nation. We discovered that these channels of reformed and modern systems could help solve interracial, intercultural or inter-religious differences, and in the context of the development of a region with tourism, new technologies and school education for all.

What We Do & Plan Doing on the Large Scale:

The Marine Foundation is an “operation foundation” that divides into 3 main organizations. Project Organization a tool for economic rebirth; Event Organization a tool for public relations; Network Organization a tool for promotional marketing. Events and Networks work together in synergy, parallelly structured to support all of our Projects in their sustainability. These 3 structures, organized into syncronized educational and development systems, are the key pillars to transform any region into an economic power.

Introduction to the Marine Foundation's structural concept

Education, project development, and marketing through international events make us a movement of reforms where the agenda takes economic rebirth a prerequisite duty wherever it would establish. Among other systems, our educational planning revolves around 3 reforms in content: Sea Campus Universal (15000 children per school), Global University of Technology & Development, and Ocean Universal (complete maritime education). Focusing on these sectors only would help reconstruct any region or even improve the status of already developed countries.

We are a "peaceful" movement. We talk of peace in the substance in the look of an "olympiad philosophical concept" or a place where there can be no conflicts. In the Olympic Organization, based on the disciplines of the rules of sports, people from around the world gather together to dispute titles for medals. Here we see that sporting rules govern the relations of nations during 2 weeks events, every 4 years. This is indeed the example of a peaceful concept, where common sense takes over and where participation requires to neutralize religious, cultural or political backgrounds for a while.

The Marine Foundation centers its ruling in gathering its network around the values of the birth of humanity and so the birth of life itself. The undeniable truth of the reality of the mother's womb brings out our biological commonality. For that reason, our corporate ruling proclaims and demands a standard of absolute respect for life and environment. From that understanding, our management system, ideological backgrounds must leave space to common sense in perfect human relations of absolute respect. Peace has a chance to flourish in the understanding that we all come from the same birthplace. The Marine Foundation is a practitioner of the rules in the context of membership and leadership communications, enticing diversities to come and work together, under the banner of education and celebration. Even when it comes to cultural traditions, religions or political parties, the one who loves and respects the most will ultimately become the champion of attraction and popularity.

5 Main Executive Central Committees:

The 1st executive committee is mainly internal and consist of what we call the Board of Brand Owners, made up of 360 members representing the 360 degrees of a perfect circle. Each day of the year will represent one member making it 360 days celebration.  They represent as a group the core supervisory membership through actual unique ownership of the branding of the Marine Foundation.

The 2nd executive committee is the First Ladies Club, where the leadership would be the representation of the voice of Mother Earth as a supervisory and voting power to our educational project Development structure. This is the keyframe by which "women" become the absolute standard in reference to the education of birth and the celebration of life.

The 3rd executive committee is the diplomatic membership pertaining to the United Five Ocean's platform (U5O). U5O represents the 5 continents united into a "Club of all Nations"  where diplomats mingle representing their cultures and come together under the vicinity of the continental regions their nation belongs to. U50 or Club of all Nations serves to support economic growth through supporting the Public Sector with information and event gathering services.

The 4th committee is the Executive Club Assembly, which attracts successful business leaders (men or women) to unite under the honorary naval title of "Admiral" to identify and celebrate their potential to become role models of modern societies to lead the next generation to prowess through their example and presence within the Marine Foundation's platform.

The 5th committee is the Billionaires Legacy Academia Club, which is a council for infrastructural restoration, where extremely wealthy people have a chance to gather in the discussion of megaproject development, maritime or on land, to seek the harmony of communication of our planet through transport projects such as bridges, tunnels and an international highway concept.

Marine Foundation together with ADN runs uniquely under the umbrella banner of its own branding, through the organizational establishment of mass membership platforms and large event organization system. The creation of these 2 large sectors of communications gives it an unparallel control over sponsorship and will allow it to round up the entire world under large media publications and production platforms.

2 Mass Communication Platforms:

Wikinations: is an educational and commercial online portal connecting 240 nations together into a giant international Chamber of Commerce online via educational web design & PR concept. To that effect, it takes after the business model of  Wikipedia's example who plays more the role of an encyclopedia. In contrast "wikinations" will become a tourism information center & regional promoter, with a corporate membership within for any businesses to expose their services right within the platform. Not only will it become an educational tool to institutions around the world, but it will also serve as reference governments to show off their nation under the banner of attractive beauty and production media to attract investors and developers. 

Global Citizens Live Association (GCLA) is a mass membership social platform which caters to any individuals but targeting mainly the family member with a zero tolerance to promiscuity and where values or respect in human communications are taken to the maximum extent of the moral ethics. GCLA becomes an automatic educational incentive as it connected directly to "wikinations" with exposing flags into the member's dashboard instead of faces first. By flirting cursor upon the flag image of a new contact, the member receives the immediate option to open the flag's wikinations page for a quick overlook of that person's nation. Contacts stay hidden under the flag of provenance and opening contacts dashboard is optional. Meaning that the member becomes more interested in showing how many flags shows up on the member's dashboard than showing off faces of people who can stay categorically hidden behind their flag of provenance. The platform will become a "must" to learn geography and culture, rapidly through real-time communication between members. Reaching a full dashboard of 240 flags would mean that a person has friends all over the world while at the same time he has become familiar with the existence of 240 nations.

One Mega Event Organization Platform

The worldwide network of the Marine Foundation (MARINEF- ADN) have the unique privilege to connect to an entire event organization divided into the categories of Festivals, Symposiums, Exhibits and Sports. The design of 50 international annual events is set to help promote quality tourism to benefit economically any region where the foundation is established. Events are also good media to promote the causes of projects and programs involvement where information will be distributed in a continuous and sustainable manner. The event opportunities will also have an effect on supporting areas with promotional tools to attract investment and developments to places where in need of exposure to the world.

Economic Rebirth: Education versus Humanitarian

Why are we not in the conventional? The world is rapidly changing to a day when there will be no need for humanitarian services. Each country and region of the world dream of becoming self-reliant without the expectation of the support that often ends up in the hands of corrupted hands and never able to deliver long-lasting solutions to poverty or hunger. So that every child on earth is freely provided the benefits of Education throughout their childhood and teenage life, The Marine Foundation focuses on establishing educational institutions that can also benefit the rebirth of local economies.

The Importance of Multimedia

Projects, Events & Members: Productive Networking Platform for a Global Voice The Marine Foundation is an organization that was founded in the core by a team of concept developers and consultants in various business fields such as finance, real estate, technology and IT but also food & green technologies. The brainstorming thought of development centralized around the building of networks and establish communication systems for these networks. In order to have a voice, we needed to develop a concept that would utilize the media as the main tool for sending uniform messages to the world. Therefore we took extreme sophistication in building a system for our Event and Membership organization. Since our fund requirement is exceeding due to the fact that the Marine Organization is the producer of its own institutions, we had to find an alternative to just getting donations in a conventional way. Through the ministry system of our project organization, we are then able to filter every single project we endorse through strict due diligence procedure so that we are ensured they will be carry on to the end.

100% Economic Development & Betterment of Societies

There are many ways to introduce the Marine Foundation. I personally believe in the elevator speech or pitch. Would you just have a few seconds to talk passionately about your business, passion or occupation, what would you say to convey a proper message?
Not just another Foundation
1 – The Marine Foundation is not humanitarian at its base but rather focuses on Education and Communications. The Foundation calls for educational reforms at all levels of society, starting from elementary, school, university, environmental marine camps, youth disciplinary programs to adult training centers with wide multimedia sources. Large Membership & International Chamber of Commerce 2 – The Marine Foundation believe not to receive funds through governments or individuals donation systems. It believes in funding itself through its marketing approach with branding and the creation of large membership structures to attract sponsorship directly from business corporations.The corporations worldwide will benefit directly from the membership of the foundation, therefore creating a voice for businesses to attract clients through their support of education. Non-Profit Organization with Economic Profitable Solutions 3 – The philosophy of Marine Foundation’s charity and service to the world is resumed in one sentence: “Economic Rebirth Through Education“. Vital to Anyone & Any Society: The 3 Pillars of Momentum 4 – The Marine Foundation proposes to reform the way nations leadership cope with the happiness of their citizen, via the concrete rediscovering of 3 pillars of balance:

A – The reform in building a good economy to an individual and his/her society is the development of education (academic and media).

B – The reform in bringing comfort to an individual and his/her society is the development of communications (social and technical).

C – The reform in bringing health to an individual and his/her society is the development of environmental green and blue technology. (earth and ocean energies, food distribution, environmental protection and medical education).

5 – What projects do we have NOW, in the present? – Because Marine Foundation is educationally based, at the very core of its philosophy, it has developed modern learning systems to provide for 5 types of world (franchise) institutions that would reform the entire educational system in any nation of the world. Unique & Outstanding Signature Projects It took about 14 years to research in developing the concept of such systems. From 2016, the Marine Foundation has initiated one of its 5 concepts: Global University of Technology and Development, GU. GU is designed to be established in all 5 continents, with campuses in every welcoming nation. The first of these nations are Senegal and Ivory Coast. For example, what makes GU so unique is that it is the first learning establishment which invests in its students’ projects and startups, before and after they graduate. A Unique Branding System: International Events 6 – What is our immediate marketing and fundraising development process? – Because Marine Foundation is naturally building large membership platforms connecting individual people to its corporate membership, it has ground and the platform to call for a large event organization system. The production of large events attracts international media companies where sponsors willing to line up to obtain shares of the organization’s database. The event production’s conception is divided into the 4 major life gathering themes: festivals (for celebrations), symposiums (for serious matters), exhibits (for business related) and sports (for entertaining challenges). Therefore, The Marine Foundation’s startup process is the establishment of events to mobilize the media and attract sponsorship. Event gathering is considered “educational matter” since it is when people get together that lessons are learned in peaceful relationships are created. “Absolute Respect” as Standard Rule Number One 7 – What makes the Marine Foundation a real “world organization” and a platform for “anyone” to join? It is clear that the answer lies in its core philosophy: the organization’s first educational contents are the teaching of rules of absolute “respect”. Respect for human life and respect for the environment. Quick listing of what we do We have a Protocol of absolute respect for life and environment We use Education as a tool for economic rebirth We have an Event Production design concept for 50 annual international events We have a global membership platform joint with social gatherings We make project development based on blue and green technologies We support business development through Public Relation and corporate membership We use the multimedia platform for educational purposes We build our own IT infrastructure platform

Visions of a Better World

Original Submission documents written at the Inception of the Foundation in 2013

The redaction of Submission documents was made by Co-Founding Director Mr. Neil Clark. These documents serve the purpose of explaining our large but very practical vision where educational projects can become tools for regional economic developments. The Marine Foundation plan to be established all around the world, through the franchising of its own concepts.

Ensuring a brighter future for our eco-systems, our food pro­duc­tion, and our children

The world’s oceans are being heav­ily pol­luted, as well as being depleted of fish and other valu­able human food resources. At the same time, our land-based envi­ron­ment and food-chain resources are suf­fer­ing major dam­age from pol­lu­tion, along with the dev­as­tat­ing effects of other eco­log­i­cal damage.

The Marine Foun­da­tion has been estab­lished to guar­an­tee that future gen­er­a­tions will inherit a viable planet. This will be accom­plished by spon­sor­ing and sup­port­ing imme­di­ate solu­tions to (eth­i­cal) food pro­duc­tion and to the res­cu­ing of the marine and land-based ecologies. To per­pet­u­ate these imme­di­ate solu­tions on a long-term basis, the chil­dren of the world will be given free edu­ca­tion that will empower them to carry on with this work as they grow to adult­hood. This spon­sored edu­ca­tion will be deliv­ered in var­i­ous forms, including:

  1. A pro­gram of Marine Camps, which chil­dren can attend reg­u­larly, where they will learn about marine and land-based fauna and flora; how to pro­tect their envi­ron­ment and how to grow food from these valu­able resources. Many of these camps will grow into full-fledged edu­ca­tion facil­i­ties pro­vid­ing free edu­ca­tion to under-privileged children.
  2. The sup­port of orphans around the world, by cre­at­ing imme­di­ate care for those now in dan­ger and long-term care by creating per­ma­nent homes for them with fam­i­ly-like administrative setup system, guiding their future whilst teaching them how to pro­tect and utilize our valu­able eco-systems.

The Marine Camps will also be the research facil­i­ties that will seek new ways to pro­tect the envi­ron­ment and more effec­tive ways of pro­duc­ing food. This will include new meth­ods of fish farm­ing as well as new ways of eco­nom­i­cally pro­duc­ing land-based food in large quantities. Actual food pro­duc­tion will also be con­ducted from these same facil­i­ties, or from nearby local farms. In this way the Marine Foun­da­tion will sup­port the food require­ments of local pop­u­la­tions and may even gen­er­ate export rev­enues for the coun­tries concerned. The Marine Foun­da­tion would gen­er­ate many jobs across the world, because there would be an imme­di­ate need to sus­tain and expand exist­ing food pro­duc­tion enter­prises that already sup­port the main cause. Also, the Marine Camps them­selves will need to be built on all con­ti­nents. This will gen­er­ate jobs in the plan­ning, con­struc­tion and staffing (admin­is­tra­tive, edu­ca­tional and sci­en­tific) of these facilities. In summary, the Marine Foun­da­tion is being set up to address the world wide need for solu­tions to the destruc­tion of our eco-systems, the gen­er­a­tion of sus­tain­able (eth­i­cal) food pro­duc­tion and the cre­ation of mean­ing­ful jobs.

Marine Foundation Full Funding Submission For Large Project

“Ensuring a brighter future for our eco-systems, our food production, and our children.”

The Situation

“The world’s oceans are being heavily polluted, as well as being depleted of fish and other valuable human food resources. At the same time, our land-based environment and food-chain resources are suffering major damage from pollution, along with the devastating effects of other ecological damage.”

The Present

Right now, our worldwide food supplies, both land-based and ocean-based, are in danger. We need to take immediate action to ensure that there will actually BE a future for ourselves and the future generations of planet Earth.

The Future

The people who could effectively handle these situations over time (the next generation) are, of course, the children of today. Unfortunately, they do not currently have easy access to the data that would help them to solve these problems. Many of them do not even have access to viable education. As they grow to adulthood and take over the world, they need to be educated and empowered to solve these problems in the world they inherit.

The Data

The Marine Foundation has been created with a view to ensuring that future generations are secured through a present time ecological focus and through sponsored education of our children. As we progress towards a better future, the Marine Foundation has immediate programs that will arrest the detrimental environmental issues (with a focus on food production) and prevent the situation from getting any worse. The long-term intention of the Marine Foundation is to produce well-educated children and well-cared-for orphans (supported by external sponsorships and donations), who understand and are willing to contribute to the preservation and protection of the world’s ecology. At the same time, the foundation needs to promote good clean food production, farming projects and eco-action plans that will arrest the immediate decline we are experiencing. The initial approach will be to set up “Marine Camps” in suitable pristine coastal locations, such as Palau (Micronesia), Fiji, Tahiti, Great Barrier Reef, Tonga, Seychelles, Mauritius and other safe areas (to be chosen as the demand grows).

A – Typical Marine Camp will be rustically built, based on ecologically sound (green) technology. There will be suitable accommodation facilities for staff, children, and adults that will reflect the local culture of each location.

B – Research Station will be included in each camp, where research into food production, green energy and aqua farming (and many other eco-system solutions) can be looked into. These stations are where better food and eco-solutions will be developed, as well as supporting the eco-friendly education that the camps deliver.

There will also be fully functional organic farming projects included as a part of each camp’s infrastructure, as well fully functional aqua-farming facilities. These food production units would be designed to produce revenue for the Marine Foundation and may well be set up as joint ventures with existing local farmers (to promote goodwill). In this way, each camp will produce food, both from the sea and land, which will be sold locally and in some cases made available for export. This will support the economy of the area where the camp is located, providing food and employment for local people. These camps would receive children for 2-week periods, supervised by responsible adults who would manage their education in the areas that will empower these children to take responsibility for their environments as they grow up. The focus will also be on making the learning experience fun for all. These camps will also be open to paying adults and corporate/community team building groups. This will also assist the camps to become more financially independent. In many cases, these services can be grown to full-fledged convention facilities for even higher revenue generation – all with a focus on eco-friendly solutions. Camp participants (young and old) will learn about correcting the ecological mistakes of the past. They will also learn how to improve food production, taking with them into the future the certainty that the world will be a better place in which to live; because of their efforts. The focus will be on making these Marine Camps available to any and all children on a sponsored basis. None of them will incur any costs in order to participate. In this way, we ensure that all children will have the opportunity to attend because the cost will not be a factor for them or their families. Sponsorships for children’s participation will be from donations received from individuals, corporations and other entities that have an interest in securing the ecological future of our planet via the education and empowerment of the next generation. These camps will be available to all those children who are currently attending schools in their own countries, so their attendance at Marine Camps would be a vacation learning activity; an alternative to the “summer camps” that some schools offer their students (but not limited to only the summer vacation time). The camps will also be made available outside vacation times for those schools that wish to include the Marine Camps as a part of their official curriculum. They could send classes of their children to Marine Camps, say, once a year; as part of the total education program that they (the schools) are offering their students. A particular focus will be placed on orphans, especially those who have lost their parents through natural disasters, like the recent tsunami in Japan. In the case of orphans, it is the intention of the Marine Foundation to set up schools that will deliver full-time education for orphans and other underprivileged children. These schools will deliver standard education, covering the full curriculum necessary to give the students a recognized education experience, but with the inclusion of all of the ecological classes that are covered in the regular Marine Camps.

If we were to paint a picture of the way things would look, should the Marine Foundation reach its ultimate operational status, it would probably look something like this:

Tens of thousands of Marine Camps for children flourishing world-wide with ample funds being donated by sponsors to ensure the future success of all of the free education that the Marine Foundation delivers.

Hundreds of thousands of adults visiting the camps as individuals, volunteers, community groups and corporate groups; all learning the importance of the eco-system.

More sponsors lined up wanting to donate funds to Marine Foundation programs than there are programs to donate to.

The world’s oceans and their life-forms being rescued from past ecological damage and negligence and the land-based food chain being restored to pristine conditions – both at ever-increasing rates.

Millions of children and adults alike, gaining extensive knowledge, of both marine and land-based flora and fauna, so they understand how to preserve and protect the world’s ecology as a part of the immediate future.

Millions of children receiving a broad, fundamental, full-time (traditional) education that would not have been possible had the Marine Foundation not located and provided the sponsorships to fund this.

The content of all Marine Foundation education programs being recognized by regular education bodies and governmental organizations so that scholarships are offered to students to include Marine Camps and other Marine Foundation programs as part of their ongoing education.

Effective sponsorship of orphanages so that the orphans have the same opportunities as private-school students do, and can, therefore, gain a full and rounded education.

Rapid deployment of support for children during devastating natural disasters like earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, etc, so that all children affected are cared for quickly and effectively.

Effective research of solutions to both ocean and land-based food production is carried out and implemented so as to counteract the negative impacts on our environment today.

Hundreds and thousands of land and sea farms and reserves being created and operating at full tilt so that the world is not short of vital organic healthy foodstuff.

That’s an “ideal” description of things, of course. It does, however, give a good description of how the Marine Foundation would look when it was fully established and operating well. And we intend to get close to this ideal, of course.

The Solution

In essence, the Marine Foundation is going to provide three key elements:

1 – The generation of many jobs on all continents of the world.

This would include supporting the infrastructure and operation of thousands of Marine Camps, together with carrying out the research involved in solving the food production problems, both short-term, and long-term. As one can see there are a number of job creation opportunities within the Marine Foundation operations. These job opportunities include:

  1. Marine Foundation executives (World Wide).
  2. Marine Foundation (internal Staff).
  3. Architects (to design the camps).
  4. Scientists and Ecologists (to carry out the research).
  5. Land Farmers (to run the farms).
  6. Aqua Farmers (to run the aquafarms)
  7. Camp administration staff.
  8. Food Packing and Distribution staff.
  9. Teachers and Trainers.

And many, many more…

2 – Humanitarian achievements in the areas of underprivileged and orphaned children. This will involve seeking out the location of orphans around the world and set the wheels in motion to provide proper family care for all of them over time. This “care” would include finding homes for them and providing a full and meaningful education. We would be setting the future for such children who could and would contribute to a better eco-world.

3 – Ecological results that will enhance the flora, fauna and the vital food chains of both land-based and ocean-based resources.

It is critical that we identify effective ways of enhancing the protection of these vital resources, so as to sustain and greatly improve the planet’s food production capabilities. These activities will have an immediate focus to bring in results for current populations. They will also provide the data and the learning experience for the children and adults we educate that will be passed on to future generations. The very first statement in this submission sums up the ecological situation that we are currently facing: So it is repeated here.

“The world’s oceans are being heavily polluted, as well as being depleted of fish and other valuable human food resources. At the same time, our land-based environment and food-chain resources are suffering major damage from pollution, along with the devastating effects of other ecological damage.”

The problems outlined here can be addressed on a long-term basis by empowering and educating the next generation of humans – the children of the world – as described above. In the short-to-medium term, we need to support existing (ethical) food production research programs that are currently working on improving solutions here. We also need to initiate new programs that will greatly increase the rate of success of appropriate food generation. By working now on these things, we not only create the technology that will empower the next generation to handle these areas, but we also address the immediate food supply problems that we face. If our children can be pointed in the right direction to address these problems over the long haul, by educating them properly, we will ensure that our future generations will be able to manage their lives so that they will have a viable planet to work with. If our immediate food production research and activities can be supported and enhanced, we will guarantee that there will be a viable planetary infrastructure for the next generation to actually inherit. To accomplish all of this, an initial injection of donated funds is necessary to set up the basic infrastructure and begin to deliver the first of the Marine Camps and establish the viable food production programs and eco-action plans. As this grows and becomes recognized by governments and educational bodies around the world, further sponsorship donations should become easier, as there will be a track record to present to potential donors. The other areas of initial activity will include the support of existing (ethical) food production programs and the initiation of new endeavors in this area. These activities will address the vital need for both short and long-term food production – both land and ocean-based. These food production facilities will begin to produce profitable products that can be sold to generate more income for the foundation, as well as providing the blueprint for duplicating the successful production of such food. Specifically, the setup funds would include the following components:


  • The appointment and funding of the senior executive strata of the Marine Foundation.
  • Establishment of International Administrative Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Establishment of International Operational Headquarters in Sydney, Australia.
  • Establishment of International Development and Training Centre in Eden, Australia.
  • It is in Eden that we intend building our first camp so that it serves as an International training base and a model for all the other camps to come.Funding of the initial Marine Camps at safe locations.
  • Until camps are built we intend using existing resort/hotel facilities until he marine camps are built.
  • Establishment and procurement of new Marine Camp locations where the Marine Foundation owns/leases the infrastructure – i.e. (permanent marine camp locations).
  • Establishment of Continental Headquarters in North and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia, with multiple HQ operations on each continent, as appropriate (e.g. Eastern USA, Western USA).
  • The identification and financial support of existing food-generation programs (on both land and sea) that are considered ethical and effective.
  • The initiation of new food generation programs that will have a short and long-term impact on the food production on this planet.
  • Immediate research and development programs needed to address the most critical issues to hand re the ocean and land ecosystems.
  • Immediate action plans to immediately address the most serious of eco-problems that have an urgent need for attention.

Empowering The People

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela

The following words are not my words but the inspiration of the words of a great mentor, teacher, and true man of the sea. He has lived his entire life searching for ways to solving the greatest of problems. I am just merely taking after his footstep. It is entirely from such words that the base philosophical discovery journey of the entire Marine Foundation’s concept was founded upon.

As a trans-national and trans-cultural organization, bonded together by a mutual belief system and shared values, MARINE FOUNDATION is doing its part in fostering understanding, social cohesion, and environmental responsibility. The belief in the equality of all people means that through the responsible use of our oceanic resources, we are opening the doors even wider for children from all over the globe, to learn each other’s languages and cultures whilst simultaneously working towards a better life for all.

Our seas and oceans are a treasure trove that all but guarantee humankind a bright future. Which is why those who are concerned with the future of the people of the world, must be concerned with their state. When we appreciate and take good care of our vast water resources, we inherit the future. The true alternative energy source is the ocean. Two-thirds of the earth’s surface and therefore two-thirds of the raw materials that humanity needs for the future are found in our water resources.

In this sense, energy from the hydrogen in the sea represents the future of humanity. A positive future for humanity cannot be accomplished without the ocean’s resources. The world has only just begun to discover the vast resources contained in it. The day is at hand when humanity will find itself even more dependent on the great deep blue. However, the oceanic era will not begin without human effort. The country that conquers the oceans will become a dominant power in the world and find the world eager to study its culture and language.

To solve the problem of hunger we must have a heart that is willing to plant seeds. Seeds are planted and begin to grow unseen under the soil until they are able to germinate and break through the top soil which they were hidden under. Similarly, it is better to teach a person how to plant and harvest wheat and then turn it into bread than it is to give a piece of bread to a person who is about to die. The former may be more difficult and not result in as much public recognition, but it is the only way to arrive at a fundamental and sustainable solution to world hunger.

We need to become more aggressive and strategic in our studies of the climate, the soil, and the character of the people in areas that suffer from hunger. This will give us vital information on how to quickly and accurately address the world food problem in practical and sustainable ways. This is not just a matter for world bodies to be concerned about, but rather, one for which all humanity needs to take active responsibility for in big and small ways.

There is no quick fix to the problem of world hunger. People in each country have different tastes for food and different customs, and the plants and animals are different. The important point is the concern for our neighbors. We first need to develop the heart and mindset that also looks for innovative ways to help those who are less fortunate as we sit down to enjoy our own meals. As the adage goes, “A hungry man is an angry man,” as such, true peace will not become a reality as long as we as humans do not strive to collectively solve the problem of hunger. If the person next to any one of us is on the verge of dying of hunger, the pursuit of peace merely becomes a pipe dream, unless we care enough to do something about our neighbor’s plight. Here at MARINE FOUNDATION, helping each other in sustainable ways is at the heart of what we do.

Hunger is not an issue relegated to less-developed areas of the world. Even in countries, which enjoy some of the highest standards of living, there are people who are undernourished and go to bed every night on an empty stomach. We would like gather fish that has been thrown out and conduct studies on how to turn it into fish powder. In this form, the fish can be easily transported and stored, even in hot and humid climates. This type of nutritious powder is 98-percent protein, with the very highest protein content of all food products. For this reason, it can be used to assist in preventing people from dying of hunger.

The fish powder can also be used to make bread which is as delicious as it is nutritious. We are therefore on an ongoing search for ways to make it available to countries that require this form of aid from around the world. The oceans contain limitless food supplies, but the best method for saving humanity from the food crisis is fish farming. “I foresee that there will be buildings, similar to the skyscrapers we see in our cities today, devoted to fish farming. By using water pipe systems, we can farm fish in tall buildings or even on the tops of mountains. With fish farming, we can produce more than enough food to feed all the world’s people.”

The Power of Education

The world is rapidly changing towards a day when there will be no need for humanitarian services. Each country and region of the world dream of becoming self-reliant with sustainable structures and never resolving to poverty or hunger ever again. Providing the benefits of its platforms of development, The Marine Foundation focuses on establishing structures that will benefits leaders in power from the rebirth of local economies, and which the populations can claim as their own. Our solution to boost the economy is “Education”. Tomeo M-Gressard

Humble Beginnings

For every great tree, there is a very small seed. A few Memory photos below:

History of Registration

First Registration – Since March the 11th, 2013

Officially registered at 2:45 pm March the 11th 2013, the exact same time (at the hour and minute close) of the Fukushima Tsunami two years earlier in March the 11th, 2011. The Marine Foundation came with the promises of prosperity from the sea at the anniversary of the most ravaging natural disaster in Japan’s history.

Registration at "Bankers Club Building" Tokyo Japan

It took 6 months to register with Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The registration address is the prestigious Tokyo Bankers Club in the Marunouchi area of Tokyo right across from the Imperial Palace. 15/F, Tokyo Bankers Club Building 1-3-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan 100-0005 〒100-0005 東京都千代田区丸の内1-3-1 東京銀行協会ビル15階 / Since we have changed address since the building went under reconstruction.

March 11, 2011 - 2:45 pm

I was home in the bay of Tokyo that day and the earth was moving like a wave in the ocean. From inside the huge building where I lived, I came out barefoot and the only thing I grabbed was my computer just in case. My children were at school and Ayumi somewhere in the city. We could only meet together a day later due to commotion in traffics and public transportation.

March 11, 2013 - 2:45 pm

At the exact time to the minute, the bell rang at the office of registration a call to the Marine Foundation to come forward to receive the official document stamps. This was not planned by anyone and since our actual registration was planned for the next day but the government office had us meet on the 11th because which date was printed by error. Would that be just a coincidence and when the bell rang at exactly 2:45 PM to call up our name, we had a very surprised expression on our faces.

Sachiyo Kai on the left and Emi Shiraishi on the right, both assistants and present at the time of registration.

The great envelope we received an invitation to show up at the government office.

Standing in front of the government building.

Number 21 – was the number of our call to the clerk to complete documentation – time 2:45 pm 

Sign Here!

Thank you Emi, Sachiko and Everybody....

A little More History....

Discovering the importance of friendship and a desire to care for others

Chapter 1 - Click to read
Once upon a sunset, I met a beautiful Japanese girl walking the streets of Monaco and Antibes in south of France. Because she was tall and walking as if she was the happiest girl on earth, I thought at first she was a bit snob. She seemed not preoccupied with anything but the sound and sand of southern beaches. Ayumi Nakamura, became my legal spouse after the unexpected but happy pregnancy of Athena. Because Ayumi’s beautiful sister Chiharu was hospitalized with cancer, we then felt we had to come back to Japan. Chiharu passed away in a time when times were difficult with her father’s business and debts were piling up against the house mortgage. A year later Ayumi gave birth to our second child, a boy named Zeus. We first stayed in the parents’ house and for the next 5 years, my job became to support the family to help us go through all the debts. I missed Chiharu and to wherever the wind had carried her spirit I believe she would be happy.

The topic of friendship becomes increasingly important to me as I grow older. I feel strange to have to wait birthdays, marriages, Christmases, Funerals or the New Year, to greet the people I care the most about. What if there was an occupation that would allow us to involve those we love and that would supply everyone with their basic needs whether financial, spiritual or social. I also noticed that in the family structure, the parents who succeeded taking care of their children to the point of leading them to professional status, these parents would become prosperous. The thought came of creating a corporate system where members could involve their friends to join with them into activities and where a group would naturally care for the well being of children. I thought both these points could trigger the creation of new forms of benefits to being a member of a corporation and a tool that would make social communication more meaningful to our daily life. I felt these thoughts that I had could apply in all structures of society. Meaning that the practice of caring fully for our children and education, would gradually transform a region or nation. Also the thought of meeting often through organized events would naturally promote friendship and inspire a new meanings to becoming part of a community. Marine Foundation would promote the individual as the extension of a family, a family as the extension of a neighborhood and a neighborhood as the extension of a region and a region as the extension of a nation and finally a nation as an extension of the world. After leaving the turbulent cocoon of the Nakamura family house, we rented a place south of Tokyo, by the bay. The mortgage of the house was done paying and the parents had the house to themselves. I was happy for them and the time has come to let all the good intentions and inspirations shine out of my head and put it to reality. The adventure began with 3 friends, JT Koski, Akiko Nagatsuma and myself meeting at a place at Omotesando and Aoyama Avenue in Tokyo, every Thursday evening and brainstorming our future and aspiration in the idea to build something that had never been seen before. A first concept attempt was “Z Club” with a failed attempt to propose it to the city to populate Tokyo Bay with entertainment and tourism.

A little boy who drew something that inspired the concept of Marine Foundation

Chapter 2 - Click to read
One day, the little Zeus at age 5 drew a beautiful ship with a huge bakery inside and the ship was going from seas to seas making bread for people. This is where the thoughts of Marine Foundation took form: Serving the world by ways of seas oceans and rivers. Therefore we thought that coming back to the waters, our place of birth and reunite humanity upon the thought that we are all a fruit of Mother Nature, would may be turn into some form of interesting new approach to creating a more peaceful relations between people. To us, serving the world through waters also became “healing the world through education”.

The Amazing Persian lady while in Dubai and the return to East Asia

Chapter 3 - Click to read
Working as a consultant and doing anything else that would put the use of my daring zealous character to doing anything, would keep me paying the rent and school for children without getting into too much debts. After 3 years of steady work, and in order to help train a bit more concept design, I decided to travel to Dubai where I met the mysterious Mahin Bahrami. I stayed over to her place for over 2 years at 3 months or less at a time and there the adventure multiplied after making friend with Mahin’s Canadian brother. I learned all there was to know about the GCC regions and these 2 to 3 years became precious. I think Mahin might have been an Amazon warrior woman. She did help me polish my thoughts of women and their great role in human and spiritual development.

Back to Japan, I had to face my old Japanese boss and she took me back in with negotiating to lower my salary. In Dubai, I had developed 2 concepts, the Arabian Business Club and the Children University. After sensing that I had enough of the Arabian sun I came back to Tokyo and back to the Marine Foundation’s drawing table and establishing the frame of the main concept. By that time, Ayumi had become a Queen of overcoming the ups and down of my roller coaster living. Athena and Zeus had grown more beautiful and tall and life was never in cruise control.

The birth of acronym MARINEF for Marine Foundation

Chapter 4 - Click to read
The domain and corporate name “MARINEF” was discovered a 7 letter word “marinef” magically untouched from any of the billions of people that register domains each day. The wheel of universal fortune started turning from then. Even though we had the concept, we did not have a name for it. Therefore we spent countless nights, waking up with a funny marks against the forehead. Ayumi did each time wander why in the world I would sleep sitting against my desk with a computer keyboard for a pillow while my comfortable Japanese futon was just meters away. I realized then it is hard to trade passion for comfort. Therefore when one becomes comfortable in the stress or pressure that passion surrounds him with, he or she becomes invincible and will endure about anything. I realized then that becoming passionate about something could help a person leave the realm of space and time and so breaking the barriers of worldly limitation. So it became important to create a corporate concept that would turn anyone, even a stone minded heart into a passionate person.