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Children’s World Peace Summit

And the winner is Takumi! The Marine Children Club President and Ambassador of all the children of the world. The Marine Foundation is so proud of him. He has worked so hard with his little brothers and sisters and many other children. Do you know that MCC is the first sponsor of WFYA (World Football Youth Association), which provides sports clothes to children in any children’s sports communities lacking in equipment? Amazing. By, from, and for the children. 


Marine Children Club is an agency to the Marine Foundation through Kazue Sumiyoshi, a proud mother of five. IWC (International Women Club) presented Kazue through the club president Mrs. Yoko Akahane. Following the communication with Kazue's five beautiful children, MCC was born on a sunny afternoon and today promising to become the most influential of networks on earth: children's network. 

Since its inception in the spring of 2021, the children have worked relentlessly, producing activities that speak of the heart. For example, before the Japan delegation's departure to Africa, they prepare "Origami" as an offering of their prayer to the well-being of all children of Africa. See the article here.

On the foundation's chairman's return to Japan, they picked up the WFYA concept and decided to become the sponsors of the first operation. WFYA - World Football Youth Association.

MCC wants to be the first children organization at the United Nations. They represent all the children at Marine Foundation, whichever agencies or programs or schools they belong. They embody all the children. Their mission is to spray the joy of education and constructive activities to celebrate their birth in the mother's womb. They proclaim that based on that biological truth, all children belong together as brothers and sisters. Truthfully, better than the foundation's concept architects could ever do, they truly personify the spirit of the Marine Foundation.

Video: Takumi’s Speech at Children’s World Peace Summit