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Ministry of Health

The Marine Foundation’s Department of Health & Medical Sciences

Supreme Minister of Health & Medical Science

With the advent of great technologies and the advantages of new communication systems children should never be left out abandoned in the streets. Through our Health Ministry, we are conceiving resort-hospitals for children. The ministry focuses on supporting medical research for immediate needs as well as a system designed to provide medical care for any children in any part of the world. Each of these concepts can be multiplied at random and specifically set to trigger economic growth and health benefits anywhere in the world.

Health & Children

By empowering organizations and residents to implement local solutions, we have an incredible opportunity to improve the physical, emotional and economic well-being of one community, one city, and one nations at a time. Enabling young children to achieve their full developmental potential is a human right and an essential requisite for sustainable development. Given the critical importance of enabling children to make the best start in life, the health sector, among other sectors, and specifically the private corporate sector has an important role and responsibility to support the protection of childhood.

New Systems = Complete Reforms

The wheel needs not to be reinvented but systems need to be discovered. It is less a matter of intelligence than it is a matter of inspiration. These systems are not just medical institutions but they become vital to the development of economy in any community.

Children Hospital & Resort

Doctor Professor Undra Semjidsuren Introduction of Children Hospital

Mongolia's Highest Academic Honors

Dr. Professor Undra Semjidsuren is the highest graduate student of Mongolia and has received publicaly presidential honor and reception upon her graduation in South Korea's best medical school.

International Children Hospital

MARINEF Medical Platform

Undra Semdjisuren Children Hospital & Resort

"This promises to be the largest hospital concept in the world, and will provide every child on earth the care and love they so deserve" 

The first of its kind, - USCHR (Undra Semdjisuren Children Hospital & Resort) Center will be an international hospital mainly focusing on children with the accompany of "resort" to welcome clients family and guests into a hospitality environment equal to 5-star hotels. The resort will provide an edutainment center to accommodate long term patients and to entertain the guests staying.

The concept of USCHR is also to bring education to its clinical environment where children would be able to follow online courses designed through the educational platform of SCU (Sea Campus Universal), broadcasted right into the hospital server.

UCHR's first resort will be conceived in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mongolia, the home city and country of Dr. Professor Undra Semjidsuren. Following the first hospital and international headquarters, the concept will be franchised and developed in Africa where we hope most nations will be 1 hospital per nation at first. The stay at the hospital resort will comprise lots of amenities for the patients' families and the cost will depend on locations and the overall income of a family's patient. This means that HCHR will be affordable to almost every body, anywhere in the world.

The cost for abandoned children or children without parents will be reduced to almost nothing but will be generally covered by sponsors and patrons of the hospital through the sponsorship programs of the Marine Foundation.

HCHR ("Undra" Children Hospital & Resort) carries the name of its original founder Dr. Professor Undra Semjidusren, also one of the first volounteer member of the Marine Foundation where she deposited her ideas and concepts in support of Founder Mr. Tomeo RD. M-Gressard.

Africa-Japan Medical Association – AJMA

Dr. Rose Vardini

Deputy Minister: President of African Medical Platforms

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“The Principles of Health are the base by which all systems are created, from Universal grandeur to the smallest of cells in the body. It starts with the Education of the heart to maintening all the bounty that heaven bestowed upon us” – Marine Foundation

Health Ministry’s Medical Based Agencies

MDTA – Medical Distribution & Trade Agency

MDTA is an agency for people in the medical and pharmaceutical fields that gather under the purpose of supporting regions with the medical equipment and products that are otherwise inaccessible to distribute byways of conventional trade between countries. The programs will initiate with the doctors’ networks of Africa and Japan operated through AJMA – Africa Japan Medical Association, led by Dr. Rose Vardini.

OCTP – Okinawa Disease & Cancer Treatment Program

OCTP is an agency that provides traditional & natural treatment to the most common diseases of our age. Starting with cancer and skin treatment through proven successful natural medication, the agency’s leadership network is introduced to the health department by Japan’s Marine Foundation Ministry of Science & Technology Dr. Fukumoto.

USCA – Universal School Clinic Agency

USCA is an agency that serves the propose of providing schools and learning institutions with the medical attention children needs permanently. It is the medical clinical structure for all of the Marine Foundation’s educational concepts to run with a provided insurance company system to carry a fully protective package for any school community anywhere in the world.

One World Filter Foundation

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