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 Chairman of the Marine Foundation & Brand Owners Committee Member

Welcome to the Marine Foundation

In my daily living, there are only two topics that draw me to wonder; The mysteries of “God and Creation”, and the quest for “Human Restoration”.  I can’t help but seek the reality of a better world thinking that “Love”, is, after all, undeniable all-powerful energy.

“Those who are confident to receive in abundance are often blessed by their own conscience. They drill a path to their future through patience, will, and sacrifice, knowing pertinently that the many risks they take are the difference they make.”Tomeo M-Gressard

Our versatile project development and the operational platform is designed to feed our daily aspiration for gain, prosperity, and peace, from the perspective of economic growth right from the heart of any society anywhere. With this approach to development, we think an individual will serve a family, a family its society and a good society will make for a stable nation. Therefore, because we all aspire to education, comfort, and health, our philosophy in project inception relates directly to that of being bright, good and clean. In the effort of crystallizing these 3 words in the light of common sense and pragmatism, we could seek the incorruptible pattern in venturing the development of societies. Tomeo M-Gressard

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Japan International Concept & Project Design Headquarters:

1-25-13-202, Kanamecho, Toshimaku-ku, Tokyo Japan 〒171-0043
Phone: +81 (0) 3 5926 9228
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10:00a – 5:00p M-F, closed S-S

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MARINEF Corporation & Marine Foundation Tokyo
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Introduction to the Marine Foundation's structural concept

Education, project development, and marketing through international events make us a movement of reforms where the agenda takes economic rebirth a prerequisite duty wherever it would establish. Among other systems, our educational planning revolves around 3 reforms in content: Sea Campus Universal (15000 children per school), Global University of Technology & Development, and Ocean Universal (complete maritime education). Focusing on these sectors only would help reconstruct any region or even improve the status of already developed countries.

We are a "peaceful" movement. We talk of peace in the substance in the look of an "olympiad philosophical concept" or a place where there can be no conflicts. In the Olympic Organization, based on the disciplines of the rules of sports, people from around the world gather together to dispute titles for medals. Here we see that sporting rules govern the relations of nations during 2 weeks events, every 4 years. This is indeed the example of a peaceful concept, where common sense takes over and where participation requires to neutralize religious, cultural or political backgrounds for a while.

The Marine Foundation centers its ruling in gathering its network around the values of the birth of humanity and so the birth of life itself. The undeniable truth of the reality of the mother's womb brings out our biological commonality. For that reason, our corporate ruling proclaims and demands a standard of absolute respect for life and environment. From that understanding, our management system, ideological backgrounds must leave space to common sense in perfect human relations of absolute respect. Peace has a chance to flourish in the understanding that we all come from the same birthplace. The Marine Foundation is a practitioner of the rules in the context of membership and leadership communications, enticing diversities to come and work together, under the banner of education and celebration. Even when it comes to cultural traditions, religions or political parties, the one who loves and respects the most will ultimately become the champion of attraction and popularity.

5 Main Executive Central Committees:

The 1st executive committee is mainly internal and consist of what we call the Board of Brand Owners, made up of 360 members representing the 360 degrees of a perfect circle. Each day of the year will represent one member making it 360 days celebration.  They represent as a group the core supervisory membership through actual unique ownership of the branding of the Marine Foundation.

The 2nd executive committee is the First Ladies Club, where the leadership would be the representation of the voice of Mother Earth as a supervisory and voting power to our educational project Development structure. This is the keyframe by which "women" become the absolute standard in reference to the education of birth and the celebration of life.

The 3rd executive committee is the diplomatic membership pertaining to the United Five Ocean's platform (U5O). U5O represents the 5 continents united into a "Club of all Nations"  where diplomats mingle representing their cultures and come together under the vicinity of the continental regions their nation belongs to. U50 or Club of all Nations serves to support economic growth through supporting the Public Sector with information and event gathering services.

The 4th committee is the Executive Club Assembly, which attracts successful business leaders (men or women) to unite under the honorary naval title of "Admiral" to identify and celebrate their potential to become role models of modern societies to lead the next generation to prowess through their example and presence within the Marine Foundation's platform.

The 5th committee is the Billionaires Legacy Academia Club, which is a council for infrastructural restoration, where extremely wealthy people have a chance to gather in the discussion of megaproject development, maritime or on land, to seek the harmony of communication of our planet through transport projects such as bridges, tunnels and an international highway concept.

Marine Foundation together with ADN runs uniquely under the umbrella banner of its own branding, through the organizational establishment of mass membership platforms and large event organization system. The creation of these 2 large sectors of communications gives it an unparallel control over sponsorship and will allow it to round up the entire world under large media publications and production platforms.

2 Mass Communication Platforms:

Wikinations: is an educational and commercial online portal connecting 240 nations together into a giant international Chamber of Commerce online via educational web design & PR concept. To that effect, it takes after the business model of  Wikipedia's example who plays more the role of an encyclopedia. In contrast "wikinations" will become a tourism information center & regional promoter, with a corporate membership within for any businesses to expose their services right within the platform. Not only will it become an educational tool to institutions around the world, but it will also serve as reference governments to show off their nation under the banner of attractive beauty and production media to attract investors and developers. 

Global Citizens Live Association (GCLA) is a mass membership social platform which caters to any individuals but targeting mainly the family member with a zero tolerance to promiscuity and where values or respect in human communications are taken to the maximum extent of the moral ethics. GCLA becomes an automatic educational incentive as it connected directly to "wikinations" with exposing flags into the member's dashboard instead of faces first. By flirting cursor upon the flag image of a new contact, the member receives the immediate option to open the flag's wikinations page for a quick overlook of that person's nation. Contacts stay hidden under the flag of provenance and opening contacts dashboard is optional. Meaning that the member becomes more interested in showing how many flags shows up on the member's dashboard than showing off faces of people who can stay categorically hidden behind their flag of provenance. The platform will become a "must" to learn geography and culture, rapidly through real-time communication between members. Reaching a full dashboard of 240 flags would mean that a person has friends all over the world while at the same time he has become familiar with the existence of 240 nations.

One Mega Event Organization Platform

The worldwide network of the Marine Foundation (MARINEF- ADN) have the unique privilege to connect to an entire event organization divided into the categories of Festivals, Symposiums, Exhibits and Sports. The design of 50 international annual events is set to help promote quality tourism to benefit economically any region where the foundation is established. Events are also good media to promote the causes of projects and programs involvement where information will be distributed in a continuous and sustainable manner. The event opportunities will also have an effect on supporting areas with promotional tools to attract investment and developments to places where in need of exposure to the world.

Chairman's General Resume

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"O Planet Earth, Mother of All, You can Now Rejoice , Knights of Peace & Wisdom Born of Your Waters, Prosperity is Near..."

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Motto 2021

Whatever project we undertake this year, the questions we ask ourselves often become the barometer of how we live our life. Whatever goals we might achieve, it has to be resulting in helping those in need – I suppose. When the Sun or the Moon recognizes an unconditional heart, the universe becomes an ally. You are in control of your “2021”, and as long as one chose to put others first, the year has already been conquered. Under Heaven’s guidance, any wishes can turn into action. It is in the “will to act” that makes dreams come true. Sometimes it takes to be on one’s own for a while, but when the universe takes over, it aligns the stars in a domino effect of blessings. A day of good results can become a path door to total freedom. And we have 365 chances to achieve that.

Spirituality, Productivity, Maintenance, Momentum, however how we define these 4 words, they seemed to me my daily remedy for living in standard and coping with unavoidable daily challenges. In spirituality I may focus my thoughts on what’s healthy. Learning for the sake of giving out to others can define being self productive. The good management and order of whatever it is I am doing can result in more consistent flow of energy. And to project myself to the next, with unwavering commitment, I usually refer to reporting to myself or to my conscience, in whichever eternity’s interpretation it is, but every single good or bad day.