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International Public Relation Projects & Networks

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“Public Relation Skills – the Master Key to All Doors”

PR Projects are designed to be applicable anywhere in the world through licensing system which brand is the ownership of the Marine Foundation. To better understand the brand concept of the organization, in view of the development of its core project, take a quick look at the chart below. By observing how the operation is organized with its networks platforms, we naturally understand how the multimedia are going to become an integral part of the strategic maneuver to attract most reputable corporate sponsors. 

Chart of activities in the Context of Education & Celebration - click here

General Chart of the Events & Networks Organizations of the Marine Foundation in the Lights of Benefits to Artists anywhere.

Aside from its core concepts of development, the Marine Foundation has developed a sector for PR projects to benefit “Brands”, “Celebrities” and “Charismatic Leaders” inciting them to serve the betterment of societies.

PR – Development Project

Sport Equipment

Great sportsmen live their challenging and entertaining lives to leave a legacy of their achievements. Children of the world, who look after their idols, need equipment to grow their skills. the “World Football Youth Association” is a system where the distribution of sports products will be made available to 5000 youth communities yearly around the world starting with Africa (Liberia) and South America (Brazil). The system is designed to benefits donors.

Maritime Equipment

Most countries of the world do have coastal or water territories whereby in the ocean, food is abundant and yet maritime industries are often non-existing. The distribution of fishing boats through the “Maritime Program Development Agency“, throughout regions who cannot afford such equipment, will help create maritime technology learning centers where sponsors will benefit from markets of interest.

Amusement Park

Children entertainment solutions are often the target for profitable gain in the hospitality industry. “Sea of Dreams” is a cut above “edutainment” setups designed to benefit children’s mental and physical health, offering sea mammals and water entertainment therapeutical contents to their growth. Regions will benefit their tourism industry with “pilgrimage” like events where large corporate brands will make sponsorship available to coastal markets of interest.

Dignitary Headquarters

The line between high and middle-class societies in the event industry is very thin as to the content everyone rich or poor enjoys. The “World Dignitary Headquarters” is a club of kingdoms where horses are made the symbolic flag to educational contents that focuses on “leadership”. The branding potential of such an event venue is infinite, mainly due to the attraction it pulls from the media industry and the celebrity networks. 

PR – Cultural Project

World Orchestras - Classic, Jazz & Modern

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The Amazing Legacy of Ben Zaricor

“If it can stand to be flown, fly it… And if you’re going to collect, put them up so people can experience them. To see them, that’s a kid’s dream.” Ben Zaricor
Ben Zaricor, owner, and creator of The Zaricor Flag Collection (ZFC), as the noted flag historian, the late Howard Madaus stated, Is the largest most important representation of U.S. and American flags in the world. Containing many important foreign flags, the ZFC is more than a large accumulation; rather it is a dynamic working collection, used for research, exhibition and educational purposes. Read more…Official Website.
(Interested to know what Marine Foundation relations with Ben Zaricor are? please contact +81-90-4944-5599) Marine Foundation’s PR presentation here.

Marine Foundation’s Relation & Communication Systems

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Artist Fund & Fan Associated Stardom


Intensively sensational & mystical Japan Group – Original songs and dance performance. Heavenese likes to serve the world with Peace Concert and has pioneered going to perform in remote regions of Africa. In Japan and Asia, they have entertained numerous crowds of people, especially pleasing for those who want to get a taste of Japanese modern entertainment but with traditional cultural aspirations. Official Website