Marine Foundation Mediaset – Project 2019

In our effort to foster the socio-economic development cost-efficiently and effectively in today’s society for the future generation of world citizens, Marine Foundation is of the opinion that there is urgent need to introduce innovative system and tools within educational, cultural, tourism and environmental programs dedicated to the youngest.

Through the Marine Foundation Mediaset Group, distinctly African programmes will be offered to the public via both traditional as well as new media platforms. These are designed to inspire, inform, educate as well as entertain the youth in a world which is making increasing daily demands on their attention. The various programs through various platforms are designed to be easily accessible, convenient as well as easy to understand.

Materials will be offered in many of Africa’s diverse tongues with the option of subtitles to enable access as well as the appreciation for those who do not speak the languages of the origin of the programs. This will enable Africa as a whole to celebrate its own diversity while encouraging and promoting African cultures as well as traditions.

A special and unique bond binds the nation of Japan to Africa as well as to the Marine Foundation. The nation has made numerous positive and continued contributions to the socio-economic development of Africa through various initiatives. In recognition of this, the Marine Foundation Mediaset will also help serve as a window into Japanese culture, traditions, as well as advancements in numerous arenas.

The beauty of the African continent as well as the warm hospitable nature of her diverse and colorful peoples, has always made Africa a prime tourist destination. In honor of this, Mediaset promises to offer a rare window into the mystery of the continent’s decided allure which even a multitude of challenges have been unable to mar.

As the curtain begins to draw to a close in 2018, 2019 promises to be an exceptional year. At the Marine Foundation Mediaset, 2019 is no different. With innovative, exciting, never seen before programming, Africa’s youth, through the Marine Foundation Mediaset Group platforms, has plenty to look forward to.



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