The Moral Advisory Spirit & Legacy Builders of the Marine Foundation. They are Those Who Have Executed Their Passion into the Building of Institutional Kingdoms from Whose Integrity is Shown through Their Action.

Admiral Supreme Club

Highest Honorary Naval Title Status Membership of the Marine Foundation – The Red Jacket Award Membership

The Executive Admiral Position is by itself an “Award” Membership to celebrate those who have had the spirit to lead mission oriented social, business or academic careers, in the achievement of greatness in the legacy left through substantial results. As per “Section 17” of its constitution, the Marine Foundation is organized under the disciplinary honorary naval insignias rank promoting absolute respect and divided into 3 status club: the Admiral, Captain and Midshipman Clubs. These are the core 3 status memberships of the organization. The club is to celebrate the life of those who have learned to give to their societies with a heart of leaving a legacy to this generation and the thousands to come.

Admiral Club

Admiral Membership

Those who lead with the heart of sharing and the intellect of visionaries and the the wind to their will.

High net-worth distinguished individuals are required to donate a minimum of One million (USD value) to becoming members of the Prestigious and suppreme Marine Foundation’s Admiral Club. (Men or Women). The Admiral Club leads over the World Naval Federation – Flagship of the of the foundation. The award presentation is in the form of the Red Jacket with the Golden Broach Insignia.

Honorary Chairman of the Marine Foundation
HE. Masato Kitagawa

The Honorary Admiral Club Society is an inspiration to the core education systems of the Marine Foundation. One of them WNF – World Naval Federation, inspire the zealous spirit of young people toward challenges for a better self in order to lead and invest into building better societies. The Master of Oneself is a Master to all. It starts with the firm realization that happiness can only be achieved with the care and service to others. Heaven guides and inspires those whose heart are kind to others. World Naval Federation