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Ministry of Construction

The Marine Foundation’s Department of Construction, Infrastructure & Architecture

Supreme Ministry of Construction

With the advent of great technologies and the advantages of new communication systems children should never be left out abandoned in the streets without a roof over their head.  The ministry focuses on finding sustainable habitats to every institutional structures presented by our education department. Each of these concepts can be multiplied at random and specifically set to trigger economic growth through communal participation in every concept created. We shape our environment, therefore we shape ourselves. The study of nature, the love of nature and the closeness with nature helps us conceive structures that will last forever.

Smart City-Schools for a New Generation of Children

It is our conviction that the Smart City-School itself can become the key element in creating smart learning environments that transcend traditional institutionalized learning by bringing learning back to where it originally belonged: everywhere. Our vision of smart environments for children is to create a public space for learning experiences that transcend into all areas of the children’s life by the use of modern mobile technology while at the same time establishing traditional institutions (like schools, libraries, museums, etc.) as hubs for information gathering and collaborative interactions. Learning is thus not confined to a traditional institutional setting but the children living environment, the city-campus itself, becomes an enchanted place allowing for playfully discovering hidden knowledge, thus making lust to learn. A smart school, in our vision, become creative environments for realizing new ways of interacting with information (and with others), integrating real and virtual as well as social and emotional aspects. By putting the learning back into the life of the children we aim at opening up alternative routes to successful learning. This will be beneficial for all children, but it is our conviction that it helps especially children that are challenged by more traditional learning approaches.

New Systems = Complete Reforms

The wheel needs not to be reinvented but systems need to be discovered. It is less a matter of intelligence than it is a matter of inspiration. These systems are not just architectural concepts but they become vital to the development of economy in any community.

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Founder & Managing Director of P.A.B Designs
P.A.B Designs & Technology Co. Ltd.

Architectural Smart New Children Concepts

Sea Campus University - SCU

The Sea Campus offers Elementary & Secondary education (National Kingdom School). Large schools with campus – children village quarters – 15 000 children per campus organized in housings of 10 children per quarter, assisted by 4 volunteer couple (Parent Volunteer Association). Middle of the compound: school facilities, classes, sport, art music etc…

Classes are theaters of 4 large screens facing east, west, north, and south. 200 children per class divided into 4 groups of 50 facing one giant screen. Children are assisted by “animators” to coach them and keep general order. 30 minutes lessons are delivered simultaneously through the 4 screens. 20 minutes break time between lessons and the classes stop at 12:30 pm. The entire afternoon is dedicated to arts, sports, music, and dance.

The entire educational content will be centralized through one giant server, updating and simultaneously translating the content to any languages of the regions where SCU is established. Updates are instantaneous and will automatically be delivered through all schools. Children will review their lessons (homework) directly connected to the housing computer screens for easy review. The lessons come delivered with their homework separate content for easy review and coaching from “Volunteers Parents”, living together with the children.

The village will become a venue for local events and a place to entertain the local population. There will be creation of jobs and volunteer opportunities to trigger hospitality developments. Each campus will be equipped with clinic, transportation and security facility.

The educational system will result in children learning 4 to 5 times faster than the best schools in Europe or America. It will trigger tourism incentive unleashing the economic and social development of the region without compromising their local cultures and heritage.


Global University - GU

The largest university concept in the world to be established into 5 continents.

The GU concept comprises building campuses on each of the 5 continents of the world. The University would be divided into 5 continental headquarters with each its own 3 campuses per each welcoming nations. The sponsorship and funding would evolve around a very sophisticated corporate membership system established through the network of the Foundation.

One of the charismatic University’s incentive is a program for students to conceive projects to support the development of their hometown. The University will then provide sponsorship support to projects that have reached the qualification standards set forth by the advisory business development counsel of the University. This is naturally ground for local economic developments.

GU AfricaGU OceaniaGU EuropeGU AsiaGU Americas

Ocean Universal Academy - OUA

1 Chapter = 4 Camps / 200 students per camp / 3 Sessions per season (4 Seasons) / Average = 10 000 Students per year per chapter.

The Marine Foundation plans on establishing 5 chapters per continental region / Total: 25 chapters.

OUA is a set of 4 camps per chapter:
Camp 1:  Banana Beach. Basics ocean geography, rock formation, weather technologies etc..
Camp 2: Dolphin Quarters. Sea mammals & diving technologies etc…
Camp 3: Tuna Monsters. Fishing technologies, ocean mapping, food technologies etc…
Camp 4: Moonlight Pirates. Sea sports technologies, sailing, boat building etc…

Program duration: from age 7 to age 21 – full program of 3 levels per 1 camp. Each student has the opportunity to attend 1 session of 21 days per year, until graduation at age 21.

Marketing strategy: Clients are regional schools. 1 sponsor (up to 3) can sponsor the OUA marine program into 1 school. The name of the program will carry the name of the sponsor (ex: Toyota Marine Program at Saint Luke School in Hokkaido Japan). The children will carry a marine uniform with the name brand or logo of the sponsor. The sponsor can use the exposure for marketing promotion through multimedia etc…  Each chapter can welcome as many as 50 schools. Schools book the students to OUA up to 1 year in advance.

Local Tourism:  OUA will become an incentive for local economic developments as it will trigger tourism concepts like hotels, restaurants and event venues.

Marine International Training - MIT

Introduction / coming soon

World Naval Federation - WNF

New Disciplinary Concept

It is the dream of every young adolescent in the world to be presented a chance to serve the greatest purpose and to fit in a space of a good looking environment at the same time. It is also obvious that millions of these young people in our era are left unattended, unsupported at the completion of their childhood education as contemplating their transition into the challenging world of responsibilities.

The Marine Foundation proposes a new era in discipline where education expands to a new concept that offers every young person who has completed school, whether transiting into higher education or after graduating from college the opportunity to volunteer in the wholesome naval program of further learning, training, sports challenge, and further their humanitarian good-will aptitude to serving the world.

The World Naval Federation is such a place, presenting itself with 32 naval marina stations and camps around the world, where young people (or older) would have that chance to gather for periods of time at choice ranging between 6 months and 2 years, and under the banner of discipline, practicing respect for one another and respect for the environment.

The flagship branding of this organization would be tall ships in the image of the Royal Clipper, making an entire fleet of some of the most beautiful naval disposal ever presented in our modern age. No matter how great technology goes, nothing beats the beauty of sails over the ocean and nothing matches the beautiful challenge education it presents both, to the human spirit and the body.

Montebise – the Ultimate Gathering

The Montebise House of Dynasties

The most extravagant and exciting project with the Marine Foundation as far as Real Estate & Event Celebration is concerned with its 500 hectares of fields and chestnut forest. The theme for the Montebise Castle is entirely conceived by the Marine Foundation has now the potential to become the most charismatic meeting site for world royalties, business or social leaders, with an aim to creating the first World Dignitary Exchange center where celebration and education are prioritized with art, equestrian sports, musical events, and exhibitions.

Montebise Project Administration President

HRH Princess Sanyogita Atrey

Montebise Project PR President

“The Marine Foundation wishes to register all Kingdom nations of current monarchies to Inviting the creation of a “Board of Royal Association”, for the developments of Peace through Education & Celebration, with the innovation of “Wisdom Leadership Legacy Programs & Events” to spoil young royalties in art & discoveries. The Montebise House of Dynasties ” – the Marine Foundation

Maria and Rokhaya represent the Real Estate of the Marine Foundation. Maria on the International level and Rokhaya specifically to the Montebise Project.

Landscaping & Art Infrastructure

The Blue Forest – La Forêt Bleue

One Million Trees planted and a Breathtaking Experience in the First African Park Exploration, an Architectural Display of Nature in the Likes of What it Means to Be the True Keepers of our Planet. Thanks to Transplantation & Biotechnology, We See Hope in the Renaissance of Life on Earth, Where Without the Growth of Trees, Clean Water and Pure Air We would have long be gone. Blue Forest

Blue Forest Associated Celebrities

Heavy Infrastructure

Japan-Korea Tunnel

“Japan-Korea” tunnel. This project is also designed to ensure the establishment of good relations between the governments of Japan and Korea.The project will support the development of regional economies and the promotion of peaceful relations.


Politicians in both sides have proposed the construction of an 80-mile “peace” tunnel to South Korea that would boost trade and symbolize friendly ties between the two nations.
The proposed tunnel, more than twice as long as the Channel Tunnel (England-France), would link Karatsu in south-western Japan and Pusan in South Korea, via two islands in the Japan Sea.
It would be part of a 140-mile (230km) rail link passing through the Japanese islands of Iki and Tsushima, and making it possible to travel between Tokyo and London by train. Ideally that would make possible a journey from Tokyo to London by train. Japan politician say: “We want to promote it as a symbol of peace.”

Detail Description of the Project (General Information) - click here
The Japan-Korea Undersea Tunnel or JKUT is a tunnel connecting Fukuoka and Busan in the East Asian Federation. It travels under the Korea Strait, spanning a length of almost 200 kilometers in two segments – connecting Busan Prefecture in the South Korea region with Fukuoka Prefecture in the Japan region, by way of Tsushima Island. The tunnel includes ten lanes for automobile traffic, five conventional rail tracks, and three maglev right-of-ways. It carries Federation Rail’s Interregional Connector Line for local services and New Main Line long-distance service in the rail portion of the tunnels. The tunnel construction was be a joint project between the Infrastructure Advancement Corporation and Hyasoda Contract Services engineers, architects and construction workers. Infra Corp has designed three rest stops into the design for fuel stations, food and restrooms and a station at the mid point for emergency personnel to respond to tunnel accidents.



The road alignment begins as an extension of the Gyeongbu Expressway travelling underneath downtown Busan. A spur route branches from the main tunnel under the city to start the Busan-Geoje Fixed Link. The main route then proceeds through the beginning of the core tunnel section. The northern rail alignment continues south of Busan Station, entering a tunnel approximately 800 meters south of the station platforms. At the 62 kilometer mark is the first automobile rest station, called the North Rest station. It is equipped with restrooms, vending machines, a petrol station, and a small information center. At the 100 kilometer mark is both the Midpoint Island Rest Station and the Busan-Hakata rail station, containing several amenities for weary travelers. At the 172 kilometer mark is the South Reststation. It is equipped with restrooms, a small emergency care facility, and a petrol station. The southern road portal is in downtown Fukuoka, providing local connections to city streets. The southern rail portal is west of Fukuoka, north of Karatsu City.

Midpoint Island Rest Station

The Midpoint Island Rest Station, located on Tsushima, is a traveler’s rest area at the midpoint of the tunnel complex. Modeled after the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line’s Sea Firefly rest area, The Midpoint Island Rest Station consists of a small commercial complex and residential area connected to the city of Tsushima for workers of the complex. In addition to travelers’ amenities, the rest station is home to a Nagasaki Prefectural Police barracks, a regional fire and rescue service center, and a fully operational trauma center. The Tunnel Center station of the Federation Rail Interregional Connector Line allows workers and tourists easy access to the rest station and the nearby city of Tsushima.


The tunnel is composed of ten distinct bored segments; five for road and five for rail. The rail tunnels used to carry conventional local and through service are equipped with dual gauge track for standard and narrow gauge operations. The tunnel is linked to the Korea Train Express network at its north end and the Shinkansen network at its south end. At the north and south road rest stations are matching rail tunnel stations serving as emergency escape points in the case of an emergency. Each station is equipped with exhaust fans, television cameras, loudspeakers, infrared fire alarm systems, and fire suppression systems.

Line New Main Line, Interregional Connector Line
Location Korea Strait
Status Active
System Federation Rail, National Expressway system
Route National Expressway 1
Start Geojedo, South Gyeongsang Prefecture and Busan, Busan Prefecture
End Karatsu, Saga Prefecture and Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture
No. of stations 3
Owner State Office for Transport
Operator Japan-Korea Tunnel Corporation
Traffic Automotive, Rail
Character Passenger, Freight
Toll 4000¥
Vehicles per day 25,000
Length 475km
Line length 200km
No. of tracks 8
No. of lanes 10
Track gauge standard
Electrified 25 kV AC, 60 Hz overhead catenary
Operating speed 400 km/h (maglev) 260 km/h (conventional rail) 120 km/h (automotive)
Monocle Interview with President Sato June 2017

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VIP Club-House Switzerland

Investors, Builders & Corporate Associates – IBCA

IBCA is a membership organization for investors, corporate leaders or financially independent people who can benefit from JAPIA’ s international development platform and many other structures of the Marine Foundation. The headquarters VIP house of IBCA will be located in Montreux Switzerland.


The VIP Club-House in Switzerland is Headquarters to IBCA, First Ladies Club and the Celebrity Network

To See the photos placed into the PDF presentation directly and confidentially please contact the following number  +819049445599.

We are launching our Sponsor-Investor Relations operation for the purchase of our VIP Clubhouse in Switzerland — Please call our Tokyo headquarters office for detailed information. We plan to purchase the house from the second week of June 2020, through August 2020.

The VIP Clubhouse will serve as a private gathering place for the presentation and signature of our projects worldwide. We have the hospitality team ready on location for the management of the Club House. We have the choice of 3 facilities ranging from 10 to 15 million Euros. The house will strictly serve the “Public Relation” needs of the Marine Foundation upon private small gathering for “Registered Members Only“.

PDF - Planning Presentation for the Swiss InternationaI VIP Club House - English
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PDF - Présentation de la planification du Swiss InternationaL VIP Club House - Francais
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