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Dolphins with a Mission & a Passion for Children

Children Art Facility

Lifetime Memories

About Aruba, the safest place on earth…

Why does Aruba get more repeat visitors than other Caribbean islands? Perhaps it’s because of our weather, friendly people, and attractive prices.

Aruba consistently receives the least rainfall in the Southern Caribbean, and we’re also located outside the Hurricane Belt, so you can expect excellent weather no matter what time of year you choose to visit.

Arriving in Aruba, you’re sure to be greeted by friendly, helpful, and hospitable locals who are eager to show you around the One happy island and help you get into the vacation groove.

And whether you’re looking to relax and unwind, or seeking adventure and excitement, Aruba is chock-full of incredible things to do, making it the perfect destination for trips of all types.

No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you want to do on your next vacation, Aruba should top your list of potential vacation destinations.

Unforgettable Moments

A First Kiss With The Sea

Did you know? if you kiss a dolphin, if you’re a child all your dreams will come true – if you’re an adult all your worries will fade away!

A True Swimming Friend

The therapy of being in the presence of a dolphin will release the unseen powers of creativity inside a child’s heart. You should try!

Mother Nature's Warm Touch

Water is already a blessing, but imagine the warm touch of the sea’s most friendly curator. This is a once in a lifetime treasure memory!

Children Art Center

Education Facilities

Edutainment Center

Sport Fishing Facilities

Swimming Academy

Cruising Restaurants

Water Sport Center

Global Facilities

Movie & Show Theater

A movie cafe theater where you can eat which become a dinner show and concert room at night.

Edutainment Center

The IT center is also a language learning facilities and an edutainment game center for children and adults.

Water Slides & Sports

Adventure & exhibition slide for children and adults with a unique twist to the design and sliding system.

Learning Center

Seminar facilities and children art school center. Education is also a great recreational attribute.

Mariners Captain Hotel

A family hotel design like a ship with a unique public bath system & relaxation facilities.

House of Worship

Celebration of life revolves around all cultures and all religions regardless and so a place for meditation & reflection.

Fish Mermaid Market

A real fish market where children come to learn the variety of fish and see food, and do their own shopping.

Swimming Places

Swimming and barbecue park with all the equipment and food right there, including coolers, equipment & food.

Global Education

Children Art Center

International Children Art Center that ties up to schools around the world to entertain children with art education.

Sports Fishing Range

A super sport fishing facility to awaken tourist with a challenging but rewarding activity at Sea of Dreams.

Mermaid Adcademy

A safety and concrete swimming program design by Princess Charlene of Monaco, an ex Olympiad athlete. 

Dolphin Pilgrimage Center

To give a chance to children around the world to experience the love of the sea through Dolphin Therapy.

Global Events

Cousteau Ocean Award

In honor to the greatest oceanographer who has ever lived, a yearly award for those who act in protecting the environment

Sea of Dreams Festival

A water show and festival where water parade and water activities will display for one entire week celebration.

Caribbean Sea Race Cup

Long distance Jet ski race around the Island and lots of fun. This includes Yachts cups and lots more challenge activities.

King Fish Boat Exhibit

The world award for the best fishing boat per category of use. A beautiful exhibit of the best boat design on the planet.

Map of Aruba

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Aruba: A Remarkable Island Amidst a
Distinctive Way of Life in the Celebration of Caribbean Life









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The conceptual design of the entire system of Sea of Dream was an effort by concept engineering architect, who presently is the chairman of the Marine Foundation. The project takes form in the association with the leadership of the NOVAYA foundation located in Aruba Caribbean Island, Kingdom of the Netherland. The project invites investors and sponsors. Join us on this wonderful adventure.