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Event Organization

Marine Foundation is the World’s Largest Event Organization on Earth

Marine Foundation’s management structure is characterized by the sophisticated set up of Event and Network organizations, which make the foundation a brand target for media & sponsors. Based on such concept, the fundraising revenues can result in the proceedings from annual international events and social & corporate membership platforms.
Festivals Listing

The Annual Ban­quet of Ambassadors

African Culture Celebration Festival

Celeb Women & Lead­er­ship

The Inter­na­tional Chil­dren Art Festivals

Super­stars Inter­na­tional Drive

Korean His­tory Day & Cel­e­bra­tion Show

Chi­nese Arts & Cul­ture Celebration

World Orches­tras Challenge

Music Award Festival

Ulti­mate Jazz & Blues Festival

5 Ocean Supreme Doc­u­men­tary Film Award

Inter­na­tional Newscaster Recog­ni­tion Award

Symposiums Listing

Inter­na­tional Child Pro­tec­tion Symposium

The Bering Strait Net­work Symposium

Inter­na­tional High­way Symposium

Fish Farm­ing & Fish Pow­der Symposium

World Faiths Peace Gathering

Solar & Hydrogene Tech­nolo­gies Symposium

Tech­nolo­gies for Dis­tant Edu­ca­tion

Royalty’s Youth World Leadership Meet

The Math­e­mat­ics of Heaven & Earth

Exhibitions Listing

Yacht Dis­cov­ery Annual Expo

Water Energies & Tech­nolo­gies Exhibit

New Cur­ricu­lum & Learn­ing Strate­gies

Exhibit Cos­me­tol­ogy & Aes­thetic Beauty Fair

The Inter­na­tional Fish­er­man Fair

World Naval Demon­stra­tion & Ocean Exhibit

World Bank­ing Exchange & Expo

Hos­pi­tal­ity & Travel World Expo

World Horses Montebise Exhibit

Montebise Horses Exhibit

Challenges Listing

Junior Yacht Peace Cup Racing

The Amaz­ing Jules Verne Marine Race

The Fish­er­man Tournament

The Great Columbus Celes­tial Challenge

The Montebise Castle Derby

The Best Horseman Festival

Montebise Equestrial Show

The Montebise Spring Marathon

The Grand Marine Cup

Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do. – Walt Disney

Children Symposium

1st International Symposium for the Protection of Children – March 11th, 2021 – In the origin of its system, the Marine Foundation represents and celebrates humanity’s birth through the miracle of the Mother’s womb. This dinner was also the Banquet for the INITIATION of the First Symposium for the Protection of Children…

First Ambassadors Banquet

This is a trial version of the Banquet of Ambassadors. 100 Japanese women wearing kimonos and red carpet reception etc. At this particular event the presence of 10 ambassadors and diplomats. It shows the potential of the First Official Banquet of Ambassadors in January 2021.

International Annual Events

Purpose for a MarineF Event

Brand Incentive

Promotional Tool

All Inter­na­tional Event posted in this website are designed, created & engineered by Marine Foun­da­tion’s membership. This helps us con­duct­ smooth pub­lic rela­tions in the sup­port­ of projects than need the voice of the people. Events are entertaining because they inform. The Marine Foundation’s believes that information is education and therefore the need to creating an environment where people meet constantly.

Unifying Spirit

Cultivating the Mind

The human spirit craves for reunion where beauty and respect promotes understanding and entice people to want to transcend national or cultural boundaries. Divided into 4 categories, these events are made entertaining while seeking bet­ter­ment in social communication, using educational themes and inspirational discoveries. For the sake of peaceful long lasting relations, people should meet as often as can be.

Economic Recovery

Economic Booster

When people meet, they are given a chance to learn, observe and get new ideas on any development. Whether a neighborhood, village, city, region or nation, a gathering is going to fill places in hotels, restaurants and shops. The Marine Foundation is creating ways for people to celebrate on a daily basis, through the conception of events that reach the interest of the small or large crowd.

International Event Committee
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Tokyo Regional Event Committee
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