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Wealth Legendary Agency

The Marine Foundation, much like the cosmos, unfurls in ever-expanding spirals. Hence, if we neglect our appointed tasks during our lifetimes, future generations will bear the duty to complete what we began.

In this era of profound change, it’s possible to harness “practical wisdom” to better our world. We now live in a time of liberation where education emphasizes tapping into universal common sense to build a flourishing economy. Just as the health of our bodies relies on the flow of countless rivers, the affluent should channel their wealth to rejuvenate communities.

The most prosperous individuals, those who truly understood the power of love, have left lasting impacts on our world. They alleviated their concerns about legacy by serving whole communities, turning entire regions into beneficiaries of their largesse.

Peace & Restoration

There are 2,208 billionaires globally, and the Marine Foundation has crafted a system to unite them on a singular communication and academic platform. This club champions international development, ensuring a limitless flow of funds towards essential infrastructural projects that aim to promote global economic harmony. Key among these initiatives is the development of land and port transport networks to enhance trade relations across the globe. Details about the members will remain confidential until the formation of its inaugural leadership committee. Each member of this council is eligible to receive Honorary Doctoral Degrees from some of the world’s most renowned universities.

1st Committed Billionaire

The Billionaires Legacy Academia is a division of WLA (Wealth Legendary Agency).

The Club contributes an advanced and visionary approach to further expand our platform through all its global programs and initiatives. A combination of extraordinary business skills and visionary thinking characterizes all members: Leadership and Legacy, Innovation in support of others, Moral & Positive impact, Extraordinary “out-of-the-box” philosophy. 

“Even the United Nations, founded with the noble ideal of protecting the welfare and peace of humankind has reached its limitations. Isn’t it the UN becoming an organization that exists more in name than in substance?!”

The Legendary Council of Billionaires – October 25, 2023 (First Counsil Meeting)

The Marine Foundation stands as a unique platform, envisioned to gather the world’s wealthiest individuals to collaborate on monumental infrastructural projects. We believe that affluence brings with it a responsibility—regardless of personal mindset—to act as stewards of global betterment. These individuals possess the unparalleled potential to bridge gaps and make a difference on a scale that transcends political boundaries and the United Nations’ capabilities. To facilitate this, we’ve crafted financial strategies that could inspire billionaires to redistribute their wealth in ways they previously hadn’t deemed possible. Those who opt to leave such an impactful legacy will pave the way for a renewed understanding of wealth’s true purpose. Our inaugural event, the ‘First Forum – Symposium of Billionaires,’ will broach topics like the construction of three major ports and a tunnel through the Bering Strait, bridging the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. This historic gathering is slated for October 2023.

World Academic Recognition Award

Every member of the “Wealth Agency” is honored with the World Academic Recognition Award, a tribute to the enduring legacy they establish as masters of finance and business organization. Supporting this prestigious accolade are some of the world’s most renowned universities. The World Academic Recognition is designed to commend and celebrate those global citizens whose exemplary achievements have made a positive mark on our society. Their contributions not only inspire us in the present but also serve as a beacon for future generations, guiding them towards the betterment of humanity. Official: World Awards Page Here.