Wealth Legendary Agency

Peace & Restoration

There are 2208 billionaires in the world today, and the Marine Foundation has engineered a system to bring them together into a “mega” communication and academic platform to promote international developments, and where funds would be made unlimited to the need for infrastructural concepts that would promote economic peace throughout the world. Some of these concepts would involve the structuring of land and port transport communication to promote better trade relations between all regions of the world. The portal group information of these individuals will stay undisclosed, until the inception of the first official committee. Each council participant is illegible to receiving Honorary Doctoral Degrees from some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

The Legendary Council of Billionaires – Development Group (coming soon)

The Marine Foundation is the only living platform with the vision of welcoming the wealthiest people on earth to discuss an association of minds for large infrastructural developments. We think wealthy people, regardless of their state of mind, should become aware of their mission as patrons of planetarium management with their unique gifted potential to help break the walls of differences much beyond what politics or the United Nations are meant to do. For such a purpose we have design financial strategies that may incite billionaires, to distribute their wealth, in a way they’ve never thought gratifying before. Those destined ones who choose to partake in leaving a legacy, that can engender generations to come, would surely make ways in the creation of a new consciousness on the purpose of wealth. The First Forum – Symposium of Billionaires will and could be the topics for example on the building of 3 large ports and a tunnel through the Bering Strait channel which would connect Eastern and Western Hemisphere together. The first gathering is set for January 2021.

“Even the United Nations, founded with the noble ideal of protecting the welfare and peace of humankind has reached its limitations. Isn’t it the UN becoming an organization that exists more in name than in substance?!”

World Academic Recognition Award

Each member of the “Wealth Agency” is greeted with World Academic Recognition Award in the honor of the Legacy they Leave to the world as Masters of Finances and Business Organizations. Joining up our World Academic Recongition Award are the most prominent universities known to societies. The World Academic Recognition is set in order to honor and celebrate the excellence in performance of world citizen that has impacted positively our global society and by so being could inspire all of us in now and future generation of respective country as reference to the betterment of humanities in particular. Official: World Awards Page Here.