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World Naval Federation – WNF

Naval Exercises for Humanitarian Services & Disciplinary Training

New disciplinary concept: It is the dream of every young adolescent in the world to be presented a chance to serve the greater purpose and to fit in the area of a good looking environment in the same time. It is also obvious that million of these young children in our generation are left uncared for at the completion of childhood and their entry into the difficult world of responsibilities. The Marine Foundation proposes a new era in discipline where education expands to a new concept where every child out of school, before attending higher education or after graduating from university, can have a chance to volunteer in the wholesome naval program of further learning, training, sports challenge, and further humanitarian good-will aptitude to serving the world. The World Naval Federation is such a place, presenting itself with 32 naval marina stations and camps around the world, where young people (or older) would have that chance to gather for a choice of 6 months to 2 years, and under the banner of discipline, practicing respect for one another and respect for the environment. The flagship branding of this organization would be tall ships in the image of the Royal Clipper, making an entire fleet of some of the most beautiful naval disposal ever presented in our modern age. No matter how and great technology goes, nothing beats the beauty of sails over the ocean and nothing compares to the beautiful challenge education it presents both, to the human spirit and the body.

Honorary Naval Status Insignia