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Voyage Academy & Club – VA

Where Tourism Becomes a Service to Society and a Mission of Peace

“Quality & Educational Tourism”. Education is Leisure.

Where being a tourist can become a service to society and a way to take responsibility for others noticeably the children. This is the age of “quality tourism”.

The Tourist Club Academy is a platform that combines tourism and travel into a new educational platform, where those attending would receive pragmatic, constructive and motivational ways to enjoy their travel while visiting places of the world. The program is set to apply to any regions of the world and would present differently accordingly with climate, geography, and culture. However, it would nicely unify and synchronize people together, providing a common platform for unique activities, for anyone who looks to travel to meet others in the spirit of constructive friendship through events, social gatherings and activities. (Isn’t it what everybody really wants?)

Let us say, I am a tourist but I usually do not have any constructive academic ways to make my journey a memorable and learning experience: Here I can get to know more of the purpose of my trip, who I meet, and I am offered things that I can do to help support societies around the world. As a motivational and momentum generator, I receive titles of achievement per my learning activities and social achievements. If I am an educator, I can take my journey and transform it into a teaching experience of even to offer a little bit of my time as a “volunteer parent” in the “Kingdom Schools Sea Campus Universal”, which are state-of-the-art schools systems to welcome abandoned children.

This would be like taking Tourism, the oldest industry and educational activity in the world, into a frame that it can become a professional, honorific intellectual and academic recognition platform of development for those who wish to leave a legacy behind. This would trigger regions to want to attract people in a way to develop their local market. Voyage Academy is a revolution and reform into its concept as it takes something that everyone already enjoys, and extend it into something everyone has and should do, as a matter of principle, for the understanding of life, cultures and geographical differences of our beautiful planet. It offers any retired professionals to spend the rest of their life to the purpose of others and saving the world around them.