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Wikinations is the Educational Portal of the United Five Oceans

It Supports a Corporate Membership Platform Across 241 Nations

It Promotes Peace through Business & Trade Relations Between Nations

How does it work?

Marine Foundation’s Wikinations platform, offer the best information and reference on cultural and geogrphical beauty. The platform also serves as a online chamber of commerce that can help the PR for thousands of businesses. The goal of Wikinations, integrated with the Global Citizen Live Association membership – (GCLA) – is designed to help create a positive image on each regions of the world for educational and economic development purposes.  Knowing each other’s culture and geography can help bridge nations into peaceful business initiatives through respect for country and people. Marine Foundation uses “wikinations” to organize its staff and membership system throughout the world.






Discover and learn about the 241 countries of the world
Be informed on cultural activities anywhere in the world
Be part of international events anywhere in the world
Be informed on investment opportunities anywhere in the world
Know the best places to visit anywhere in the world
Be involved with Marine Foundation’s activities anywhere in the world
Expose your business concept to all 241 regions of the world
Get banking and financial information anywhere in the world
Become connected to local governments anywhere in the world

Marine Foundation and the WiKINATIONS Platform:

Marine Foundation has registered 241countries of the world in its website Templates and is ready to imput all information per each nations using the wikinations system.

Each country contains its own entry database of networks

Each country provides an address and registration. Registration is made of people of the central team + 2 local persons

Base Leadership Membership:
One country has one main Administrative representative.
One country has the leadership support of 5 members

Based Honorary leadership:
One country has the membership of 10 diplomats
One country has the membership of 10 corporate leaders
One country has the membership of 3 celebrities

Automatic & systematic Registration Establishment in each country:

Base Agencies per each country:
International Women Club – IWC / Japan based
The International Investors & Corporations Club – IICC / Japan based
Maritime Development Agency – MDA

Base Program of Development per country:
World Football Youth Association (sports equipment distribution)
Maritime Development Agency Program

How does Wikinations Synergize with mass membership GCLA Platform:

GCLA is The world free membership platform of the Marine Foundation

GCLA:  Global Citizens Live Association / MICC: Marine International Community Centers

The overall idea: GCLA is set to have members match with Marine Community Centers in all 240 countries of the world. This global membership platform will be connected to the Wikinations s’business and educational portal.

When a region, in any country has reached a sufficient quota of members, accordingly to its demographic calculation within a city or community, it will systematically be sponsored a MCC facility (Marine Community Center).

The financial management of MCC facilities will be covered by sponsorship offered by surrounding large or small businesses, added corporate members of Wikinations in exchange for a direct exposure to the market surrounding a particular center.

GCLA members will also naturally identify these corporations from within its platform tied up directly with Wikinations, which presents an attractive educational and business communication platform.

Wikinations together with MIC centers, will be central to serving members around the world, in the discovery of business opportunities, and for corporations in their live direct communication with new markets and new consumers.

“Your business at Wikinitions can instantly & directly connect to 241 nations & regions of the world”

Welcome to the United Five Oceans


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“The Teachings of Respect for Life and Environment, and the Knowledge of all Cultures, as Core Education to All”

Global Citizens Live Association

Marine Foundation initiates the Global Citizen Live Association – GCLA – to assemble a movement for those who adhere to the practice of total respect for human life, one another and the earth environment. This International, interracial, intercultural and Inter-religious platform with its unified protocol of “Absolute Respect”, will make ways for conscientious peace and protection in the divided societies in which we live. GCLA will introduce the advent for large international events with educational initiatives made specifically to promote life, all colors, all cultures, and faiths.

Students & Content Researcher – Please join the
Wikinations Discovery Program

The “Wikinations Discovery Program” is to help the making of this country’s page. We wish to have 5 to 10 local volunteers to support creating the content. Photos, videos and texts. To register to the program please fill up the registration information by following the link below when clicking on the Wikinations logo. Each volunteer will be automatically registered to “Wikinations” where they will will financially benefit when the platform is released through 2021. Thank you for your support and dedication to the transformation of your country. Just follow instruction for best results.

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"Wikinations Discovery" Program Instruction

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