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National Kingdom Schools

Sea Campus Universal Schools for Fast Learning & children Full Accommodation system

General Concept:

The first core project Marine Foundation will undertake as an organization with full mobility available will be set of the “Kingdom Schools” or “Sea Campus Universal”. 

The Sea Campus offers Elementary & Secondary education. Large schools with the huge campuses – A sort of children village quarters – 15 000 children per campus organized in housings of 10 children per quarter, assisted by 4 volunteer couple (Parent Volunteer Association). Middle of the compound: school facilities, classes, sport, art music, etc…The network organization of volunteers will spring out of “Voyage Academy”

Classes are theaters of 4 large screens facing east, west, north, and south. 200 children per class divided into 4 groups of 50 facing one giant screen. Children are assisted by “animators” to coach them and keep general order. 30 minutes of lessons are delivered simultaneously through the 4 screens. 20 minutes break time between lessons and the classes stop at 12:30 pm. The entire afternoon is dedicated to arts, sports, music, and dance.

The entire educational content is centralized through one giant server, updating and simultaneously translating the content to any languages of the regions where SCU is established. Updates are instantaneous and will automatically be delivered through all schools. Children review their lessons (homework) directly connected to the housing computer screens for an easy and accurate review. The lessons come delivered with their homework separated content for easy review and direct coaching from “Volunteers Parents”, who live together with the children. Each class receives its own homework electronically. 

The school becomes a venue for local events and a place to entertain the local population.  Creation of jobs and volunteering opportunities is provided throughout the complex and triggers hospitality developments. Each campus will be equipped with a clinic, transportation, security facility and lots more…

The educational system results in children learning 4 to 5 times faster than the very best schools in Europe or America or Japan. The concept triggers tourism incentive unleashing the economic and social development of any small regional economy without compromising or undermining the local cultural heritage and any particular site.

This will be the emergency concept and first PILOT educational concept of the Marine Foundation — I have a TEAM of 40 professionals to the development of the concept. Cote d’Ivoire will be the first country of the concept where children population is at risk. 15 000 children per schools and I will establish 10 schools to start with. The system is made to automatically multiply and self-sponsored itself.