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Welcome to Africa – UNA – The Club of All Nations – Africa

UNA is a membership of African nations that have agreed to the common quest of economic and educational development through the standards presented by the Marine Foundation. The international foundation’s strategies for sustainable growth relies upon systems that envelop both the PR and communicative networking aspect of developing a region. The understanding of inter-connectivity and administrative (non-political) alliances has the potential to reform an entire educational system, inclusive of the way a nation approaches tourism and techniques to elaborately attract investments. The Marine Foundation is the sophisticated conception of five ministries of diligent concept developments, comprising every content needed to support the fast-rising of a nation’s economy through obtaining international attention with trade & finance.

“Supranational PR & Multimedia for the Organizational Economic Development of Continental Africa”

UNA – United Nations of Africa

General Secretary of the UNALibasse Diop Dia.

ADO – Mr. Dia is also presently the CEO of ADO. The Africa Development Organization has committed, as the major driving force for its existence, to conduct diligent and equitable life altering business in all of Africa toward the benefit of the citizens of the great continent of Africa. It is of paramount importance to our business that we exercise continual success and cause positive impact on its people. In advancing our commitment, excellent leadership within the organization is essential to effectively work with various Governments, Presidents, Ministers, Mayors, and Community Leaders throughout the African continent.

UNA – United Nations of Africa: Information coming soon…

Ethopia – Dee Dee Angagaw

President of African Developments

Cote D’IvoireKoura N. Ouattara

World Development Headquarters

GambiaPhilip Abel Bensouda

 Japan Branch Headquarters

The grand opening of Marine Foundation Africa was blessed the sponsorship and the presence of Her Excellency Professor Mariatou Kone, Minister of Solidarity, Social Cohesion and the Fight Against Poverty. Added to that was the visit of the Governor of Abidjan, His Excellency Beugre Mambe, who was most gracefully welcomed the Marine Foundation in ABidjan.

President Koura N. Ouattara has pioneered the way for Marine Foundation to establish in Africa for about five years of patience, endurance and reflection. The Marine Foundation concept is something that does not come out of the ordinary and working through the vision for a stable and ensuring start was not an easy task. We are so grateful that on February 20, 2019, of this day, her vision came true with the help and support of those sacrificial volunteers who truly came to the rescue and those whose hopes are firmly grounded in the development of Africa, for African, by Africa, and from Africa.

Abidjan Cocod Cite Belle Fleur 3 / 06 BP 6419 Abidjan 06 Cote D’Ivoire
Registration No: 2031/PA /   President: Mrs. Koura Niele Ouattara

Mission in Africa – the Motherland

The Marine Foundation’s versatile project development and its operational platform are designed to feed our daily aspiration for gain, prosperity, and peace, from the perspective of economic growth right from the heart of any society anywhere. With this approach to development, we have established the Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire) and The Gambia to be our places of assembly for educational development and pilot projects to then develop in the whole of the African continent. We plan to acquire large real estate, to welcome our School village concept and our Global Universtiy campuses. The Republic of Cote D’Ivoire will become a center of attraction and economic development for the world to visit and to learn from.

JAPIA – Japan-Africa Partnership Initiative Association – is a Japanese-African agency that can help support the African economy with Japanese “know-how” and initiate “transfers of technology” throughout the African industrial soil, in the conception of a “Made in Africa” united label. JAPIA  also helps develop the Japanese economy to new markets with the support of local African diplomacy but independent from government support. JAPIA plays a role of cultural guide and legislative support to visionary Japanese corporate leaders wishing to expand outside Japan.

The “African Cultures Celebration Festival will emotionally stir the heart of the Entire World!”  Tomeo M-Gressard

Transcendent Beauty of a thousand Cultures, The African Cultures Celebration Festival in Dakar Senegal – ACCF

Entirely produced and designed by Marine Foundation Africa, ACCF will stir and inspire the heart of the entire world! (more information coming soon…)

14 days celebrations with:

  • African symposiums of Information
  • African art, music & food exhibits
  • African in business & trade exhibits
  • African multimedia gatherings
  • African technology reveals
  • African beauty fashion display
  • African new educational concepts
  • African junior yacht liberation cup
  • African Football Peace Tournament

Official TV Press Announcement Abidjan February 20, 2019. Grand-Opening Ceremony

“UNA is an Organization Member of the United Five Oceans – U5O – Confederation”

Founder & Executive Chairman -The Marine Foundation
Chief Concept Architect
World Headquarters: Tokyo Japan

I have never met a person more dedicated than my mother. I say these words on behalf of all the sons and daughters of the world. Our mothers are the world to us. She led me onto a journey of adventure and all she cared about was her children’s safety and happiness. Mother Jeanine made her mark in the world by inspiring me to love everyone as my siblings. I still hear the voice in my head: “one day, you will care for the motherland.” And then, a great teacher came saying that tribal unity would unite the world. Our cultural and geographical differences celebrate our lives on earth, just like the permanent movement of colors throughout a day from morning to night. However, the existence of birth defines the beauty of our lives on earth. If we could deeply learn about the actual biological resemblance that comes through the mother’s womb, we would understand that the purpose of science gives us the infinite knowledge that life truly exists for the sake of love.