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Royal Families Around The World

The Gathering of True Monarchs for Peace & Restoration

As a peace movement of a symbolic “Corporate Kingdom”, the Marine Foundation initiates the gathering assembly of “Kingdom Nations” from around the World. This assembly acknowledges the highest forms of respect and morality, thus proclaiming the existential value of their “God-given” invaluable place in history by the conservation of their bloodlines throughout the ages. Kingdoms are the roots of social leadership and so the role of a Royal Family Member as heavenly defined – “divine caretaker of the people” – emphasizing and portraying the practice of virtues which results in peaceful international relations. We invite Monarchs to come together in the celebration of their cultural heritage, to train their heirs in the art of peace, for the people they represent, in the past, present and for a better future.

Declaration of Purpose & Intention (click here)

The Marine Foundation wishes to register all Kingdom nations, regions and current monarchies to Invite members of Royalties into a “Board of Royal Association”, through the organization’s themes of the development of Peace and Education through the settlement of “Leadership Legacy Programs” to support young royalties aptitude to govern their regions in the legacy of their predecessors.

Our mission is to be a voice of reason and conscience of our humanity and on behalf of our nourishing Mother Planet Earth. We stand together in the dignity of absolute respect for human life, respect for one another, and the respect of the natural environment in which we live.

The Marine Foundation wishes to register all Kingdom nations, regions and current monarchies to Invite members of Royalties into a “Board of Royal Association”, through the organization’s themes of the development of Peace through Education and Social Economic Developments via “Leadership Legacy Programs” to support young royalties aptitude to govern their regions in the legacy of their predecessors whose morality and ethics is the transcendence of their generations to love and respect they their kingdom as a whole and as a divine responsibility.

The Marine Foundation’s administrative establishment around the world, under the patronage and support of Monarchies, will become to these nations, a vehicle of communications and ground platform for friendly and beneficial exchanges between their regions, where to the prosperity of their economies and the conservation of their traditions and moralities.

As other world organizations focus on the protection of world heritage on the ground of geographical locations (UNESCO), the Marine Foundation will help protect World Monarchies on the grounds of their vibrantly rich traditions, the prosperity of their nations’ economy, and the maintenance of traditional cultural heritage where each will register into a legislative protective platform called: Conservation Of Traditional Cultures And Treasures (COTCAT). On the standing of the COTCAT constitution which also stands uniquely an initiation of the Marine Foundation as an organization to be approved and recognize as the first “Administrative Supranational Corporate Kingdom of the World”, by the council Assembly of the Kingdom Nations of the world. 

To the purpose of the creation of a consortium of Royalties and to demonstrate the sincere motivation in its quest to benefit all regions of the world, the Marine Foundation conceives the Chateau de Montebise, a 500 hectares of land (1 hour southeast of Paris) specially design for equestrian activities, art and education, to favor the development of good relations between dignitaries from around the world. “World Dignitaries Exchange Headquarters”, will become a place of reverence and celebration, which can exhibit the beauty of the ages through morals conduct of absolute respect for life and environment.

The First Consortium of World Royalties

32 Kingdom Nations & Regions of the world. Purpose: Peace and Restoration, in an atmosphere of academic celebration with sporting and art-entertainment event facilities, and leadership training systems.

Ships on the Sea and Horses on the Land are the 2 first transportation and communication systems of civilization. Montebise is the celebration of both. It celebrates the 2 conductive tools that brought tribes to rise into Kingdoms, forward to the societies in which we live today. Kingdom nations are the last heritage of peace which monarchies are instructed to follow the divine purpose to serve the people they love and govern. Welcome to Montebise, the Peace Assembly of Kingdom Nations of the world.

Welcome to Montebise

The Great gathering of Kingdom Nations at the Chateaux de Montebise (Paris -France). Montebise becomes the “World Dignitaries Exchange Headquarters” of the Marine Foundation.

The Assembly of Kingdom Nations & Dignitaries Exchange Headquarters

500 Hectars

Renaissance 17th Castle built under Louis the 14th. One hour from Paris. 15 minutes from Private Airport. 270 Hectars of Forest Chestnut & French Oak Trees. 200 Heactars of Fields & Agricultural Land. 29 Kilometers of Trails. 10 000 m2 of Farm & Stable Houses.


Polo Club – Castle Races – Horseman Festival – Olympic Paractise Field – Parade & Horses Expo – Equastrian Institutions – The Montebise Derby Festival – And much more…

The Property

Central House: 400 m2, 1st floor, and attic can create 20 beautiful suites. Orangery: One room of 300 m2, all renovated with French oak wood. Ballroom: 1700 m2 with an ornate oak wood ceiling. Hunting house: 120 m2, ground and 1st floor, basement, kitchen, dining and living room and fireplace. Orchard House: Ground and 1st floor with basement, living and dining rooms and 2 suites. Stables for 100 horses – Tennis courts – Cellars Animal Shelters etc…

Music & Festivals

Marine Foundation is founded on the principles of Education & Celebration, these 2 motivators which serve the prupose of creating wisdom, openess and frienship between individuals. Montebise honor that through showcasing some of the greatest talents of the world.

Banquets & Gatherings

Getting together as a human society of commonalities and trying to find solutions to better understanding of our origins as one people under the heaven, friendly gathering of the minds can help engender new ways to establishing international, intercultural ties of  friendship and collaboration.

Safety & High Morals

Montebise is a place of high security in both the physical aspect of feeling at home and in the moral standard of the attendant to the facility. Rules are set to be uncompromosing and therefore an environment catered to both children and adults.

Education Services

Provided in great abundance, the aim of establishing a ground for entertainment is to also be able to provide content materials that are beneficial to all in the short and longterm. One never gets tired of learning or improving personal skills. At Montebise great entertainment is also tied with resourceful educational training that focuses on “leadership”. 

And So Much More...

50 km From Central Paris – an Hour Car Ride

Renaissance 17th century castle (under King Louis the 14th) surrounded with over 500 hectares of agricultural land and forest, was originally playground for equestrian activities and multitude of outside sports gatherings. The place is magnificent and rare in its size and makes the perfect meeting venue for the noblest of events, just one hour ride from the fashion capital of the world.

More Interesting Facts – Read Below:

Castle's Annex Houses & Dependency

Central House:

400 m2, 1st floor, and attic can create 20 beautiful suites


One room of 300 m2, all renovated with French oak wood


1700 m2  with an ornate oak wood ceiling

Hunting house:

120 m2, ground and 1st floor, basement, kitchen, dining and living room and fireplace

Orchard House:

Ground and 1st floor with basement, living and dining rooms and 2 suites

Other Facilities:

Stables for 100 horses – Tennis courts – Cellars – Animal Shelters etc…


  • 15 Minutes From Private Airport.
  • 15 Km From Euro Disney.
  • 270 Hectares of Forest of Chestnut
    & French Oak Trees etc…
  • 200 Hectares of Agricultural Land of Corn, Wheat, Beans, Peas, Colsa & More…
  • In The Forest 5 Ponds Covering.
  • 15 Hectares With Ducks & Fish.
  • 29 Km of Trail Within The Domain,
  • 30 Minute Car Ride Around The Property.
  • More Than 10 000 m2 of Farm Houses.


“The Property’s Prestige Network will Engage in Beautiful International Encounters, with Brand and Corporate Sponsorship Systems, to the Benefits of Promoting Marine Foundation’s New Educational Peace & Economic Development Concepts Throughout the World.”

365 Days 7/7 + 24 Hours Services

The “World Dignitaries Exchange Headquarters” is an establishment that will be made 24/7 available to its membership. It also comprises concierge services of all kind to support the high demand of an exclusive network. It will serves the benefits of those who dare to dream, not just for themselves, but the society in which they live.

Entertainment Services

Hospitality Services

Event Services

Educational Services

Sports Services

Equestrian Services

Welcome to Montebise by Beatrice & Marie Morgan Letroadec

Equestrian Activities

Montebise Polo International Club

International Tournament, Club & Polo Training School

The concept of the game and its variants date back from the 6th century BC to the 1st century AD. The sport originated from equestrian games played by nomadic Iranian and Turkic peoples. Polo was at first a training game for cavalry units, usually the Persian king’s guard or other elite troops. It is now popular around the world, with well over 100 member countries in the Federation of International Polo. It is played professionally in 16 countries. It was an Olympic sport from 1900 to 1936. Polo has been called “the sport of kings”. It has become a spectator sport for equestrians and society, often supported by sponsorship.

The Annual Castle Race

An endurance race of 30 km to show off the strongest horses alive.

The Horseman Festival

The most talented riders of the world competing for Best Horseman.

Olympic Practice Field

A riding school for leisure and for sports competition.

The Parade Expo Exhibit

The best horses in the world expo, auction & parade demonstration.

Montebise Equestrian Institutions

Jockey Workshop Academy

Royal Cavalier Academy

Olympic Prep Academy

Education & Art

Classic Music Award

This is where 5 qualified symphonic orchestras of the world will compete each year in the first place.

Classical Network Exhibit

Graduates from around the world will come to demonstrate their skills or try to find partners or orchestras to join.

World Heritage Concert

Inviting the UNESCO to celebrate world’s heritages through music, lights and 3D projection mapping.

Montebise Music Fest

This is a night of concert and food stands where international bands can come and perform under the name of Education.

Montebise Educational Services

Kingdoms Youth Leadership Seminars

A selective youth of young entrepreneurs and graduate students to make bonds with communication for the sake of common initiative on project development.

International Communication Seminars

These seminars cover modern communications technologies and social communication platform. It informs corporation leaders on how to be more productive with using modern tools and systems.

Green & Blue Energies Seminars

Seminars on ocean and agricultural technologies. Workshop and pilot project demonstration camp.

Opera School of Coaching & Institute

Lots of students of classical music throughout the world would like the chance to meet elites in the discipline and get advise from them.

Events & Reunions

Dignitaries Banquets

Kingdoms Youth Protocol Symposium

Inviting the youth of royal family around the world for a banquet and symposium on leadership & Corporate responsibility.

The International Mayors Banquet Reunion

Mayors from cities around the world come to share together under the roof of community sisterhood to promote relations between regions and promote their cities to potential investors.

Superstars International Charity Banquet

Dignitary people and business leaders from around the world have the chance to dine with their favorite celebrity stars.

Inter-Faith Banquet of Peace & Vision

A beautiful gathering of philosophers, philanthropists and religious leaders from around the globe.

Medical Masters World Reunion

A gathering of medical masters from around the world to share and discuss new medical technologies and make new connections.

The Asterix Outdoor Banquet of Initiative

A selective youth of young entrepreneurs and graduate students to make bonds with communication for the sake of common initiative on project development.

International Annual Exhibits

Montebise Runaway

Best Brand Award

Beauty Exhibit

Chase Expo

Hospitality Services

Exclusive Montebise Services

Weddings & Horse Parades

A beautiful garden & castle wedding parties with a luxury dormitory for guests and horse parades.

Corporate Retreats

Full accommodation provided for corporations around the world to enjoy spending time in a place of Joy and Tranguility. 

Birthdays With The Stars

A once in a lifetime birthday spent with a  superstars, members of the Marine Foundation.

Culinary Exhibits Center

A  place to meet chefs from around the world with a message to share through personalized culinary demonstration.

Annual Sports Events

Sports & Challenges

Spring Montebise Marathon Cup

25 Km across fields and forest.The end lap of the marathon is the welcome of a parade of horses on castle ground.

The Seasonal Montebise Relay Race Derby

Relay Racing is a way for teams to compete for cash and prizes. Teams consist of one rider, three horses, two holders and a mugger. The race starts in front of the grandstands, with a standing start. Racers make one lap around the track, changing horses twice in front of the grandstands

Castle Jump Cup

Stadium Jumping is a competition where horses and riders negotiate a course of hurdles or jumps within an arena or riding ring. The jumps are colorful and of varying heights and widths. Wide jumps or ‘spread jumps’ may include a water hazard that horses must leap over, but not touch. The event is judged by elapsed time and number of faults that reflect the number of jumps knocked down, time penalties, disobediences of the horse and rider errors. Height, width, and the number of jumps will depend on competitors level of competition.

Montebise Endurance Race Cup

The first race ever, was the start of the renowned Tevis Cup which runs along the Pony Express Route in the Sierra Nevada. Since its beginning in 1955, endurance racing has flourished with now more than 700 races conducted in the North American continent. World Endurance Championships are held under direction of the FEI every second year. They sets down rules and regulations for endurance riding, keeping the horses’ welfare as top priority. If you own a horse, why not look into the exciting sport of endurance racing. It is very rewarding and a wonderful opportunity to bond with your loyal steed.

WFYA Tournament

World Football Youth Association international tournament from young recruit from around the world. WFYA Home Page.

International Polo Tournament

Montebise Cup Tournament of the best Polo Clubs in the world.

Management Organization

System Organization & Management of Montebise

There are several very sophisticated new management and promotional systems to monetize every single day of one year at Montebise. Almost every week of the year will be occupied with activities that are good for the local economy and that serve international peace relations. We, unfortunately, we cannot reveal all these systems here on the website, but we would be happy to share them on a “need to know” basis to anyone interested in such a concept. The system can be duplicated anywhere in the world. More to come soon…

Clinic organization – Security Systems – Transportation Systems – Horses Network Management – Real Estate Management – Sponsors Organization – Media Organization – Racing Licenses – Landscape Architecture – Conference Halls – Music Halls – Communication Systems – Governments & VIP Relation – Artists Relation – Social Media Relation – etc…

It is all so much simpler than it looks and all it takes to achieve such a concept is a little of faith and courage. Montebise is the only and first event facility concept of the kind.

Equine Therapy

Concept Presented by AmaLia Wai-Ching Please click here:

Spending time with animals is beneficial. Pets are good for physical and mental health, thanks to their unconditional love and the stress-reducing effects of being around them. Most people think of dogs and cats as animals that help people. Horses can also be valuable partners in some kinds of therapy.

Equine-assisted therapies are programs where professionals guide clients through activities with horses. There are different kinds of equine programs, and they have different goals for the people involved. Some programs are part of mental health treatment. In other cases, clients ride horses as part of a physical or occupational therapy regimen.
Equine-Assisted Therapy for Mental Health

A horse barn doesn’t seem like the typical location for intensive mental health work. Still, some people find that equine-assisted therapy is beneficial. Typically, equine-assisted therapy is a team effort where a mental health professional works with a horse specialist. Clients who participate in equine-assisted therapy are usually seeking help for emotional or behavioral problems.
Clients work with specially trained horses and learn about caring for them. The therapy focuses more on learning to care for the animals rather than learning to ride. Working with horses happens along with methods like cognitive behavioral therapy and experiential therapy.

Caring for horses requires concentration, selflessness, and teamwork. Equine-assisted therapy programs can help people improve self-esteem, self-awareness, confidence, and empathy.

Equine therapy programs can help treat:

Behavioral problems
Relationship issues
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Eating disorders

Therapeutic Riding Programs

People who need physical therapy or occupational therapy often benefit from specialized riding programs. Like equine-assisted mental health therapy, therapeutic riding programs use specially trained horses alongside staff with professional training in occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. Clients work toward various goals, depending on what their needs are.

People with a variety of abilities benefit from therapeutic riding. If a person can’t sit on a horse, horse-and-buggy programs are an option. The physical action of these activities helps people build strength and balance as well as improving spatial awareness. Both riding and caring for horses are helpful for enhancing physical endurance and dexterity, which is a common occupational therapy goal.

Therapeutic riding programs help people with a variety of special needs, including:

Cerebral palsy
Down syndrome
Emotional or behavioral difficulties
Muscular dystrophy
Multiple sclerosis
Spina bifida
Spinal cord injury
Traumatic brain injuries
Visual and auditory disabilities

Riding is also good exercise and a lot of fun. People who may have physical limitations and can’t participate in other recreational activities find riding to be an enjoyable way to spend time.
Equine-Assisted Learning

Equine-assisted learning is a skill-building method where people work with horses to achieve particular personal or professional goals. A client will work with a facilitator who makes a lesson plan based on what the person wants. The facilitator will guide a participant through lessons in horse care and observing horse behavior. They’ll link how horses behave back to lessons on how humans behave.

There are some specialized programs for veterans that incorporate elements of equine learning and equine-assisted therapy. These programs help veterans, especially those with PTSD, learn to reintegrate into civilian life. Working with horses helps them build communication skills, emotional regulation, and trust.

Learning programs can be tailored for each individual. Organizations can arrange to have an equine as a team-building experience or professional development program. People of any age can benefit from equine-assisted learning.
General Benefits of Riding

Therapeutic horse programs are valuable for people with specific needs and goals. Research shows that people with both physical and emotional needs benefit from working with horses. Therapeutic programs operate all over the United States.

Anyone can benefit from spending time with horses. Caring for animals is a proven way of reducing stress and boosting your mood. Pet ownership has been associated with decreased blood pressure, healthier cholesterol levels, and lower triglyceride levels.

Horses, in particular, promote time outdoors. Taking riding lessons can lead to opportunities to socialize with other riders. Participating in a riding program may help decrease feelings of loneliness or isolation.

Riding horses is good exercise as well. You can get cardiovascular benefits from taking a vigorous riding lesson. Riding, grooming, and taking care of riding equipment all help build strength and endurance.

If you are interested in trying an equine-assisted therapy program, speak to your doctor or therapist for a recommendation.