World Dignitaries Exchange of Kingdoms – WDEK


The Assembly of Kingdom Nations, Our Declaration:

The Marine Foundation wishes to register all Kingdom nations, regions and current monarchies to Invite members of Royalties into a “Board of Royal Association”, through the organization’s themes of development of Peace and Education through the settlement of “Leadership Legacy Programs” to support young royalties aptitude to govern their regions in the legacy of their predecessors.

This means that the Marine Foundation’s establishment around the world, under the patronage and support of Monarchies, will become to these nations, a vehicle of communications and ground platform for friendly and beneficial exchanges between their regions, where to the prosperity of their economies and the conservation of their traditions and moral ethics. As other world organizations focus on the protection of world heritage on the ground of geography (UNESCO), the Marine Foundation will help protect World Monarchies on the grounds of their vibrantly rich traditions, the prosperity of their nations’ economy, and the maintenance of traditions which registers as world international and historical treasures.

To the purpose of the creation of a consortium of Royalties and to demonstrate the sincere motivation of the Marine Foundation in its quest to benefit these Kingdoms, Marine Foundation will purchase in the course of 2020, the Chateau de Montebise, a 500 hectares of land (1 hour southeast of Paris) specially design for equestrian activities and the splendor of all that can be offered in Art, Music and Extra Curricular Educational Contents to favor the development of international prestigious events, and the gathering of dignitaries from around the world. “World Dignitaries Exchange Headquarters”, will become a place of reverence and celebration, which will exhibit the beauty of the ages through morals and conduct of absolute respect for life and environment.

How does 500 hectares look like?

The 28 Kingdom Nations Listing

The Kingdom of Hawaii
Principality of Andorra
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Islands (Tuvalu – Solomon Islands – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Saint Lucia – Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis – Papua New Guinea – Jamaica – Grenada – Belize – Canada – Barbados – Commonwealth of the Bahamas – Commonwealth of Australia – Antigua, and Barbuda)
The Kingdom of Bahrain
The Kingdom of Belgium
The Kingdom of Bhutan
Brunei Darussalam
The Kingdom of Cambodia
The Kingdom of Denmark
The Empire of Japan
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
The state of Kuwait
The Kingdom of Lesotho
Principality of Liechtenstein
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Principality of Monaco
The Kingdom of Morocco
Kingdom of the Netherlands
The Kingdom of Norway
Sultanate of Oman
The state of Qatar
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The Kingdom of Spain
The Kingdom of Swaziland
The Kingdom of Sweden
The Kingdom of Thailand
The Kingdom of Tonga
The United Arab Emirates
The Vatican City State

The World Headquarters for Dignitary People & Philanthropic Champions

Welcome to the Club of Kingdom Nations

Characteristic Overview of the Property

Renaissance 17th century castle (under King Louis the 14th) surrounded with over 500 hectares of agricultural land and forest, was originally playground for equestrian hunts and multitude of outside sports gatherings. The place is so magnificent and so rare in its size that it makes a perfect meeting venue for the noblest of events. Marine Foundation proposes to make it a world headquarters for dignitary events and meets.

50 km From Central Paris – an Hour Car Ride

15 Minutes From Private Airport

15 Km From Euro Disney

 270 Hectares of Forest of Chestnut

& French Oak Trees etc…

 In The Forest 5 Ponds Covering

15 Hectares With Ducks & Fish

200 Hectares of Agricultural Land of

Corn, Wheat, Beans, Peas, Colsa & More…

29 Km of Trail Within The Domain

30 Minute Car Ride Around The Property

More Than 10 000 m2 of Farm Houses

Castle's Annex Houses & Dependency

Central House:

400 m2, 1st floor, and attic can create 20 beautiful suites


One room of 300 m2, all renovated with French oak wood


1700 m2  with an ornate oak wood ceiling

Hunting house:

120 m2, ground and 1st floor, basement, kitchen, dining and living room and fireplace

Orchard House:

Ground and 1st floor with basement, living and dining rooms and 2 suites

Other Facilities:

Stables for 100 horses – Tennis courts – Cellars – Animal Shelters etc…

“The property’s prestige will engage in beautiful international encounters, with brand and sponsorship, and to the benefits of promoting Marine Foundation’s educational concepts throughout the world.”

Entertainment Services

coming soon

Hospitality Services

coming soon

Exhibit & Events Services

coming soon

Educational Services

coming soon

Sport & Training Services

coming soon

Paris Polo International Club & Tournament

The Annual Castle Race

An endurance race of 30 km to show off the strongest horses alive.

The Horseman Festival

The most talented riders of the world competing for Best Horseman.

Olympic Practice Field

A riding school for leisure and for sports competition.

The Parade Expo Exhibit

The best horses in the world expo, auction & parade demonstration.

Montebise Equestrian Institutions

Jockey Workshop Academy

Royal Cavalier Academy

Olympic Prep Academy

International Music Events

Classic Music Award

This is where 5 qualified symphonic orchestras of the world will compete each year in the first place.

Montebise Music Fest

This is a night of concert and food stands where international bands can come and perform under the name of Education.

World Heritage Concert

Inviting the UNESCO to celebrate world’s heritages through music, lights and 3D projection mapping.

Classical Network Exhibit

Graduates from around the world will come to demonstrate their skills or try to find partners or orchestras to join.

Dignitary Banquets

Kingdoms Youth Protocol Symposium

Inviting the youth of royalty family around the world for a banquet and symposium on leadership responsibility management.

The International Mayors Bal Reunion

Mayors from cities around the world come to share together under the roof of community sisterhood to promote relations between people.

Superstars International Charity Banquet

Dignitary people and business leaders from around the world have the chance to dine with their favorite celebrity stars.

Inter-Faith Banquet of Peace & Vision

A beautiful gathering of philosophers, philanthropists and religious leaders from around the globe.

Medical Masters World Reunion

A gathering of medical masters from around the world to share and discuss new medical technologies and make new connections.

The Asterix Outdoor Banquet of Initiative

A selective youth of young entrepreneurs and graduate students to make bonds with communication for the sake of common initiative on project development.

International Exhibits

Summer Montebise Runaway

Best Brand Award & Festival

DolphinLUX Beauty Exhibit

Chase International Expo

Montebise Gardens

Landscape & Architecture

Marine Foundation plans the building of music and event hall specifically suited to the natural landscape of the property. The concert hall, for example, will melt into nature as if it was part of it. The large beautiful alley to the castle will serve as welcoming horse parade or the making of a stage for fashion runaway. more information soon…

Educational Services at the Montebise Castle

Kingdoms Youth Leadership Seminars

A selective youth of young entrepreneurs and graduate students to make bonds with communication for the sake of common initiative on project development.

International Communication Seminars

These seminars cover modern communications technologies and social communication platform. It informs corporation leaders on how to be more productive with using modern tools and systems.

Green & Blue Energies Seminars

Seminars on ocean and agricultural technologies. Workshop and pilot project demonstration camp.

Opera School of Coaching & Institute

Lots of students of classical music throughout the world would like the chance to meet elites in the discipline and get advise from them.

Exclusive Montebise Services

Weddings & Horse Parades

The most beautiful garden & castle wedding parties with a luxury dormitory for guests.

Corporate Retreats

Corporations around the world would enjoy spending company seminars in a place where full accommodation is provided.

Birthdays With Super Stars

A once in a lifetime birthday when the main invitee of a birthday celebrant is a superstar.

Culinary Exhibits Center

A fantastic place to meet for chefs around the world with a message to share through personalized banquets.

The Spring Montebise Marathon

coming soon…

The Annual Montebise Grand Derby

coming soon…

The Castle Horse Enduring Race

coming soon…



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