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Marine International Football Academy


World Football Youth Association – WFYA –

Connecting Young Talents Globally

WFYA is an African initiative licensed to serve all five continents of the world. The Marine Foundation is a maker of PR Projects that works on the basic systems of full sponsorship via brands, VIP networks and celebrities. From 2020-2021, WFYA initializes a concept (system) to distribute sports equipment to up to 5000 children sports or school communities per year starting with Africa. Other distribution of equipment will consist of other sports and to children all throughout the world. WFYA operates on the concept of establishing systems that would allow all children to follow their dreams of becoming professional athletes.

Co-founder & President of WFYA

WFYA is Co-founded by FIFA Licensed owner Mrs. Adja Diagne and operates as an agency of the Marine Foundation. The goal of the organization is to help open the door to millions of children who dream to follow the footsteps of their sports heros. WFYA helps guide sports celebrities to establsih a legacy of hope to children who dream to inherit their talents therefore inciting a better youth environment to growing children communities.

Unconditional Service to our Youth


It is unthinkable that in today’s amazingly wealthy world, children run bare feet in the streets using balls made out of paper to play their favorite sport. With all the wealth of the world today, why isn’t anybody trying to find solutions to children’s abominable situations? This is ending right now with WYFA and hopefully the support of some of the greatest sports organization on earth.


With wise cost-effective management and communication systems every possibilities to any solution is made applicable. This can happen through the merging of networks working together to simply bringing a pair of shoes, socks, jersey, and ball to an innocent child that does not ask for anything but to be loved in a world in which he was born to belong and inherit. How hard can that be?


The creation of systems to unconditionally support children is the greatest way to promote any business structure. Nothing is more effective, gratifying, and profitable than the care of children. Services to the youth create energy, enthusiasm, hope, and naturally leads to the development of any local economy. It benefits everyone involved. Ironically investors ignore that simple truth.

System: How do we do it?

Legacy & Sports Equipement Distribution Program

Children need home and food. But while we are indeed preparing schools for them, we can already provide them the tools they need to enjoy life daily. The greatest legacy a sports star can leave behind is at least giving back of their talents to the children who dream one day to become like them. This is a “Father-Child” legacy. The children want to carry the name of their hero and be inspired.

Database Organization:

We gather the database of any sports community, school organization, or children institution. The database contains the numbers of children and age groups. We organize local management to reception the goods. Our first distribution will be a minimum of 50 communities per continents as a test. Then it will go up to 5000 communities per year per continent.

Manufacturing & Logistics:

We contact local manufactures that can produce sports equipment. This includes the logistic of transportation and delivery. The design of the brand relates to celebrities and the corporation’s name associated with sponsoring a year’s edition distribution. While the equipment about of program is fully sponsored, the manufacture can market the products to private retailers.

Celebrities & Sponsorship:

jersey’s designs with each a commitment of a yearly donation, we also connect 2 to 3 corporate sponsors per design attached to one edition of distribution. We start with 10 players per years of distribution and will grow the programs as it develops and becomes increasingly popular. The popularity of the program will give ways for product industries to reach and develop new markets.

Economic & Social Impact

International Network Exchange

WFYA will become an international network hub connecting all Youth Sports Talents globally focusing on discovering and empowering sports talents from the African and other continents. This institution will offer educational and technical programs through the educative Centers all over the African Regions.

Sustainable Regional Relations

In addition to the support it will give families around the globe, WFYA will enhance global economic transformation and the systematic creation of peaceful and sustainable good relations between communities by the means of Education and Celebration. Our goal is to use sport as a tool for development, whereby sports talents will learn valuable life skills through entertainment activities. The program itself is vast and includes various sporting codes, for both genders.

New Paradign

Despite being persistently tipped as the coming force, with a plethora of sports talents bursting from the ‘Land of Opportunity’, many of whom play their trade at top European clubs, it has been argued that success in African football talents seems to be distributed erratically with very little impact on the grassroots. That is why and where WYFA helps correct that shortfall.

Promotional Tool for Investments

We strongly believe sport is that as much as sport is a great activity for health improvement, it is a great tool for community building as well. Football is an increasingly popular sport in Africa especially among the youths, therefore, WFYA is born for discovering, exploring and branding developments. It will also be creating a positive image as an incentive for pioneers of good concepts, investors, and innovators, to help find improvement solutions to the conditions of football talents on the African continent with environmental and economic development.

Communal Improvements

Working in the heart of sports talents in local community and villages in Africa through sports education, events organization, and high-tech communications tools will considerably enhance their operational platform and improve community lives greatly.

Flagship & the Bounty of Sports

The flagship branding of this organization is the tall ships in the image of the Royal Clipper, teh building an entire fleet of some of the most beautiful naval disposal ever presented to educational structure in our modern age. No matter how and great technology goes, nothing beats the beauty of sails over the ocean and nothing compares to the beautiful rewarding and lasting bounty sports education offers to the human spirit and the body’s health.

Children: The Story of Cristiano Ronaldo

Production & Branding Strategies

For reason of logistics complex planning and before the official launch of the program, it has been decided to keep planning strategies in the perspective of discretion in which context where WFYA will be associated with hundreds of brands and football celebrities. WFYA has taken the approach to use its services to also PR the economic development of regions and bring educational institutions in the process.

There is also a process through which the equipment distributed to communities and paid by numerous sponsors yearly, to be fabricated in African commercial regions that would promote in the process the African textile & accessory industries.  Plans of cooperation with Japanese manufacturing engineers will also help promote technical knowledge to rural communities of any nations. WFYA is, therefore, a sustainable project of development for the betterment of economies which permanent program will become a source of income to many.

Every child born on the planet deserve its rightful birthright of education and care. This is not something anyone could argue with, and imagine if God came down to earth, what would His first question be? Probably -” How are the children doing?”- Our responsibility to children is not something we choose to do but rather is the uncompromising duty to the next generation.

Other Concrete Advantages - read here


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When it comes to sports, Africa is a force to reckon with. In recent decades, African sports talents have exhibited to the world very high skills in many sports disciplines. And it is a right initiative that WFYA’s Marine Foundation Peace Cup be held in different regions and locations in Africa to promote and sustain the Sports talents in the African society.

The activities of the program will be training, coaching, and creating exposure for the talented youths in Africa. The purpose of the program is to nurture talent, create opportunities for youths with great football talents and build role models.

WFYA will also be focusing on providing short and practical sports-related courses such as sports management, leadership and communication and technical training to coaches, team leaders, school teachers, referees etc. The purpose will be to create sports professionals and strengthen sports organizations in all the regions of Africa. The program will try to attract foreign interns to benefit from exchange experiences rather than most African athletes going abroad to better exploit their skills and talents.


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Football Stadium fully equipped with ultra modern facilities accordingly with FIFA Standards including track and field, communication gadgets and lighting, media house, balls, training kits, jerseys, socks, shin guards, goal bars of different sizes, gym equipment, players football shoes of various sizes and colors.

This Stadium will also generate revenue as it will attract other groups of Sports talents from other continents and through payments from other users of the stadium from other continents. It has been the core mandate of Marine Foundation Sports Section Department to support all these sports talents from the grassroots by providing all these sporting facilities to enable showcase their talents on the global platform.


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Also, the healthcare and welfare of all these sports talents are to be considered immensely as prime factor including their insurance. The insurance will carry over to protect players and coaches during an incident during the field of play.

This will also foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of African sports youth through the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition. Our job is also to make it fun and inculcate young players a lifelong passion for the football.


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International exposure and expertise are made available to athletes at least four to five times yearly depending on the tournament competitions as a form of Active Leisure Industry.

Those talents who excelled in school, sports and other fields will be given scholarships to attend prestigious colleges abroad for international exposure and expertise. Other incentives to travel outside Africa are also available. Improved and highly experienced, the returning recipient would be very beneficial to the country and to the world at large.

The MARINE FOUNDATION PEACE CUP is to be held annually. The even will become a center of attraction.

The diversity of Sports activities such as football creates and promotes Sports education and fundamentals through entertainment and tourism. It provides a healthy activity through its recreational and sided game programs. These programs emphasize fun and de-emphasize the “winning at all costs” mentality. Every single one of the sports talents is guaranteed playing time, and the game is taught in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Tournaments and competitions give athletes the platform to showcase their skills and talents to the world. Because constant training without competition kills the motivation of the athletes.


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Sponsorships of tournaments and competitions are also vital for WFYA as this aims at bringing individuals like Ronaldo, Messi, David Beckham etc and public-private partnerships (PPPs) for infrastructure development in various economic sectors. If there is a sector that really needs to drive PPPs, it is sport under the umbrella of WFYA.

WFYA aims at capitalizing on the global popularity of football talents and the rising interest in African talent to combine football with business for the benefit of communities. Our innovative model will use business principles and skills to develop income-generating programs which can produce capital for education and healthcare throughout our areas of work.

WFYA will better communicate and be more closely involved with the leagues and participate in upcoming tournaments in which every talent youth will be wearing jerseys with engraved Marine Foundations banner/logo anywhere they want to play matches, leagues, and tournaments.

It is very rewarding to keep our sports talented youths involved in positive character-building activities and discipline as this great initiative from Marine Foundation.

Sports has the power to change the world, the power to educate/inspire, the power to unite people in a way that little else can, thereby bringing about peaceful society with entertainment and fun inclusive.

A Sportsman’s Legacy

Honoring Liberia President George Weah

President of the Republic of Liberia, Mr. George Weah is one of the greatest football players the world has seen, since Pele. The Marine Foundation is proud to present President Weah as an example and thanks to his formidable athletes’ legacy of representing the motherland Africa as a public servant for the beautiful nation of Liberia. WFYA will serve the distribution of sports equipment to thousands of communities across Africa and the world. It promotes the concept of “Sports for Peace & Development”, through systems that promote International annual sporting events for the youth and children of physical challenges.


Widely regarded as one of the greatest African players of all time, in 1995, Mr. Weah was named as a FIFA World Player of the Year and won the Ballon d’Or, becoming the first and to date only African player to win these awards. In 1989, 1994 and 1995, he was also named the African Footballer of the Year, and in 1996, Mr. Weah was named African Player of the Century. Known for his acceleration, speed, and dribbling ability, in addition to his goalscoring and finishing, Mr. Weah was described by FIFA as “the precursor of the multi-functional strikers of today”. In 2004, he was named by Pelé in the FIFA 100 list of the world’s greatest living players. Here another inspiring video

Preparation & Production Team

Preparation is on the way and very detailed strategies have been drawn already.

More Coming soon … Page in Construction


1st Edition of Distribution: Databases of 500 sports or school communities through the 54 nations of Africa organized by Mayor Emmanuel and Deputy Mayors (Support Correspondent Team members per each nation) (WFYA Administration Leadership per continent are called “Mayor”. Africa is therefore a village in its entirety. The Database contains the name and address of the receiving parties, the number of children with age groups, and their community information. (After the first year of distribution the number will pass on to 5000 communities).


Sponsors are organized into 2 categories: Sports Celebrities and Corporate Sponsors. Once databases are complicated, the presentation will be made to football celebrities for approval and sponsorship requirements and authorization of “Name” printing on the jerseys. On the front of the Jerseys will contain the name of 20 football legends. On the back of the Jersyes will contains the logo of 5 corporate sponsors. These sponsors might be companies in the sports industry or others such as airline companies. The wealthy Celebrities will donate an amount of 10% of their annual revenue for that year. The entire funds will be used to pay for the manufacturing expenses and the logistics in delivering the goods. The Corporate Sponsors fees will be used for the same purpose but also for the administrative expenses of assembling the teams to the mission.


The first manufacture will be located in Taiwan. The President of Tawain being a woman has proven most successful in the prevention of Covid-19 through her nation. The manufacture will be offered design and content measurements based on the database gathered by the Mayor’s team. The purpose of the manufacture is to create a vocational center to instruct young Africans to the textile industry and then transfer their industry to regions of Africa. From a “Made in Taiwan” to a “Made in Africa” label. In exchange, Taiwan will benefit from better trade relations with the 1.3 billion African market population. The manufacture products of WFYA will also become products to be purchase by customers outside of WFYA but under the MARINEF brand.

WFYA – Event & Education

The Five Oceans Legends Tournament

The best Legend Asian players / The best Legend Americas players / The best Legend Europe players / The best Legends Africa players / The Best Legends Oceania (+ Central Asia) players. It is a game tournament of 5 continents mixed with legends and talented recruits. It is a world televided event that last 7 days. Each year the welcoming of one countrie into one continent.

Annual Sports Legacy Award

More information coming soon.

FIFA International Banquet for the Youth of WFYA

More information coming soon.

The Penalty Tournament Award

More information coming soon.

Marine International Football Academy


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