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Marine Foundation’s Commitment to AFFILIATE Associations

Marine Foundation is the design of an operating foundation, with a network and event organization. The networks of the organization comprise online and offline communication platforms through social interactive portals and private clubs. The event organization is the design of 50 + annual international events a year. In that context, it is a perfect environment for companies exposure to the masses and so the benefits of business and brand organizations to be associated into an affiliation with the Marine Foundation.

Synergistic Benefits of Association with the Marine Foundation

1 - Brand Services and Products Exposure & Public Relation:
We share the Marine Foundation’s philanthropic brand with any business organization needing a voice to a network or market. Affiliate organizations may promote their products and services using the communication platforms of events and networks throughout the programs set by the foundation to reach out to new crowds and markets. They can also profit from exposure to potential investors and clients affiliated with the network. In such a way, the Marine Foundation will also profit from the sponsorship of regional companies for its own local environment of development.

The Marine Foundation can also serve as a Public Relation to a business organization that does not have the structure to appeal to the masses. Meaning that it can represent or solicit any project related to area of services it promotes accordingly with the need of a particular region.

2 - Network Integration & Membership Organization:
s New brands or businesses often lack the IT and marketing support when it comes to gathering network to participate in their marketing program or to raise to raise the awareness of their new ventures or products. Marine Foundation’s Global Citizen membership platform and other online and offline networks are good subjects enough to support the promotion of any products, saying also that these services or products can be integrated into the system for consumption from the membership.

Marine Foundation will make available its membership database for Affiliate organizations who desire to build their popularity while supporting the societies they reach out through their brand participation. This can become relevant to brands who wish to expand to the international platform to places they have not thought possible before.

3 - Venue Sharing & Event Participation:
Marine Foundation can make available venues, properties or facilities for the use of Affiliate organizations that do not have the structure in place to gather people or operate marketing campaign. This can be done in the reverse when an organization has its own event property and wants to make it available to serve educational purposes that can support them at the same time.

At times of events produced by the Marine Foundation, Affiliate organizations are invited to participate to promote their services or products. The participation fees are based on the budget available accordingly with the size of the company and so a tailor-made planning regardless of the size of the event where even a small company could afford the participation.

When affiliate organizations need to organize an event, the support of the Marine Foundation’s platform can add value and professionalism to their presentation, especially when logistic is missing.  Affiliate organization’s staff members are unconditionally invited to participate to any educational programs seminar that can help grow their confidence to appeal to the public.

4 - Project Due Diligence & Feasibility Studies:
Marine Foundation is armed with a full 5 academic ministries covering most industries of development, that includes Education and Sport, Medical Science and Health, Technology and Environmental Development, Economic Development and Tourism, Infrastructure and Real Estate. In that respect, this platform can be used to filter the content of any projects which other organizations might have the mission to tender, but are lacking with man power to execute the preparatory stages. Feasibility studies are often the most complex to achieve due to the need for complexity in conception and maturity in leadership and decision making.

A well organized and well represented project has greater chance to pass the certification process to acquiring funds and authorizations to execute. Marine Foundation can be a vital partner to large and small organizations that have for goal to developing sound and sustainable projects.

To register for the program, any organization’s leadership should communicate with a Marine Foundation’s representative officer first. Appointments are made upon direct verbal communications only:

Growth through mutual support
Brand sharing experience
Constant vital new information
Public image through the medias
Exchange & cultural integrations
and so many more ways of association together for the betterment of societies…


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