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Corporate Certification in Leadership, Integrity, and Inspiration

Corporate Endorsement Membership

Be endorsed by the Marine Foundation

Learn about creating a positive image for your corporation that will attract new clients and invite your staff to a new level of motivation and a higher sense of purpose. The Green Certificate will give a boost to your corporate environment calling for better self-esteem and client-relation. It will help you promote your environment amidst a global growing network and fast communications. You will become an enterprise of good governance and a platform of trust for your increasingly demanding and sensitive clientele. The Green Certificate is the “Michelin” of corporate standard and will become your leverage educational tool to serve your staff as per the standard you wish them to fulfill for the preservation and ever-growing good reputation company. Your social corporate responsibility as en enterprise can be confirmed and fulfill through acquiring the Green Certificate Award. We can help you fulfill your promise to societies.

The Green Certificate Inspires:


Being endorsed for leadership, integrity, and inspiration brings new lights on how much the company will commit to results. It really helps, as a barometer for momentum – and constant drive..


To have a voice  to guiding staff to better pasture can help bring awareness of better standards in today’s corporate atmosphere, guiding people to become passionate and proud of their work.


Traditional marketing systems are not anymore effective to a world that is shrinking. A shift on the view on PR communication can revolutionize communication systems.


Most corporate leaders do not have guidelines on keeping a firm standard on moralities when they succeed. The Green Certificate by which rules are set can serve as line of ethics. 


There is a criteria in “Leadership”, “Integrity”, and “inspiration” to qualify for the Green Certificate.
We will support you and make sure you can succeed! 
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1 – No harassment in any form.
2 – Moral treatment of employees.
3 – Safety and health conditions.
4 – Management governance.
5 – Education in the company.


1 – Environmental awareness.
2 – Support to employees.
3 – Communication skills.
4 – Company’s work philosophy.
5 – Quality of services and products.


1 – Development and sustainability.
2 – Staff and leadership relations.
3 – The well being of employees.
4 – The process of human resourcing.
5 – Service to society.

Green Certificate Promotional Benefits

It is free to receive. Beautiful plaque and a content frame.
Rights to join in Label Sponsorship & Membership.
Adjustable fees according to the size of the organization.
Affordable promotional tools according to the size of the organization.
Open to anyone regardless of the size of business or financial status.
Be on the wall of “Corporate Fame” on the “Certificate Listing Page”.
Referred to as a “Good”, “Bright” and “Clean” organization.
Your organization is visited through the “Green” corporate page.
And so much more…

Green Certificate Relational Benefits

Invitation to participate in all events of the Marine Foundation.
Invitation to figure into multimedia promotional materials.
Be respected for your support for education and children.
Be in touch with diplomats of all nations (wikinations.com)
Benefits from Marine Foundation’s facilities around the world.
Qualifies as a member of our Sponsors Department.
And so much more…

Start Your Promotional Revolution

If you are seriously thinking about instiling meaning and purpose in your environment with acquiring the ultimate “Corporate Responsibility Certificate” the “GREEN CERTIFICATE”  please apply below and receive all the support you need to become of social coporate hero of modern times.

Application forms coming soon!
You can message us at our WhatsApp number: +819049445599

Green Certificate Organization – Japan Headquarters – Information at info@marinef.org