Corporate Certification in Leadership, Integrity, and Inspiration

Corporate Endorsement Membership

It doesn’t cost to be endorsed by the Marine Foundation

Learn about creating an image to your corporation that will attract new clients and incite for the leadership and staff development of your corporation’s level of motivation and purposeful action. The Green Certificate will give your corporate environment a new standard in commitment and client-relation. It will help you promote your environment amidst a global growing network of good governance and a platform of trust for your new clientele to adhere to. The Green Certificate is the “Michelin” of corporate standard and will become your leverage education tool to your staff as in the standard you wish them to obtain in fulfilling their responsibility and achieving their goals in the position they occupy.

What Difference Can It Make?


Committed Staff

“The concept of my company being endorsed for leadership, integrity, and inspiration brings new lights on how much we commit. It really helps, like a barometer for momentum  – Fantastic.”

Passion Infuse

“Finally I have a voice to guiding my staff to better pasture. There is clearly a need for awareness of better standards in our corporate atmosphere, and that’s enough to skyrocket the passion.”

Renewed Confidence

“My company is still young and small and besides the net or traditional marketing systems, I would wonder if there was other ways to connect – A shift on my view on PR communication – its working already.”

Change of Heart

“Since receiving the green certificate my boss has changed his whole attitude on how he relates to us. Thanks! – its night and day in the office, and that green thing makes all the difference. ”


It’s free but you must qualify for it. Regardless of the size or fame of your company, the criteria are in “Leadership”, “Integrity”, and “inspiration”. If you don’t have all it takes, don’t worry, we will help!  Get information here

Let’s Start Something new

If you are seriously thinking about instiling meaning and purpose to your corporate environment regardless of your individual motivation for setting up business, please send us an inquiry message and we will make it a mission to reply to you.

Gold Label Sponsorship

Sister Association

For school, institution, hospital, non-profit, project agency, or humanitarian group. Pragmatic and sustainable ways, to offer support to any organization which purpose are not principally focused on business development.

Institutional & Non-Profit Organizations

Red Label Sponsorship

Affiliate Association

For businesses who wish to access the networks & markets of the Marine Foundation through its event, membership or multimedia platforms. Fees are received per project or event accordingly with their marketing plans.

Event Sponsors, Advertisers or donors

Blue Label Sponsorship

Partner Association

For corporations specifically involved with developments in the sectors of tourism, construction, technology, transportation, energy, and in their support of economic development. This can be longterm membership.

Corporations for Development Purposes



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