Welcome to Asia – AUN – Board of The Club of All Nations – Asia

AUN is a membership of Asian nations that have agreed to the common quest for economic and educational development through the standards presented by the Marine Foundation. The international foundation’s strategies for sustainable growth relies upon systems that envelop both the PR and communicative networking aspect of developing a region. The understanding of inter-connectivity and administrative (non-political) alliances has the potential to reform an entire educational system, inclusive of the way a nation approaches tourism and techniques to elaborately attract investments. The Marine Foundation is the sophisticated conception of five ministries of diligent concept developments, comprising every content needed to support the fast-rising of a nation’s economy through obtaining international attention with trade & finance.

“Supranational PR & Multimedia for the Organizational Economic Development of Asian Nations”

Asia Headquarters

Tokyo – Japan

Level 20, Marunouchi Trust Tower – Main
1-8-3 Marunoouchi Chiyoda-Ku,
Tokyo 100-0005 – Japan
Registration No: 0100-05-020172

Direct – Telephone: +81 (0) 3 5288 7519
E-mail: [email protected]
General: [email protected]
World President: Mr. Tomeo Robert D. Gressard

Marine Foundation Reception Office:
〒100-0005 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Marunouchi, 1 Chome−8−3 丸の内トラストタワー本館 20階 – Telephone:+81 (0) 3 5288 7519


To support PR relations between Japan, Asia and the rest of the world, Marine Foundation establishes an esclusive place of meets and VIP gathering. The house will be accommodated with a “Grand Chef” Mr. Nicolas Ceriani, on a permanent attendance with President Mrs. Anne Claire Berg, to welcome the guests’ members at anytime or day. PDF filespresentations available below.

Sponsors – Investors – Benefactors and Partners are invited to take part of this very promesing set up.


Amidst the many great volunteers who supported the development of the Marine Foundation Japan since its inception in 2013, we would like to credit the prerseverance of those who kept the dream alive. Thanking Mrs. Ayumi Nakamura, Mrs. Yoko Akahane (international Women Club) and Mrs. Sumi Kondo (Multimedia Production Output).


The First Ladies Club is a women assembly of the most extraordinary and influential Ladies of the world in their environment of social and leadership status amidst the societies in which they live… Read More


The International Women Club is a worldwide “Women Oriented” platform with a mission to become an audience of support for the Marine Foundation, concerning projects relating to Women Empowerment and the Protection of Children around the world. The Club is an “Agency” of the Marine Foundation which operations and activities are supported by sponsorship. The Club is made to benefit the members with educational programs on fashion, beauty, health, finance, art, sports, travel, and many other disciplines. It gives the members’ freedom to promote their own charitable causes or business purposes. Read more…

Mrs. Yoko Akahane
President of IWC – International Women Club
  Japan Membership – 5000 Members for 2021

PDF - Planning Presentation for the Swiss InternationaI VIP Club House - English
PDF - Présentation de la planification du Swiss InternationaL VIP Club House - Francais
PDF - Marine Foundation General Presentation and Planning - English
“AUN is an Organization Member of the United Five Oceans – U5O – Confederation”