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AUN is a membership of Asian nations that have agreed to the common quest for economic and educational development through the standards presented by the Marine Foundation. The international foundation’s strategies for sustainable growth relies upon systems that envelop both the PR and communicative networking aspect of developing a region. The understanding of inter-connectivity and administrative (non-political) alliances has the potential to reform an entire educational system, inclusive of the way a nation approaches tourism and techniques to elaborately attract investments. The Marine Foundation is the sophisticated conception of five ministries of diligent concept developments, comprising every content needed to support the fast-rising of a nation’s economy through obtaining international attention with trade & finance.

“Supranational PR & Multimedia for the Organizational Economic Development of Asian Nations”
AUN - General Organization:


General Leadership: First Secretary: One Nations President (2 years)
Board Consul Members: Presidents of Nations
Associate Advisory Board: Qualified Business Leaders


Individual Members:

  • Nations Presidents & their Ministers
  • Ambassadors members of DC
  • First Ladies Club Diplomats Representatives
  • Executive Leadership of the Marine Foundation

Nations Benefits:

  • Receive the entire development network of the Marine Foundation
  • Joined Administrative Venture of Free Educational School Systems
  • Attract investors & developers to regions of development

AUN Events:

  • The Chine Internationa Art Festival (10 days annual event)
  • The Korean History Celebration Festival (7days annual event)
  • Peace Continental Tournament (World Football Youth Association)
AUN's Worldwide Receptions:

AUN is set to have a worldwide antenna reception centers through the setting of a “Diplomats Club” in each capital cities of the world.

A “DC” club of diplomats represents a continent (not a nation). DC-AUN (Asia) represents the Asian continent, for Asia and by Asian nations. A “DC AUN” reception is to be established in each capital city of the world as a general consulate to the headquarters of the Asian United Nations “UNA” in Asia. The first DC reception is set to be established in the capital city of Tokyo Japan.

Tokyo’s 1st Capital Reception:

DC-AUN General Organization

Diplomats Club – AsiaTokyo Chapter

Leadership & Benefits

The leadership is set to be one Ambassador of any Asian nation per one capital city. Position: Chairman
Elected for 1 year as 1st of January.


Club Members:

  • Ambassadors per each nation represented
  • Executive Members of the Marine Foundation
  • First Ladies Club Members

Members Benefits:

  • Support Embassies with Network Communications
  • Bring Marine Foundation’s projects to membership nations
  • Attract investors to regions of development

Club Events:

  • Weekly and monthly sponsored gatherings
  • Mutual exchange information events
  • The Annual Banquet of Ambassadors (Palace Hotel)
East Asia
Southeast Asia
South Asia
Western Asia
Central Asia
“AUN is an Organization Member of the United Five Oceans – U5O – Confederation”


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