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Businesses in industries of Tourism, Construction, Communication, Medical, Food & Technologies, Energy &  Waste Management, Transportations, Maritime Technologies.

Marine Foundation’s Commitment to PARTNER Associations

Providing businesses and large corporations the Public Relation tools they need to expand their market abroad. The Marine Foundation is a champion in relations due to its uncompromising and unconditional commitment to the development of economies anywhere in the world. Companies with large development capacities in investing or building are giving the chance of “VIP” introductions for sustainable government or private contracts. Also, smaller enterprises with quality products are offered to meet investors, promoters and sponsors outside home territory for a chance to international encounters and exposition.

Synergistic Benefits of Association with the Marine Foundation

1 - Consulting, Representation & Public Relation:

We share the Marine Foundation’s brand with any organization needing a voice to a network or market. Partner organizations might have their own consulting firms to promote their services and products but they may use our representation platform to achieve closer relations with any market of their choosing. They can also profit from exposure to potential Investors affiliated with the Marine Foundation’s network. In such a way, the Marine Foundation will play the role of introductory to projects affiliated to it’s own corporate environment and will serve as a door to multiple areas for the entire economic development needs of any region in the world.

The Marine Foundation can also serve as a Public Relation to the organizations that do not have the structure to appeal to the masses. It can represent or solicit any project related to the area of services it promotes accordingly with the need of a particular region.

2 - Network Integration & Membership Organization:

The problem of many large or small corporations is their lack of IT and marketing support when it comes to assembling the human resources they need to participate in the promotion of their services or goods. Marine Foundation’s diplomatic membership platform and the set up of an online chamber of commerce (wikinations) can help companies have crucial information at hand to make strategies for development.

Marine Foundation will support the network communication of companies who desire to build their own communication platform, but who lacks the means and the know-how to do so. This could also be handy for large corporations, who possess the funds to their marketing but do not have knowledge base communication structure to maintain good PR communication, or better, who wish to expand to their market and brand to the world.

3 - Venue Sharing & Event Participation:

Companies that have a blue label membership with the Marine Foundation can use it’s available venues, properties or facilities for their promotion and for educational purposes as well. They can also make available their own facilities of work for joint seminars that will profit the knowledge of their staff with content that will turn profitable to the company development.

At times of events produced by the Marine Foundation,  Partner organizations are invited to promote participation for their services or products. The fee for event participation required for Partner organizations is minimum and discounted and half the price red label organizations would pay.

When Partner organization need to organize their own event, the support of the Marine Foundation’s platform can add value and professionalism to their presentation, especially with logistic.  Partner organization’s staff members are unconditionally invited to participate in any educational programs seminar that can help them improve their professional skills and their mental aptitude to their duties.

4 - Project Due Diligence & Feasibility Studies:

Marine Foundation is armed with a full 5 academic ministries covering most industries of development, that includes Education and Sport, Medical Science and Health, Technology and Environmental Development, Economic Development and Tourism, Infrastructure and Real Estate. In that respect, this platform can be used to filter the content of any projects which other organizations might have the mission to tender, but are lacking with man power to execute the preparatory stages. Feasibility studies are often the most complex to achieve due to the need for complexity in conception and maturity in leadership and decision making.

A well organized and well represented project has greater chance to pass the certification process to acquiring funds and authorizations to execute. Marine Foundation can be a vital partner to large and small organizations that have for goal to developing sound and sustainable projects.