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Marine Tourism Agency

Simplicity is the Art of Sophistication – What’s Good for One is Good for A Million

Innovation in Local Tourism – Anybody can do it!

Our Poland director Beata Mordawska‘s solution to supply local economies with a business that fit the masses and a promotional approach to attract tourism at a grand scale in any water regions of the world. A business package that anyone living next to the water can enjoy and afford. Marine Foundation will develop a cost-saving hospitality package for anyone who wishes to take hospitality to the next platform: Introducing WATER-TOURISMA solution for Greener, More Sustainable, and more Inclusive tourism growth

The Gambia in Africa, a county entirely carved by water would enormously benefit its people with river stations all along the country allowing tourists to go across banks with these beautiful little solar-powered yachts, and an infrastructure of restaurant-boats and floating modular houses to welcome events and activities.

Water Structures

Entirely Powered by the Sun


A Real Estate at Zero Energy Cost

Marine Tourism Agency Program Proposal:

50 Marine Stations with each:

5 Solar Boats per Station
2 Floating Modular Houses per Station
2 Boat Restaurant per Station

More Information Coming Soon…
Full sponsorship from the Marine Foundation’s Agency “Marine Tourism Agency” MTA.

Stations will also serve as educational centers for Japanese language and IT – tourism information centers.

Each station will also include “welcoming hospitality activities” & events produced by the local population.

Services: crossing the river with amenities – Trips around the river across other stations – Refreshment and food – Lunch & dinner services – Watersports & water equipment boutiques – Traditional souvenirs boutique with products produced by the local population – Youth information centers – Water taxis – Clinic station for emergencies etc…


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