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A follow-up meeting with Shigeo Gold Medallist. The Japan strategy to settle with a fine PR project. 


Referring to the reports here of Wednesday, December 26, I met Shigeo-san today in the discovery of more content to add this enticing new project design to support our blind brothers and sisters throughout Japan and the world. Accompany by Ayumi and Yoko, it felt good that the conversation in Japanese could spray wings to where Shigeo could come to share more about himself and also being able to come out of the circle of “majime” concepts for a while when all we need sometimes is just a good laugh.

Today I have shared the concept of getting together as an association and creating a committee. Once the committee is created then the members will follow. This is a simple thing to do when you think about it. Everything always starts with the union of minds, coming together in timely purposes.

FUSION SPORTS SENSES Association, FSSA. This is the name that I am thinking about.
Introducing Bubble Ball and the like of games that will challenge people but also make people laugh. It is important to understand that people with “handicap”, can be funny too and actually we should fusion together on the base that the word “handicap” does not exist in the world of creation. We human beings have categorized everything into a status that transcribes how someone can be inferior or superior, accordingly with financial, religious, cultural background or physical condition. We categorize children in school thinking that some are less intelligent than others when usually those who fail in school are often those who make a better life for themselves. Lets us think about an individual person who submits into a life of differences because of birth defect might be feeling and thinking about. We do not connect to that because we feel fortunate and blessed to be “normal”, and running into someone’s shoes is really not in the mind of anyone feeling good about himself/herself. Therefore, I propose something that will invite everyone to share into the fun of experiencing what it is to be a high-senses being. Whom we call “handicap” are a superior being who learn to dwell on the planet with the less physical advantages than others. If the FSSA programs start this year it will change the way we look at each other. Do not pity those who have been blessed with a defective birth, because on the plane to the next, you will be the one that’s left behind and who need help. What comes to the mind of an artist when he retracts back home alone after a public show of great success? My point is what comes to the mind of a person sitting on a wheelchair year round trying to build a life for himself/herself? Unless we learn to sit on someone’s chair or walk into someone’s shoes, there is not much we can know about the way life engineered itself to bring the best to everyone alive, without exception.

The gentleman sitting across from me on the photo below is Shigeo and he cannot see with his eyes. But he has a beautiful family, wife 2 daughters and is busy working almost the whole 365 days of the year. He is fortunate in so many ways, and thinking that he is missing anything out of this life on earth just because he cannot see, is something we think about because our conscience has not educated us to see from the creator’s point of view. Basically, ignorance is what makes up the other 95% of my mind’s potential that I am not in anyways utilizing. Maybe FSSA will help me explore a greater me, a greater “together”, and a more accurate way to think about our life. When the next time you see a blind person, if your conscience has giving ways for you to know who you really are in potential, then you will probably envy that person surely knowing that he/she has acquired in spirit a level of contemplating life where even if you had to meditate 3 years straight sitting on the beach, you will never, never reach. I am so very happy to introduce FSSA, as something that will enrich my life on earth in the fortunate occasion to have understood the purpose of creation through the eyes of those whose heart can see passionately and undisturbed by differences.

FSSA concept:

Fusion Sport Senses Association

No use of the word “blind”.
Sport concept for ALL people.
Develop your senses.
Visually Impaired people are NOT blind.
If you can hear you can see.
If you can touch you can see.
If you can feel you can see.

Expending Sports Disciplines into the realm of the 5 physical Senses through Technology & Education
Sharpen your senses to the max. 

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