Sunday, January 20, 2019


To January 1st, 2020









A beautiful day meeting special people in Nagoya with the support of Takuya Hasegawa and Yoko Akahane. A beautiful evening meeting with Aya Miki and friends, and the discovery of new potential projects for Japan.


The day started with Tokyo’s morning sun and ended in Nagoya, in the caring atmosphere of Takuya and his wonderful friends. I love traveling outside Tokyo from time to time and it is always a peaceful time. There is not much to say, except listening to the sounds of what’s really happening around. Today, I had the chance to meet Naoko Hiraiwa with her adorable children and yes it was then also an adorable time. I retired into the hotel to prepare for an early morning ride back to Tokyo and it was truly another moment of reflection. I can see the future through the future of our membership in Japan, being a community of people that stands open to the discovering of the world through the eyes of the Marine Foundation. I hope that the doors for Japan will open the opportunities of so many good adventures and eventually the set up of events that will mean good to the country. The day was filled with the revelation of meeting Aya Miki, who wearing a Kimono so fitted to the season and occasion, brought the atmosphere to grace and peace, as always friends of Takuya seem to permanently create.

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