Tuesday, February 5, 2019


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Yoko’s introduction of Shigeo, Olympic God Medalist, is turning to become a special advanture in friendship and progress. Today the introduction of “Spotlite” a concept engineer by IT Masaki and the support of Mayo and Yuno to this great initiative.


SPOTLITE” is the initiative Masaki (boy on the right) for the visually impaired society of Tokyo. He has worked very hard to the making of a concept that can revolutionize we way we think about people who are physically challenged. I love it. But it goes far beyond just creating another Non-Profit Organization.

Shigeo (center) was accompanied by 2 great young helpers: Yuno (left) and Mayo (right). Today we had a session together, well prepared by Yoko who has been very active for years in supporting the group.

I got inspired and upon the success of the establishment of “Spotlite” on the map of Tokyo, the system that will come to promote the “senses” that we think we lost, will multiply beyond Japan and support any region of the world. I know it will. Today we talked about IT structure and potential membership system to attract sponsors and donors to participate largely in the group’s activities. It is exciting to me since this can become a tool for the Marine Foundation to promote as well. While talking, I was filled with energy and truly, little do we know, “Spotlite” born out of such little heart meetings, is destined to become a wonderful organization. It will surprise everybody. If you can touch, hear, smell or taste, you can see. The true eyes of our soul are located in our heart. Basically, those who can see what beauty looks like in communications, are the true observers of nature. When “Spotlite” gets up its feet, the next time we see a blind person, there will be lots to envy from a world we do not understand yet, but surely will expand as part of our life and society. I declare that the word “handicap” or “blind” does not exist in the constitution of the way our world was created. Yes, we can be born with some kind of physical defect, but however, it doesn’t mean that value has been lost. Much in the contrary, this is from people who are challenged to live their lives in constant search for improvement to their lack of physical communication needs, that we can truly learn the mystery of birth and the purpose of our living. They are the champions, they are heaven sent, and their destiny is much higher to their prosperity than any one of us who think to be normal but then morally defective all over. I am grateful to have met today and I have learned a lot.

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Just after the meeting, Yoko had to take the 3-hour drive back to her hometown in the care of her mother. She lives in Matsumoto Nagano Prefecture. The bus design was produced by a famous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama