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September 20, 2019

A concept which
Times has Come.

AIZEN the new cryptocurrency out of Sri Lanka takes on the world with a mission to serve.

Rarely do we see the making of such organization which usually has no other purpose than the drive to make a good profit for the sake of the game. With AIZEN, it is different. The two founding partners Mr. Yu Onodera and Mr. Rick Yujin Lohmeyer, have taken the endeavor to a much larger purpose: they want to help the world out of misery, starting with Africa. 

Such noble intention does not come without a clear strategy and therefore the need for an association to organizations such as the Marine Foundation.

Mr. Yu Onodera (left) Founder of AIZEN and Mr. Tomeo M-Gressard (right), Founder of the Marine Foundation, join hands into a purposefully motivated association based on the desire to help societies make a better of themselves. 

i Philosophy:

“AIZEN aims to build a unique economic zone in economically poor regions in the world and to help light a bright future to children’s born in these regions. I believe that the development of blockchain technology can help build a new economic foundation in poor areas where change is in need. AIZEN project contains the meaning of AI(愛)  love & zen(善) = goodness in Japanese. We have launched this project in hopes to build a better world for all of us. For the next 50 years, Mr. Yu Onodera says he will continue to reach out to people worldwide to make this project successful”.

Association with the Marine Foundation:

Mr. Onodera’s motivation to want to save children in developing countries has brought interest into the Marine Foundation to want to associate and therefore the need for AIZEN to become a sponsor of the foundation. Since 2018, discussions had already started for a potential association. If indeed there is a way to support regions in developments then the synergy between a financial company and an organization of sound development strategies such as the Marine Foundation is inevitable and invaluable. Marine Foundation, whose mission is to bring economic salvation to the world finds itself a best partner and guide to this ambitious endeavor. If the winds are in the favor, Marine Foundation may incorporate AIZEN to become an official payment currency for donations and goods related to the development of the organization through its institutions. 

Mr. Rick Yujin Lohmeyer (Left) Mr. Yu Onodera (center) and Mr. Tomeo M-Gressard (right)