A Special Marine Foundation Reunion with Unexpected Very Special Guests
Reunion at Queen Sheba Tokyo, with the unexpected presence of 2 Ambassadors where one is the Dean of the African Ambassadors of Tokyo. Our Excellencies of Mauritania and Eritrea gave us the honor of their presence and much more.
A super nice evening where I was able to introduce new members of the Marine Foundation 360 team ownership and membership. We discussed the development of our system as far as marketing and PR concept such as the WFYA. Now there is so much to expect with our immediate plans ahead and certainly, the discussion of the Annual Banquet of Ambassadors for 2018 is now a strong possibility. List of attendees: Sumi, Emi, Sachiyo, Eiko, Toshi, Tad, Dr. Fukumoto and friend, Kazuhiro, Toshio, Masaya, Ayumi, Nobuko, Carru.
OCEAN 5 UNITED: the Birth of Continental Diplomacy

When all nations have agreed to the common quest of economic and educational development through the standards presented by the Marine Foundation, the world will change for good. The foundation’s strategies for sustainable growth relies upon systems that envelop both the PR and communicative networking aspect of developing a region. The understanding of interconnectivity and administrative (non-political) alliances has the potential to reform an entire educational system, inclusive of the way a nation approaches tourism and techniques to elaborately attract investments. Read More…
“The Marine Foundation’s Annual Ambassadors Banquet is designed to become the Olympics of Diplomacy”
Ambassdor Estifanos Afeworki (Eritrea)
Ambassador Yahya Ngam (Mauritania)
The World’s Most “Edutaining” Diplomat’s Event 

Some of the Marine Foundation’s international events such as the Annual Banquet of Ambassadors is scheduled for 2018.
We plan a splendid reception through association with Kimono Beauty Fantasy organization, as they already truly embody the spirit of what TRG in Japan (Traditional Reception Group) This “Annual International Banquet of Ambassadors”, will ultimately be produced through 12 capital city around the world representing each of the 12 months of the year. Today I hope we think we met our first great Ambassador, to spear up the leadership of our United Nations of Africa (UNO) and one of the first 5 chairpeople of the Banquet.

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