Tokyo Various NPO’s Association Banquet
Eichi Uehara and Shigeru Abo of the Japan International Education Service organization, with offices in Aoyama.
Makiko Fujino of “Makiko Foods Studio”
Ginza Elegance Academy
Members of the Embassy of the UAE – Miyuki and Shina
Animal NPO President Etsuko Igusa
Mrs. Salimi spouse of President Fariborz Salimi (Building Management Engineer)
Smart Cruise CEO Imaizumi Daisuke
Mrs. Atsuko Tokita (dining sitting partner. Thank you for the great company!)
President Naohide Harada – Japan – Denmark – PCH Engineering Co.
Sumiko Tokuma of the “Japan Animal Welfare Society”  and president of the M’S Corporation
Teruo Igusa of the “Faith & Relation Group” 

and many more wonderful people…

Invitation from Naoko Kubo. Reunion of Associations Tokyo Japan. We had a wonderful time meeting some of the most influential people in Tokyo and around the gathering of NPO’s who focuses on nature and the animal kingdom. By the way, the service of that Chinese restaurant was fabulous and the food exquisite. I strongly recommend this venue. But what really did make this a beautiful event, are the people attended. Nice to meet you Mayumi and Aya. Mayumi Kobayashi (Mitsui Cosmetics) has a boat and plane pilot license! wow! and Ayako Nakayama just founded an international PR company). This was an event of nature and on the Marine Foundation’s side of the topic, our future schools’ cities for children in Africa and around the world, on the idea of peace and therapeutic strategy for the children would be for each household to have pets, dogs, cats or birds. Therefore my interest in the event where I feel that nature will play a great role in childhood education was well justified and I can’t wait to see the next. Event Location