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Visit at the Embassy of Brazil was delightful – the Coffee excellent!


JUNE  2018

Minister Counsellor & Deputy Chief of Mission Mr. Francisco Cannabraya, was most welcoming at the Embassy of Brazil where I felt right at home. Not just him but also the staff there, all so happy and smiling as if we had literally stepped out of Japan for a while…

And yes the coffee was good! Today, Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer and is becoming a significant player in the specialty coffee industry. Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, and Mundo Novo coffee varietals are grown in the states of Paraná, Espirito Santos, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Bahia. Therefore today, we had a chance to meet some of these companies and even taste their coffee. I loved it.

As I explained to Counsellor Cannabrava, I thought it would be a chance for Marine Foundation to use their beautiful seminar facility to invite our members in the discovery of this great nation. We have ways to promote a region that are not conventional to what everybody does when the focus will usually concern the status of what is selling well or looking great. The country’s asset does not entirely lie in its products or natural environment to attract, but one must rely on more internal or fascinating content that might just do a better job of presenting the country altogether. If people are not fascinated by something that can stimulate the heart and mind, little is the chance for the experience to sustain in the curious mind, and so quickly forgotten, there are not enough charisma to retain the potential consumer, investor or sponsor. On that note, I would like to initiate another form of PR for nations like Brazil which deserve much more attention.

We do have yet to discover the many new ways to express a nation’s bounty, not just a commercial intention, but something that will live anchor to the heart in many moons to come.


This event was entirely organized by Mrs. Celia Correia a Brazil national who has done lots of work to support the Brazilian community of Japan and Asia.

The Marine Foundation was reached out by coordinator Mr. Ricardo  Kajiwara a Brazilain-Japanese proud member of always ensuring good relations between the two countries with an effort to bring sound developments to both regions of Japan and Brazil. 

“African Cultures Celebration Festival – ACCF DAKAR 2019 – will emotionally stir the heart of the entire world!”  Tomeo M-Gressard

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Transcendent Beauty of a thousand Cultures, The African Cultures Celebration Festival in Dakar Senegal – ACCF Entirely produced and designed by Marine Foundation Africa, ACCF DAKAR 2019 will stir and inspire the heart of the entire world! (more information coming soon…) 14 days celebrations with:

  • African symposiums of Information
  • African art, music & food exhibits
  • African in business & trade exhibits
  • African multimedia gatherings
  • African technology reveals
  • African beauty fashion display
  • African new educational concepts
  • African junior yacht liberation cup
  • African Football Peace Tournament