Corporate First Lady, President

Chantal Pembe

Chantal Pembe and Women's Empowerement

Although the Congolese woman occupies a place of choice within the company, Chantal Pembe believes that the government should look into education, education and training of the fairer sex in order to give it tools that can help develop its capabilities and skills. Which, for her, is the guarantee of an adapted and citizen-friendly emancipation. Chantal is convinced that the elimination of poverty in the Congo also involves working women, generating income in the formal and informal sectors. According to Chantal Pembe, many women with a sense of leadership can occupy positions of responsibility and create jobs but, they are not enough support. So many women will have fewer problems to defeat their talent and put their skills to the test. ”

For Chantal Pembe, a better socio-professional integration of women requires literacy, initial training, continuing education, microcredit and support for their projects at all levels. She is thinking in particular of vocational training and free internships for women at the National Institute for Professional Preparation (INPP). “I also hope for greater application of the law on parity for more representation of the Congolese woman,” she concludes.

“The secret that I can reveal today, is that I believe in God. I love God and God returns His grace to me. If there is something important to share, this is what I would share with you”. Chantal Pembe

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An Exceptional African Entrepreneur

After primary and secondary studies at Lycée Prince de Liège, Chantal Pembe studied Fine Art Applied in Paris with a diploma of interior decoration. She does many internships in France before returning home. In 2003, she created her own company “L’Habitat Décor”, which she manages until today and which has 3 stores in Kinshasa and 2 in Brazzaville.

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