This was a week for celebration! This calls for fun, joy and lots of gratitude. At times like that, it feels like the love come flowing like rivers interlacing and crossing and you just follow the streams regardless of where they take you. About 100 people showed up at ROOT Ginza for the Marinef Christmas party.  I found the place very comfortable and cozy. We had the pleasure to welcome and listen to some of the greatest jazz and classical musicians in Tokyo. This event was made possible with Mr. Tominaga’s charitable support and also the creator of the Sound Cruising Minato, an annual music festival in Tokyo.

Harvey Thompson a most renown Jazz singer in Tokyo was also here with us, out of his own heart to support the foundation’s cause for education. But most importantly, great friends came around and that made all the difference.

Marine Foundation, thought its IWC club and programs will support musicians and especially those who came that day. The making of our international event organization will benefit many musicians connected to us.