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Brand Ownership & Supervisory

Marine Foundation supervisory members have the privilege to opt for a directorial position of leadership or staff within the system anywhere in the world. It is important to know that the brand ownership position is located on the corporate side of our system and so the stock company “MARINEF BRAND CORPORATION” (MBC) where the members titles  are in the form of a shared financial license that gives the group 30% of the ownership of the brand and trademark of the Marine Foundation.

General Principles

After years of metic­u­lous research, a unique corporate concept was created when the Marine Foundation reg­is­tered on March 11, 2013, in Tokyo Japan. It was the passionate voluntary spirit of a group of tal­ented entrepreneurs, professional and academics that made the dream a reality. On the foundation of such a beginning and with the thought of creating a unique supervisory and advisory leadership system, the 360 club of “Brand Co-Owners” came to life.

General Roles & Responsibilities

The 360 Supervisors exist as an International Supervisory Committee. Unique to any corporate system, the committee owns the trademark and branding of the acronym and domain “MARINEF”. They play a role of supervisors in the development of projects and establishment of institutions with, at the center of the group’s philosophy are the absolute rules of respect and the maintenance of security. Every 360 members must attend the seasonal reunions springs, summer, fall and winter. If one cannot attend he/she must send a representative.

The supervisory group maintains the ownership of the brand­ing and trade­mark of the Marine Foundation and Marinef Corporation. Both the foundation and corporation revolve under the same branding, logo, and trademark. In order to ensure generations of continuity, the Marinef system lives under the ruling of a constitution and the unanimous consensus and supervisory leadership of the advisory international committee represented by the Cofounders group.

The Co-Owner “title” can be inherited by next of kin and is conditional to moral ethics as imposed by the constitutional rules of the Marine Foundation, which are then supervised and protected by the Chamber of Law. There is a limited spot number of 360 members in the co-ownership of the Marinef Branding, providing that each day of the year represents one member and its anniversary a celebration of that member’s position. The remaining 5 days of the years are reserved for the celebration of the Admiral Club, representing all Cofounders added the Executive and Honorary Leadership of the Marine Foundation. (Summertime international event gathering).

The financial rights of a co-owner are in line with its branding development as per the ownership appointed by the Constitution. These financial rights are not binding to any administrative, executive or operational duties. Nevertheless and under constitutional rules, each member is being requested an attendance at the international committee gathering 4 times a year or if not able, sending a representative instead.

Members qualification is based on purpose, timing, and communication.


General Benefits & Corporate Lineage

The group oper­ates under the ruling of the con­sti­tu­tional and the super­vi­sion of the inter­nal Cham­ber of Law. The Marine Foundation’s logo and trade­mark are intel­lec­tual prop­erty pro­tected and copy­righted under the Marine Foundation and managed through the company Marinef Brand Corporation (MFC). Every day of the year celebrates and honor one supervisory volunteer, part owner of the brand – the left 5 days of the year are dedicated to the yearly General Assembly meeting for the annual celebration on the birth of human life through the Mother’s womb. Members’ qualification to the position is based on purpose, timing, and communication.

The 360 are the Supervisory Advisory Committee.
The 360 are the voice over project conception & initiation.
The 360 Committee meets 4 times a year.
The Committee owns the Marinef branding & trademark at 30%.
The 360 Committee are invited to attend all Marine Foundation’s events.
The 360 can pass on their license to next of kin.
360 Supervisors make a 360-degree circle of communication.
Each member represents one day of the year.
360 supervisors can receive salary or consulting positions.
Each member is celebrated through the Foundation’s system.
Every 360 days of the year is honored through ONE member

Memorandum of Unerstanding (MOU) for Brand Ownership (Read carefully)


“Brand Co-Ownership will Initiate the Transcendent Lineage of the Marine Foundation’s Corporate Kingdom “

The MARINEF BRAND throughout the organization

Application Registration Form

IMPORTANT: An online pre-registration does not guaranty a position with the Marine Foundation. However, it can help pre-reserve a member before reaching the total of 360 applicants. If a person applies before the end of 2018 for example, the greater the chance to access the membership position successfully.


There are 120 members with reserved positions. These members information on the website has been distributed individually and it up to each member to publicize their link until the listing on this page is ready to show. The pages with photos of each member are being presently re-organized. There is a “one-time” membership entrance fee that must be recovered indiscriminately from anyone that reserve their membership. If an applicant has successfully passed the prerequisite of membership, the Foundation allows each person an 8 month period before his/her contribution is sent to the Marine Foundation’s main account in Tokyo Japan.